January 7, 2013

Wie is de Beste Makelaar

Wie is de Beste Makelaar is a Dutch website about finding a good real-estate broker.

Apartement in Den Haag te ruilen voor woning in Leiden

December 22, 2012

Holland vs the Netherlands

Oh boy I wish I had had this video when I was at Pitt. It explains every so clearly and humorously the difference between Holland vs the Netherlands - YouTube

November 20, 2012

xkcd: Ballmer Peak

November 19, 2012

FC Almere Beloftenteam 2012

My nephew Vincent plays soccer and his team got the award for 'Most promising team' in his local area. Obviously, proud parents made a video compilation of the teams efforts: FC Almere Beloftenteam 2012. Check it out!

October 17, 2012

Google Throws Open Doors to Its Top-Secret Data Center

Google Throws Open Doors to Its Top-Secret Data Center is a great piece by wired.com on Google's data center philosophy, architecture and design decisions. Having been part of the design of KPN's modern(ized) data centers and contributed to that vision on my own terms, I can only bow down with deep respect for what they've accomplished and wish I can someday become part of that team and learn. Simply learn. It's so cool what they do and how that it's almost religious experience. And I'm not even religious! :)

October 12, 2012

List of freely available programming (e)books

List of freely available programming books is a massive list of free (e)books for tons of programming languages. Massive, really means m a s s i v e in this case.

October 5, 2012

My favorites on SoundCloud

http://soundcloud.com/christian-peperRecently gotten a bit active on SoundCloud. Turns out most of my favorite Techno DJs and producers are active there and recently a whole slew of livesets have appeared there. Some use it as their archive and publish old recordings or bootlegs that no one is going to publish anyway so they might as well do it themselves for their fans. Others actively make tracks or sets available to fans. Either way, a ton of free mp3 (although not all are available as download). So check my growing list of favorites on SoundCloud. You may also want to check out who I follow and hopefully find some of your own favorites too!

October 2, 2012

Domaine La Bérangeraie

Last weekend I visited my parents' in Fumel again. Was long overdue. Last year was hectic and with my new job I just didn't know when I could leave. But it was long enough and we booked a weekend away with Transavia.

While at the Pure Markt in Amsterdam, I ran into a wineshop (Biovin) that sells Cahors wines from a vineyard in Puy l'Eveque. So I decided to pay them a visit. While Domaine l'Antenet makes a nice Cahors wine, the winery looks a bit daft. A friend of my dad recommended we visit this biological vineyard near Puy l'Eveque, in Grézels, called Bérangeraie. They have been winning several medals for best Cahors wine or best wine from the Acquitaine and so on. So we stopped by and were treated to a royal wine tasting! The lady owner talked for 1.5 hrs while we tasted 6 excellent Cahors wines: 4 AOC Cahors and 2 Vin de Pays (a Merlot and a Cahors rosé). The wines are outstanding and excellent Cahors wines. They use the Malbec and Merlot grapes, as prescribed by the AOC. The wine is pure dark purple, almost opaque, and tastes deliciously of herbs and spices, blackberries and boysenberries. They take time to get their best taste, so let them breath up front for an hour or so, or decant them into a karaf. Their is so much tannine in the Malbec that you can store them for upto 10-12 years.

We bought several cases of the wine, because they were truly great!

September 24, 2012

Some People are Stupid - George Carlin

I keep running into them and it cracks me up, because I instantly think of George Carlin and feel much better about it:

September 22, 2012

Send toys into space

Great video of a dad who sends his son's favorite train into space (and gets it back of course)!

August 27, 2012

Stanford researchers discover the 'anternet'

Stanford Biologist and Computer Scientist found that ants use almost the same protocol to send harvester ants to food resources as the TCP protocol (used throughout our Internet) uses to control traffic based on bandwidth that's available. But ants discovered it millions of years ago!

July 26, 2012

Martin's Bachelor party

2 weeks ago, we celebrated Martin's bachelor party in Utrecht. It was a rainy day, worse than expected, so we opted for a venue that was great with both good and bad weather and it was perfect: Down Under beachclub in Utrecht. It's a recreational area with waterski and wakeboarding.

We met up at Martin's at 2pm, had coffee and snacks. We also took down their beloved livingroom room door that was never repainted and finished during their renovation, due to Femke going into labor at that time... We pretended to finish that door once and for all and although Martin was concerned, I think he new it was going to be a prank. We dragged the door around with us all day...

At Down Under, we had some drinks, made designs for a stag shirt and chose the design. Martin used to own the Campus Print Shop in Enschede and his former partner Mark still does. The latter had brought a mobile silk-screen press and Martin used that to print our shirts, under the watching eyes of us all and two lovely female fans. :) During the burn-in time of the mold, Martin and 3 of us went in indoor body board thingy. That's where a gazillion pictures were taken as well as a few video's:
* http://youtu.be/ns0UHLnHshk
* http://youtu.be/TOUzO1Ue9Oc
* http://youtu.be/TUhwb2pyhgs
* http://youtu.be/k29R7S2Gl1k

July 19, 2012


I started to maintain a little topic on scoop.it about SmartPhones. It gathers the news I encounter daily and bundles all news I find on the 3 big brands: Apple, Android, Windows Phone. But also includes RIM and BlackBerry, Nokia and Symbian, as well as info about developments for tablets. iPad, ASUS Transformer, Acer Iconia, Amazon's Kindle and Fire and Nook.

It should collect usage information, OS updates on OSX, Android, etc. New handset announcements, breaking news about Microsoft, Symbian or RIM and closely associated information.

April 19, 2012

2Pac Hologram Performs Live on Stage

2Pac may even go a tour again with Snoop Doog, Dr.Dre and others. Unbelievably cool!

April 18, 2012

Val Thorens

Looking forward to going skiing in Val Thorens, France, on Saturday. Got a new outfit again after 10+ years in the same gear. Will be looking very cool ;) Anyway, most people wonder if there is still snow. Well, there is. Val Thorens is at 2km altitude and can get fresh snow up to the end of April or beginning of May. Of course it'll turn to mush by mid afternoon. That just means we have to get up earlier or party sooner. :) I'm aiming for the latter. ;)

We wanted to go to Dutch Week, the week around our Queen's Day celebrations. Val Thorens turns almost entirely orange then with Dutch people. But it was completely booked or reserved already. Next year :) Either way it'll be great fun for Marianne and I.

April 17, 2012

Cool hexagonal robot

Mechanical CPU Clock

Martin pointed me to this awesome incredible mechanical CPU clock:

The guy built it for his kids to illustrate how computers work. Respect.