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February 19, 2007

Sywan Solutions

tux linuxW00t
I accepted a new job with Sywan Solutions. This M$ powerhouse is running a major retooling operation for KPN's new twin data center operations, under the flag of ITNL, KPN's new business unit for all internal (NL) IT operations. They need a Linux Architect to help set-up the Linux stack using Oracle's fudged Red Hat sources... hehe Never say never!
/me root for Debian

January 31, 2006

Salary Calculator and Related Tools

salary.comOne of the things I'm always curious about is how jobs in Europe compare to the same or similar jobs in the US. Salary is one but titles is another. The US titles are something I simply can't imagine, I can't think of them coz they're so inflated. :) Funny too.
Anyway, browsing around I came across a Salary Calculator and Related Tools. Interesting! As a top "Web Systems Director" I can make a wopping average of $150,000! DAMN! And live in a great skiing and snowboarding area!
/me runs off to grab snowboard and gloves...

January 21, 2005

Jobs go at Oracle (& Peoplesoft) after takeover

BBC has the story that Oracle is laying off people after Peoplesoft's takeover. They're cutting some 5000 jobs but maintain that 90% of Peoplesoft's staff would retain their position...
"Hours before Friday's announcement, there was a funereal air at Peoplesoft's headquarters, reported AP news agency. A Peoplesoft sign had been turned into shrine to the company, with flowers, candles and company memorabilia.
"We're mourning the passing of a great company," the agency quoted Peoplesoft worker David Ogden as saying. Other employees said they would rather be sacked than work for Oracle."
We'll see, anyone want to make predictions?

January 18, 2005


real open itHad an interview yesterday with RealOpenIT. They want to hire me to design, implement and maintain their IT infrastructure, based on open source systems and software. It's a really nice job and quite a challenge too. But they're offering me a job, full-time and permanent... They don't want to hire me through my own company, for say 6 months or a year contract. And I do not know if I'm really ready yet to just give up my own company and independence. I've only just started. Besides, they're also a brand new start-up so who tells me they're gonna get off the ground? And what if they don't?
Decisions, decisions, decisions...

September 17, 2004

June 1, 2004

Possible job for me

Today, I had an interview with my old friend Michiel Schipper from University. He works at Topicus now and pointed me to a possible job for 1-2 days a week overseeing this Internet/E-commerce implementation. He has been working on it for a while and the project will soon roll into a new phase. At that time, he'd like to leave as project manager and thought it might be something for me. Well, I think it is! :) Can't say anything more about though... Kinda competitive market. ;) More soon...

April 15, 2004

Peper IT - Internet voor het MKB - Eenvoudige oplossingen voor complexe zaken

Finally I got mad at myself and hacked together my company website: Peper IT. Petra photographed some red chilli peppers, based on an idea my roommate Saskia had. We simply added text below it, for now. I may get more creative later. The site also links to my Internet blog for small offices and home offices, because I was unable to set Blogger to ftp the blog to my site. The ftp protocol of Blogger is incompatible with my provider duuh! I thought this was all standard and all, but appearantly not. Must be something to do with the forwarding and such.

March 16, 2004

Internet voor MKB - gebruik, tools en diensten

In preparation for my soon to be founded company, I've started a blog "Internet voor MKB" to help me organise ideas, tools and services that I encouter in my daily Internet reconnaissance. :) Sorry, the site is in Dutch only. I can only focus on one thing at this moment and the Dutch market is where I'll operate. So... made sense.

December 12, 2003

Job openings at the European Patent Office (EPO)

Not taking any more chances, I filled out an electronic application form and with help of modern technology (my G3 fax modem), I faxed two application forms to the recruitment office of the European Patent Office. All went well...

Update: 8 (!) months later I received a standard rejection letter. That took 'm eight months...? O_o

December 10, 2003

MrVanes and Femke, Utrecht and Asics

While I Utrecht, I paid a visit to my good friend Martin as well. Hadn't seen him apart from parties. Besides, he bought a new snowboard and honored me with watching over his old one. (y) It's a great little ol' Nitro board. Not the latest styles but I won't notice. It's well kept and maintained and free. Now I just need some shoes and bindings and I'm set. Sooo psyched!!! Woohoo! Friends of mine own a ski store in Zaandam, the Zaanse Skikelder, so I guess it's time to pay them a visit soon too! :)
Before seeing Martin (who had to work at a client instead of at home), I visited the "carrière beurs" in the Jaarsbeurshallen. Employers meet candidates. Great idea (thanks dad!) but unfortunately it was highly targeted to new graduates instead of experienced people. :( So after I talked to the Dutch Railroads (NS), ICI, TNO and Thales and they all told me to check the sites and write open letters, I took the hint and went back to have lunch with Femke. She was also home, also unemployed, so we swapped stories and consoled in each other. ;)
Then RetailSelect called me back and asked where my resume was again. ;) Shortly after I realized the number was in Utrecht and I arranged to meet with them. That resulted in a meeting with Asics tomorrow, 1pm in Hoofddorp! So I'm thrilled. It's a great job as Online Manager for Asics (sporting goods and shoes) and everything like the EPO Intranet job but in a much nicer segment. :) We'll see tomorrow what they think of me and I of them...

November 12, 2003

TenderCoach best start-up of year according to Haagse Start

tendercoachHaagse Start is a local competition in The Hague for Best Start-up of the Year. My friend Jessica (from ZANDhap) entered it together with her 2 partners. They have a company, TenderCoach, that helps SOHO companies (called 'MKB' in Dutch) to enter the tender offers of the (local or national governements) for contracts. This is often complicated and requires great patience, finess and experience. TenderCoach give you all three at once! Jessica won €5000 for her company.

October 5, 2003


A friend of mine, Jessica - whom you know as ZANDhap lady - has a company of her own... She created tender coachTenderCoach. It's an advisory company that helps SOHO companies (MKB) to get into tender offers that the governement puts out. It's often unknown for these small companies to get in on this, into this or to know about it. The company itself is work enough and these tender offers are long, cumbersome and tedious with piles of paperwork to be filed out. She can take it out of your hands and into your pockets! :) Sounds like a great idea!

November 1, 2001

Moving to Selsingen

melanieAfter several months of unemployment and torn between working in the Netherlands or being with my girlfriend in Germany, I bite the bullet and pack my things. As of November 1st, I am - once again - living in Germany. This time just behind Bremen in a little town called Selsingen near Dutch army base Seedorf. In August, Melanie got a great job there 2001 as a communications officer. I decide to go looking for Internet-related jobs in Germany instead of the Netherlands...

April 6, 2001

Not a Number goes bankrupt

Not a Number friendsNot a Number files for bankruptcy. About 50 people loose their jobs but a few will go on to restart NaN II aka NaN Technologies. However, that will also fail for lack of revenue generation. We were too far ahead of our time, because in 2003 mobile (Java) gaming will become a reality and J2ME becomes a common platform. Occasionally, we still keep in touch over the mailing list and meet up in Den Haag or Amsterdam (Blauwe Theehuis in het Vondelpark)