15 July 2005

European Ultimate Club Championships 2005

One of the big Ultimate events in July, the EUCC 2005 that took place in Rostock/Germany, just finished and has seen 70 top teams competing for the european title in the open, women, master and mixed divisions.

Pictures of the event can be found at www.irrelevant.de and Markus Lust Picture Gallery, featuring Red Lights - Amsterdam, winner of the Masters final. Check also Tom´s Ultimate Photos for more...

12 July 2005

Ultimate Frisbee video clips

College Sports TV (CSTV) has a nice collection of Ultimate Frisbee video clips on its website. Check it out here.

Ultimate at Kijkduin on Thursday 14 July

Beach Ultimate
Interested in playing some Ultimate at Kijkduin this Thursday? Then be there around 19:30 between the boulevard of Kijkduin and the beach club BANG ON THE BEACH located south of the boulevard.

Click on the image to see more pictures.

01 July 2005

Frisbee George Players Handbook

If you or your team could use some more strategies for playing frisbee, or any strategies at all ;), have a look at Frisbee George Players Handbook. Great strategies, nice diagrams, easy to follow.

30 June 2005

Ultimate frisbee training at Kijkduin beach: cancelled!

On 30 June 2005, starting 7pm we play ultimate frisbee in Rijswijk, indoor!
Weather conditions at beach not favourable.

09 June 2005

AmsterJam 2005

European Freestyle Championships on June 18 and 19 in the Westerpark Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The biggest freestyle frisbee event around!
More info on AmsterJam2005.

25 May 2005

Training on 26 May at Kijkduin beach

On 26 May 2005, starting 7pm we play ultimate frisbee at the beach between the boulevard of kijkduin and the beach club BANG ON THE BEACH located south of the boulevard. Anyone is welcome to join.
See you there.

11 May 2005

Gronical Dizziness hosts NBK Outdoor

This year, the NBK Outdoor in Ultimate Frisbee will be held in Groningen on 3 and 4 september. It's hosted by the friends of Gronical Dizziness.

23 March 2005

News from the NBK 2005 Indoor

NBK 2005 IndoorThis 2 days indoor tournament for the Dutch Ultimate Championship has been a big success for the Amicale Ultimate Frisbee Team finishing 15th of 24. A big thanks to the Amicale Frisbeers that made this possible and also to the Utrecht UFO team that organised this NBK. For the record, The "Spirit of the Game" Prize went to Gronical Dizziness 2 (Groningen) and Red Lights (Amsterdam) won the final against UFO 1. Check out some pictures of the tournament.

03 March 2005

Inaugural Windmill Windup Tournament

Since the Rotterdam Harbour tournament has been cancelled this year, the Amsterdamers have taken on to organize a 3 days Ultimate Tournament in the Sportpark Riekerhaven in Amsterdam (06.-08. May 05). This tournament is expected to be a good preparation for the European Ultimate Club Championships 2005 in Rostock/Germany. 24 open teams and 8-10 women teams are expected. More infos with michael.cummings@planet.nl.

24 February 2005

Upcoming tournament: NBK indoor 2005

Confirmed: Amicale Ultimate is participating to the dutch Ultimate indoor championship on 19.-20. March 2005 in Utrecht. Look forward to the event!

19 January 2005

Dutch NBK Indoor 2005

De Utregse Frisbee Organisatie UFO/PVC (short: UFO) orginises the NBK indoor this year. The tournament will be help on 19th & 20th of March in Utrecht (directions). All levels of play are welcome, anything is possible.
Participation cost is €35 p.p., incl. dinner and sleepover + €90 per team for fields, discs, administration etc.
If you'd like to participate, please register with Madou by Febuary 3rd!

13 January 2005


devils heaven indoor frisbee tournament enschede netherlandsOnly a few more days to register for the Devil's Heaven indoor frisbee tournament. So be quick about it! :)

31 December 2004

Happy New Year

AMICALE wishes you and your friends a very happy and sporty New Year!!!

20 December 2004

Discs and Sports

discs and sportsLooking for ulimate frisbee or golf discs and you live in the BeNeLux or Germany? Checkout Discs and Sports in Utrecht. They've got discs, ultimate gear, caps, shoes starting at €70 a pair and more. They can also offer ultimate clinics for companies looking for something fun and teambuilding to for their teams or departments!

09 December 2004

Disc Devils Twente - Devils' Heaven

Disc Devils TwenteWe've received notice that the indoor Ultimate tournament Devils' Heaven will take place on March 5th and 6th in Enschede. Note it in your calendars and prepare for this tough battle for supremacy!

25 November 2004

Frisbee training today postponed

Today´s training is cancelled.
Instead, the training takes place on Monday 29.11. from 12:00-13:00 on the indoor court 2.

08 November 2004

The Amicale CLUB'S FAIR 2004

AMICALEThe Amicale CLUB'S FAIR 2004 will be held on Tuesday 16th November from 16:30 - 19:00. This is one of the best opportunities during the year to find out what many of the Amicale clubs can offer you.
The Amicale Ultimate Frisbee Club will be there to tell you hands on all you wanted to know about flying discs but where afraid to ask. Amicale will offer free drinks and snacks during the fair. See U there.

02 November 2004

Dutch Indoor Ultimate Frisbee dates

The dates for the new indoor season of ultimate frisbee in the Netherlands are: November 14th, December 12th, January 23rd and Febuari 27th.
Pencil those dates in your diary, agenda or calendar or whatever you use!

Flash game: Frisbee Golf

A friend of mine mailed this link to a free Flash game: Frisbee Golf. It really simple and not very advanced nor realistic. But it easy to play and understand and kills some time, when you have it. :)