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Mel is back

For her birthday, yesterday, I took her to Manzano. A great Spanish restaurant on the Rozengracht. We hadn't spoken for weeks. She's trying to get better from CMV and KMA is on hold. Guess she did some soul-searching.
I've been busy reading up on CMV, which she refuses. Doesn't want to know, I guess. I've compiled summaries into a Word document and I gave it to her at dinner. I had also bought a small Golden bracelet with lucky charms to give her better luck in life, love and health: dice, heart and a snake.

She was very surprised and charmed and we talked, really talked, for the first time in months. About everything. Me, her, us, KMA, CMV and the future. I'm still very much in love with her, after her one-sided break-up. I just put things on hold, literally. Stopped feeling, thinking, just went on as good as I could. Tonight, that part was swapped back in and continued. I felt great, it felt great and I think there is a part of Melanie that is doubting her firs…