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Queen's Day will never be the same

While at Mel's place on the Rozengracht, the day before Queen's Day, I was going to a house party with Freeke. Mel had been suspicious of Freeke since the ski trip to Les Deux Alpes, where I got along fine with Freeke but Mel felt a rivalry.

When I said I'd go to the party with her and come back later that night, she blew up and accused me using her to get with Freeke and have a great time all night only to come back and sleep there. I was flabbergasted and no idea how she'd get the idea. Freeke is fine but no match against Mel. It's nice to get the attention, but otherwise not really. Besides, Freeke is playing all kinds of men at work, so why be another nodge on the belt when I have Melanie?!

She was furious though and refused to let me sleep in the bed. She wanted me gone. I finally got a sleeping bag to sleep on the floor and was kicked out the next morning: Queen's Day. Everyone's happy, I'm dazed, numb. WTF?