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July 3, 2010

WC 2010 - Netherlands vs. Brasil

While visiting Jelte in London and Marianne in Cambridge, I had a chance to watch an actual football match (aka soccer) again after 15+ years or so. :) It was fun, because we won, but also because I had my trusty RSS feed reader on my Android filled with tons of interesting news and Twitter to keep me updated while not actually watching the screen. :)
I posted a ton of photos on smugmug.

December 23, 2009

Live Downhill Tetris

A bunch of skaters created a live video game in SF last Fall.
Using neon signs attached to their bodies, they freeborded (a type of skateboard) downhill in San Francisco. From above it looked like the Tetris game.
Check it out!

September 22, 2009

Grand Turismo Opening

This game is soooo real, it's almost too good to play. It's hard, but the payback is amazing. Cars handle like a dream and every single sound in the real cars has been digitized and used in the game. Truely awesome work! :respect:

Check the opening scene of Grand Turismo to see what I mean.

April 29, 2009

FiveFingers: shoes but different

FiveFingers are glowves for your feet. Shoes with fingers. Or whatever. They look weird but seem uber comfortable. Especially for outdoor sports. I'm looking into the Vibram FiveFingers: Classic - Male for now...

April 20, 2009

TED: Ueli Gegenschatz on wingsuits

Found a great talk from TED on wingsuits again. Here is the videotalk from a pioneer in this field: Ueli Gegenschatz soars in a wingsuit. Man do I wish I could just go out and do this!!!

March 10, 2009

First Descent

First Descent... a DVD about snowboarding pioneers, like my friend Eddie aka Skaterad :P Woohoo! So awesome. Check out teasers and pieces of it on YouTube.

March 9, 2009

wingsuit base jumping video

Sjoerdski alerted me to a video of base jumping guys. But this time they use "wingsuits" and ski off of giant mountains, eject the skis (literally) and fly away! :D
So cool, check out wingsuit base jumping on Vimeo. Recommended!

One day I'll fly away... Leave your love to yesterday... :)

January 24, 2009

Getting Being old

Cassidy Krug
Today I realized I am not getting older, I am old. :)
I read the newsletter of the Pitt Alumni and glanced upon the Athletics news. That reminded me of my Diving coach Julian Krug and I wondered how he'd be. I searched Google and found some news regarding the Olympics from last Summer in Beijing. "Cool!" I thought and read it...
It shocked me to read about Cassidy Krug, who tried to make the selection.. O_o She was 3 when I met her. Julian and his wife Dorothy often brought her to practise or diving meets where I'd help with the scoring. She would bounce all over the trampoline and make me jealous with her dare devil attitude! :) LOL Now... she graduated from Stanford (where was in the Diving team), wanted to make the Olympic team and is writing Diving history just like her father! Oh and she'll 22 years old and beautiful! ;)
Cassidy Julian Dorothy Krug

September 30, 2008

Kodak introduces advanced CCD sensors

Kodak introduces advanced CCD sensors: Digital Photography Review: "Kodak has designed a new line of advanced CCD image sensors to power the latest medium format DSLRs, including the Leica S2, Sinar HY6-65 and Hasselblad H3DII-50. The Leica S2 features the KAF-37500 37.5MP sensor with an imaging area of 45mm x 30mm, bringing in a completely new format; interestingly it also includes a novel slimline infrared filter, which we'd guess could eventually find its way into a future Leica M sensor. The Sinar Hy6-65 sports the KAF-31600 34.6MP sensor with an imaging area of 46mm x 35mm, and the Hasselblad H3DII-50's KAF-50100 50MP, 48mm x 36mm sensor sets a new benchmark in medium format camera resolution."

July 29, 2008

More Wii Fit Fun this Summer

While I don't like the "games" in Wii Fit, the routines are really useful. However, they are so boring that no one in their right mind will want to play them. Except maybe someone who's never played computer games before. That's at least half of all Wii owners, I'm sure. ;) But this will soon change...

"Summer Athletics The Ultimate Challenge" by Conspiracy Entertainment Corporation is coming in August and should yield us all kinds of a cool sports to do indoors. "Summer Athletics" features 25 sports such as sprinting, archery, javelin, hammer throw and swimming. It's also multi player, someone else I hate about Wii Fit games. Then there is also Active Life: Outdoor Challenge... pfff, I may as well join a health club. It's less expensive and I get to meet other people or stare at gorgeous women who inspire me to bring out the best in good ol' me. :)

Koenigsegg CCXR - Bio Fuel Powered Sports Car

The Sweeds, already very ecological with bio-diesels in use everywhere, have created a sports car that goes 400 km/h (250+ mph). The Koenigsegg CCXR can run on E85 bio-fuel and develops 1000 Brake horsepower. :shock: My former "chipped" Golf had 150! :) LOL

July 17, 2008

Wii Sports Resort: Wii Sports 2

wii sports resortEngadget reported that the sequel to Wii Sports will cost around $50 and should arrive Spring next year. There was a working demo of Wii Sports Resort at the E3, so you can check out what it'll offer. Mind you, they used total marketing DORKS to do the demo instead of getting 3 booth babes to do it for them. Major marketing boo-boo if you ask me. :) More screenshots are available too. And I don't know if it'll require the Motion Plus add-on, though it certainly looks like it. :(

May 3, 2008

Nintendo Family Ski for the Wii

Just in time for the... Summer, Nintendo will release Family Ski in June. Sounds interesting! I like SSX Blur but it was a bit dated in a first-generation game kinda way. Any trailers yet...?
/me looks

April 14, 2008

T3's Wii Fit review (with video)

My favorite Toyz 4 Boyz mag T3 reviewed Wii Fit for me... LOL Funny British review, but some reason I can't find the video.. :S
/me puzzled

February 19, 2008

Desert Rose - Sting & Cheb Mami Remix

I first heard this remix during spinning, somewhere Spring last year and immediately loved it. It's fast, upbeat and just launches huge surges of adrenaline through me when I hear it. :)
I'm still trying to find the mp3 tracks, if you have them please inform me, but for now I found the video (!) of the song on YouTube. I'm glad I found Chab Mami :respect: and located the video...

January 6, 2008

New Year's Ride

To celebrate the new year, start getting back in shape after 3 months taking it easy and shed those extra holidays pounds, Petra and I went to the New Year's Ride at the SpinningFactory. It was nice to see all our friends again and spinning was fun too. Delicious pea soup (a Dutch winter tradition) and sandwiches to cover the spent calories...

June 22, 2007

Planet Ocean

Cool photographer Dos Winkel has been capturing the underwater world for years and he's exposing his photos in Scheveningen until September. Check Dos & Bertie Winkel website for an impression. Amazing, really amazing but then I'm an underwater freak anyway. The weirder the better. :) Must check this out!

May 9, 2007

Dutch Moth Association: Hydrofoil sailing

hydrofoil sailboatColleague at work used to sail hydrofoil boats. It's extreme sailing, if you will. The boat lift itself out of the water with a little "wing" under water attached to the sword and have virtually no hull resistance. They reach speeds of 40 km/hr easily. Check the website of the Dutch Moth Association for more info and pictures. Coool! B)

May 4, 2007

Dutch Water Dreams

kayakingNo, it's not about me but it is a combination of three things I love: Dutch, water and dreams. :D
Dutch Water Dreams is a brilliant concept by an engineer who built an artificial white water rapids course. He invented it and put it to good use for the Australian Summer Games. They used it for all their white water sports, including kayaking! Woohoo! And the course is located in Zoetermer: a 20 min. bike ride from my home... ;) Man do I wanna go! Kayaking, hydrospeed, tubing, flowriding, etc. etc. etc. Toys...? Meet the boyz! :D Best news? They have a Summerpas for unlimited water dreams during July and August for only €250!!!

Den Haag skate night

Just found out The Hague (Den Haag) has a fairly active skate night community too. Used to go skating to work back when I was living in Groningen. I joined their skate night too. Haven't been skating in years but this sounds like the perfect opportunity! Must get some new wheels and bearings though, their are kinda worn (to threads). :)
Check out the Skatetôg - Den Haag op rolletjes! website.