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April 16, 2008

Vacation Denver 2008

I also uploaded the unedited pictures of our trip to Denver.

December 4, 2007

Open Source Hardware Gifts

With Sinterklaas just around the corner (tomorrow), I guess this is a little late but for Xmas you might just make if you want to: Open Source Hardware Gift Guide by MAKE. MAKE is a website and magazine for people who like to tingle with things... very cool!

November 10, 2007

Some photos Lanzarote

petra and iI quickly waded through 300 or so photos and picked a few to give you an idea of our vacation on Lanzarote...

November 9, 2007

Lanzarote Casa rural Amatista

Sorry for the long silence. We're on vacation on Lanzarote in Casa rural Amatista. We're having a great time, half way through now.
I finally decided to help out with their WiFi, as their router and AP was positioned under a desk in a drawer... Go figure. We picked a better spot and told the owner to hang it up as high as possible and voila: proper WiFi. Also removed WEP, kinda useless anyway, as he didn't want to have to hand out the password all the time. :)
Anyway, have 300 photos to process and upload. So I'll be back soon!

June 18, 2007

Photos from Paris trip

with ed and annette in parisThe photos from our two days in Paris with Ed and Annette are online. :) Enough memories to last me years! We had a great time, Ed, Annette. Can't wait to see you again! :hug:

June 13, 2007

Liane Gård - Bed & Breakfast

liane gå b&b norwayGreetings to all from our honeymoon location in beautiful Norway. We're staying a few days only - way too short - in Liane Gård - Bed & Breakfast. It's a short 30-40 minute dive from Kristiansand airport in the Southern-most part of Norway. Wanted to go North, but not too far that Petra would freeze. ;)
There is room here for at least 20 people, so there might be a new candidate for a group getaway...

April 30, 2007

Queens Day 2007

Today is Queen's Day again in Holland. A national holiday where we celebrate the Queen's birthday... or something. Not important here. We went to Assen, to stay for a few days with Petra's parents and give them some company as well as have a break and rest. Assen is small and peaceful, so it was easy to just to do nothing. On top of that, we had the best weekend in the history: sunny, clear blue skies, 25 degrees (75 F) and a cool wind. So we went grocery shopping for 3 days and that was it... :)
/me entered Zen mode

April 4, 2007

Club La Forêt - Les Lilas in Morgin sold!

les lilas morginsWith great sadness I learned that our favorite winter sport hangout in Morgins (Portes du Soleil) "Les Lilas" - which means ladybug - has been sold to a Dutch banker who'll make it a private home. :'( Boohoo

February 18, 2007

Resort Sparrenhorst

swimming poolJust got back from a belayed Valentine's getaway in Resort Sparrenhorst, a huge conference center and resort in Nunspeet on the Veluwe. Petra spent last week mostly at her parents' and will be gone next week too. So my timing in arranging the getaway couldn't have been more perfect! :)
We drove up on Friday, had a delicious 3 course dinner, spent all Saturday in sauna Zwaluwhoeve and slept in on Sunday. After breakfast, we did some exercise in the resort's gym, swimming pool and sauna, and were treated to a High Tea at 4pm... We just got back... I'm so relaxed, you could bungyjump with my muscles! ;)

January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

I wish everybody a very happy new year and hope you'll reach at least one of your dreams this year!

December 29, 2006

Party at Borghuis

For our new year's party, we are joining 20 friends and friends of friends for a weekend in Losser, near Enschede, where we've rented 2 houses from 't Borghuis. There are two: one with kids and one without. As they are located right next to each other, concerned parents can hop over in case of emergencies.
On Saturday, Merel and I are cooking dinner for everyone. Sunday, Petra and Sjoerd will make traditional oliebollen and appelflappen for us all. That evening, Femke and the girls will transform the place into a Roaring 20s theme and we will all contribute a food dish to the buffet... Sounds like a plan!!!

December 27, 2006

Xmas days

Christmas was great this year! No family, no fuss, just us. :) Highly recommended. Screw them all and do what *you* want to.
Although plans were slightly altered when Petra's sister called us in panic about her relationship and we drove to Assen on the 23rd, Sunday we went to sauna Peize in Peize instead of Elysium in Bleiswijk. On Xmas day, Petra and I cooked our special dinner (with canard from my parents from France!) and all was well. Boxing day, Dec. 26th, we got up on time and cooked a dish for a Xmas lunch at friends from our Spinning "club" at Jack Slagman healthclub in Den Haag.

April 25, 2005

What a great weekend

grand hotel waterloWell, Petra's birthday weekend went fine. The cocktail party on Friday was great! About 30 people came over and I prepared Strawberry Marguarita's for everybody. Hmmm, fresh strawberries too! Food and drinks enough and 8 people stayed over night. Saturday morning, breakfast for everyone. My sister, Rob and Elise came over too. Isa is about due to deliver her second child, so she opted for the after-party instead of the cocktails. Wise choice!
After breakfast, Petra and I set out to go to Waterloo to the Grand Hotel Waterloo. She had no clue where we were going. I had booked a surprise get-away through Weekend Desk. Good site, nice deals and good hotels and so on. We left at 2pm, drove to Waterloo, got there by 5pm, had a bath, took a nap, got dressed and enjoyed an outstanding dinner in the restaurant. The hotel is an old, restored sugar factory and it is beautifully restored! Really well done! The restaurant, la Sucrerie, was booked too and that is a good sign. Had a perfect meal, good wine and went to bed exhausted, still from Friday's party. Slept in on Sunday morning, got to the breakfast buffet just in time and checked out around 11am.
Abbaye de VillersBefore heading home we decided to stop by an ancient Abbey ruine in Villet Sur Ville. Huuuge ruins! It hosted 400 monks in the height of its day on 10,000 hectares land! Petra made pictures there for her next assignments, so hopefully they turn out. It was a nice sunny day too. We enjoyed strolling around the grounds, stopping here and there, etc. No fuss, no muss, no stress. Very relaxing!
Around 2pm we stopped for lunch and went on our way back to Rotterdam. There we picked up Arjen en Isabelle, got changed and drove to Zaandam for an S.O.S. Sunday in the Hemkade. DJ Jochen, DJ Cor Fijneman and others. :bounce: Great night! Great party! Great way to end the weekend! At 10pm, back home; dropped Arjen and Isa off in Rotterdam and by 11:30pm we were in bed too!

December 25, 2003

Merry Xmas!

Just a small blog wishing you all a very happy Xmas. I'm not doing anything. Petra and I are spending the entire day in the sauna! :) Nice, easy, peaceful, relaxing, chilling, boiling and sweating... not necessarily in that order. :D