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December 23, 2011

Canada Photo Book

Downtown Toronto
The photo book of our trip to Canada is online available, if you're interested. We made 700+ photos and made a selection of 300 of the best ones. About 250 of those are in the book. It's a great book of a great trip and truly shows what Marianne and I did in Canada. One the best vacations I ever had!

December 15, 2011

Het dak van Rotterdam - Rotterdam's Roofs

Het dak van Rotterdam is a site by a specialized photographer making 360 degree panorama shots. The site has been around for a while but totally revamped and redesigned. It is now in a breathtaking design in Flash, I know, but it is totally usable! You've got to take a look!

October 31, 2011


I've managed to find some more time to work on the 700 photos from Canada. I had already made a selection with Marianne and got it down to 296 but these still needed editing and correcting. Out of these, I've uploaded 50 to SmugMug. The whole selection is going in a blurb book so we can revisit the trip any time. :)

September 15, 2011

Why don’t you write me a Postcard?

Postcrossing: "The idea is simple: Make your Postcard, send it, and receive at least one back from a randomly selected person somewhere else in the world. All you really need to get started is a pen, a Postcard and a stamp!"

August 9, 2011

Multi-Pinhole Technique “Paints” Objects With Photographs From Life


Take a nice, smooth 3D object such as a vase and paint it evenly with a light-sensitive solution. Put the vase in a box with a pinhole, calculate light and exposure et voila: a 3D photo on a 3D object using a cheap pinhole camera.

Watch the video: Multi-Pinhole Technique “Paints” Objects With Photographs From Life. Via TechCrunch.

July 13, 2011

Stunning animated GIFs: Cinemagraphs

Of course, movies are great. HD even better. Lytro is the new photography revolution we are all waiting for. But beauty deson't have to be so complicated...

Check out these stunningly gorgeous and simple animated GIFs called Cinemagraphs by Diego Guevara. Absolutely amazing! And I can't get over the fact I can't print them. I've left my window untouched for 30 minutes already, just glancing at an image. It's amazing how the movement totally changes the picture, which is already good and pretty. But the sudden flash of "life" increases the attraction to the picture a 1000-fold! :)

My favorite? The taxi in the window...

May 9, 2011

SmugVault: Safe Backup

I just rescued 30 GB of important documents and pictures off of a friend's USB disk. I just want to point out that a USB disk is not a backup medium. It is not an archive. It is merely a spare copy of a (set of) files. A USB disk only stores what you put on it. If you don't refresh or update the USB disk regularly, it is outdated. And if your USB disk crashes, burns in a fire or get flooded with rain, coffee or water, you will loose every single file that's on it.

That being said, there are a number of ways to help yourself using USB disk to make copies but it will never be a true backup or archive without rigorous discipline and additional measures. So, please, store important documents in a trusted place online. If want to be sure, create a ZIP archive locally that compresses the files and encrypt the ZIP with a strong, secure password. Then, copy them to any number of places: DropBox, Google Docs, MobileMe or whatever. That way, when disaster strikes, you can access these media from your new computer or a friend's laptop and have all your important files back.

For pictures, being up to 10-20 MB each these days when you shoot in RAW, I recommend using SmugVault: Safe Backup. You can't use Flickr or Picasa because they don't store your original files (not without paying extra) and even then don't always accept your RAW files. Only PNG, GIF or JPG versions. That maybe sufficient, but make sure!

As I said, I just rescued 11 GB of photos off of a USB disk. Making a secure, trusted, online, archive of these on SmugVault would have cost my friend:
* 11 GB x $0.22 = $2.42 for the storage each month
* 11 GB x x$0.30 = $3.30 for the initial first upload of the whole batch
* $1.00 overhead charges each month

So having a reliable online and secure archival copy of all the pictures would have cost my friend $6.72 for the first month and $3.42 for each consecutive month. In case of the disaster (dropped USB disk), to download the archive again to a new USB disk would have cost: 11 GB x $0.50 = $5.61 as well as a few hours depending on download speed. But the peace of mind my friend would have had and no stress about losing all those pics would... have been priceless. Indeed.

May 5, 2011

3ERD - 3D photography

3ERD is a nice example of 3D photography. He takes two pictures using a 3D lens and combines these in Photoshop. Then he creates an animated GIF to create a kinda cool, hypnotizing effect.

May 4, 2011

Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still

Engadget has a great article on photography! We always think we can hold a camera steady enough to get sharp pictures. I used to pride myself that I could take pictures at 1/15th of a second if I steadied myself against a wall and held my breath. 1/60th easily while free-standing.

Well, I'm completely disillusioned now thanks to the article: Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still. They have a video too. Attach a laser pointer to the hotshoe of a camera, point at a wall 20m away with text on it and go up close to see the pointer moving back and forth. Even when using a tripod! Shocker!

April 28, 2011

Maffrecourt 2011

I spent a few days around Easter away in the Champagne area. The Manoir de Maffrecourt was our place of residence for 3 days. It have always wanted to visit the area this time of year for it's splendid scenery, views and colors. And of course the Champagne!

The Maffrecourt 2011 gallery holds my mobile pictures and is now also updated with my DSLR pics.

Update: Added 100 pics from DSLR to gallery.

March 14, 2011

Wedding Albert-Jan and Roos

They are now in Indonesia on their honeymoon trip but 2 weeks ago I shot the pictures for the wedding of Albert-Jan and Roos in Clingendael. It was a beautiful but chilly day early March and the sun was way to high, but I tried my best to get decent photos. Mental note to self: always use fill-in flash when shooting portraits between 12pm-3pm! It's a pain correcting the dark areas afterward.

Now I have 250+ photos left from the wedding itself and the reception. :) But they're not back yet... And Albert-Jan reads my blog. :D

Update: I've added the pictures of the ceremony to Smugmug

October 29, 2010

Infra-red (IR) cameras

When I took my first photography course at Pitt, back in 1986, I was easily amazed by photos taken using Infra-Red light (IR). It never occurred to me that IR just like light could be used to expose a "silver molecule" and thus record an image just as easily. And it fascinated me that there was a whole world underneath our eyes we couldn't see. Bees and birds use IR and more importantly UV light to see, navigate and orientate themselves, so why couldn't we?

Anyway, when digicams came out and I bought my first D-SLR (the Canon EOS 10D), I quickly concluded that any CCD/CMOS sensor will record IR light but somehow discard it as there is too much information otherwise, or because it only went for visible light. However, to a piece of electronics it is all the same. Later I learned that manufacturers filter out the IR because they don't want to make a peep-cam. That where perverts use the IR to glance underneath the clothes of pretty women (or men) and see them in their underwear or nude. ;) Now why would anyone do that?! I shocked! ;)

OK, drifting off again... MaxMax sells converted D-SLRs that ONLY record IR "light". They can also convert your old digicam and convert it for you, even your handycam if you like. They sells tons of other very cool technology stuff, but this is perhaps the most practical. On the other hand, they have a $30 contactless digital thermometer which we also had in the kitchen of Square and Doen!, but Daniel said it cost €200! So I better tell him. :) Anyway, if I ever buy a new D-SLR, I know what I'm gonna do with my trusty old 10D... :D

September 16, 2010

Blurb: Photography Book Now Winners 2010

Blurb hosted a competition among their users to submit a photo book to the Photography Book Now showcase. They've just announced the winners and there are some truly awesome photo books there. :) Really nice to see how people use the layouts Blurb offers to showcase a picture even more. Good stuff for inspiration and ideas.

Update: I went to the PBN showcase in Amsterdam and it was soo much nicer to see and feel the books in your hand! Recommend going to a Blurb meet if you can. Very nice people and very helpful with any questions regarding their products.

September 2, 2010

Photos Rockit and Dance Valley 2010

I have updated smugmug with photos from RockIt festival in Utrecht and Dance Valley 2010. Both events were a bit rainy, notably Dance Valley, but because this meant that newbies and pussy fans did not come, only the true party people and dedicated dance fans remained, it was even better! Yes we got wet, but on a hot day you sweat loads too, so what's the difference exactly...? :)

August 31, 2010

Photo of mine used in news paper

News paper de Stentor from Apeldoorn has used one of my photos from the Academie voor Gastronomie course. :) With permission, of course, but I forgot to mention to list my name. Now it's credited to the Echoput. Oh well. Live and learn.

August 9, 2010

An introduction to my "cooking" course

I had been playing with the idea for a while already when the owner and founder of the Academie voor Gastronomie approached me and asked if I would like to help out. They had seen my pictures of each day in class and were wondering if I'd be willing to lend them for publicity purposes. They thought it would make a great promotion for the course and give a clear idea of what went on. I thought about mini-websites, blogs and other fancy shit, when finally ending up at a clean and simple solution: a book! Online for candidates, hard copy for classmates.

So I agreed and put together a Blurb book with pictures from the first 12 lessons and added some explanatory text. Check out the preview:

July 26, 2010

Moo Business Cards

Totally forgot about this until just now: Moo Partnered with Smugmug. MOO, a UK-based printing service prints business cards, Postcards and Greetings Cards based on one or more of your Smugmug photos. :) Given the partnership with Smugmug, you are assured of an excellent quality. Best of all, instead of choosing one photo for your business card, you can choose up to 50 and get a different image on each of the cards. :) For all of us who simply can't decide, a life-saver!

Update: I got them the other day and they're awesome! Very good paper, thick but not too much. High quality print, crisp colors and good feel. Recommended!

July 7, 2010

Photos from England

The mid-week break to England was great! Slept in almost every day, saw great cities, met new people, have fun, took pictures and saw an old friend again after 5 years or so.

I have a set of pictures from Cambridge, where Marianne is until the end of July. I have some pics of the newly-wed Jelte and his wife Linda. And I have a great pictures and memories of a fantastic birthday party for Marianne on Jesus Green park in Cambridge where I met everyone from the University. It felt like was back in the US, in the park near CMU with my old friends enjoying Summer. :) Awesome!

May 14, 2010

Open-Source Photographic Motion-Control

OpenMoco is an Open-Source Photographic Motion-Control rig for (video) cameras. It's still a work in progress but already yields amazing results. Check out the video he made of the volcano in Iceland and dozens of other videos.

March 31, 2010

The stunning pictures of sleepy insects covered in early morning dew

Miroslaw Swietek photo
A guy in Poland gets up at 3am and takes macro pictures of insects that are in a sleepy state and sit virtually motionless. They're also much more approachable than when awake. But still, firing a flash in the "face" of an insect at 3am is sure to scare the bejezus out of any living creature.

Check out his GORGEOUS pictures of sleeping insects!

Update: added sample photo ©Miroslaw Swietek and website