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ENIAC - Beachparty 2003

Still tired from the two previous parties, I tried to sleep in a little on Sunday. :) I slept over at Marcel's place but it didn't last too long because I had to be back in Den Haag by 1pm. At 2pm, my Alumni organisation had organised a beach party with volleyball and a BBQ. As webmaster, secretary and active member I couldn't cancel of course. :) Despite scattered showers everywhere in the Netherlands and strong winds, we managed to play some sets of beach volleyball and enjoyed the sunshine. The beachclub had windscreens and with the sun out, it was still summer.

The joys of getting married

Party on Friday, up at 9am on Saturday... not recommended for the kweezie and woosie amongst you! But I had to be in Almere between 10 and 11am for the Bachelor Parties of Isabelle and Rob, who are getting married next week (September 6th). Of course, these events have been photographed too and are here for your enjoyment. The guys went to paintball and the girls painted a set of cake plates with their creative designs. The plates are real china and will be presented as a wedding gift next week. Afterward, we all met back at Marcel and Jacqueline's place for happy hour, and at 7pm we went to BakBoord for dinner. My parents had babysat little Elise all day. (Many many thanks for that!)

Inter-Agency beachparty

Last day of the week... Nothing like ending a week with a beachparty, even though it's much tougher to stay awake the whole evening. :) But you go out with a bang and start the weekend with a long refreshing sleep! There was a beach party for all the international agencies in Den Haag at Oscars on the Beach. Got there kinda late, must alcoholic had already gone, but the mood was prefect! :devil:

Motorola and Symbian introduce the latest 3G phone: A920

"A mobile phone, video and still camera, a PDA, an MP3 player and gaming capability have been combined into one product. The A920's 65,000+ color screen - which can hold up to 20 lines of text - will show video content, such as trailers, music videos, latest sport highlights and the latest news items. Find the nearest café, restaurant, shops or cinema, thanks to 3's [a UK mobile operator] location services and the new Assisted Global Positioning System (AGPS) capability.
How does it operate? A touch screen uses a stylus pen and handwriting recognition technology. The menu system is navigated via icons on the touch screen, as well as dedicated ?hot buttons?. New applications can be downloaded, such as games based on Java and C++. The Motorola A920 can also double up as a separate, hand-held gaming console. Flip the phone on its side and use the console-style game controls, including a five?way navigation key to play Java-based games. An expansion memory card is also availa…

Quake2 used to test IBM Grid system

IBM has been testing its Grid system by using Quake2 and rewriting the (public domain) code to support and take advantage of load balancing across multiple servers. Although IBM encouraged researchers to download the patched version of Quake2, only 870 did so. Only 80 showed up for the test. :( guess they should have called me and my former coworkers at KPN Research! LOL :D

Digitale Fotografie Informatie Pagina's

Interested in buying a digicam? Living in the Netherlands or surrounding countries? Then, by all means, check out this site: Digitale Fotografie Informatie Pagina's. Great reviews, like DPReview, excellent price watch, like Tweakers and also tests for other related things, like where to get prints and so on! Recommended!

Excellent food!

Just wanted to point a fantastic restaurant in The Hague to you: Scallywags, the Restaurant. Not to be confused with the brunch and lunch place, this is the restaurant. I passed by there by accident yesterday on way to a different place. Petra and I decidedt to eat there instead and it was extremely good and nice and friendly and fun!


You may know these Content Mngt Systems (CMS) that do a really good job at making a community portal, right? PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, Slash, ZOPE, etc. But you don't always need a whole portal. In that case, check out phpWebSite. It's the same thing, but more towards a website instead of a portal with many sections, reviews, downloads and so on, supporting a large community of (active) users. Looks cool for clubs, alumni, SIGs and the like.

Software Patent Directive Amendments

September 1st marks the day that the EU in Brussels will decide on whether or not we will get Software Patents like they have in the US. This has already created a huuge movement in the world. While there are certain advantages and useful things to be gained from this (besides money, of course), I see too many bad things and disadvantages to support the idea. Please use this page for a last minute conference (2003/08/25-9 BXL: Software Patent Directive Amendments) to get background information or search on Slashdot where they've got a pack of info.

NTT verifies diamond semiconductor operation at 81 GHz

EE Times - NTT verifies diamond semiconductor operation at 81 GHz: "The joint team formed T-shaped gates on the diamond layer, which is on a 3-mm2 diamond substrate. The gate width, which determines the performance of devices, is 0.2 micron. The device operated continuously at 81 GHz. Once the peripherals technology is established, NTT researchers said they expect to boost the output power of the device as high as 30 W/mm, the level required for practical use."
Remember the story I posted about the US guys who had made perfect yellow artificial diamonds that upset the traders in Antwerp? Well, this would be a beautiful industrial application for their ideas! Watch this thing over the next 5-10 years. This will get big! It has to, SiO2 is nearing its end...

MIT robot walks on water. Eat that Jezus!

MIT leaps to solution of walking-on-water mystery: "MIT researchers report in the Aug. 7 issue of Nature that they now understand how the insects known as water striders skim effortlessly across the surface of ponds and oceans. In addition, the researchers created Robostrider, a mechanical water strider that uses the same fluid dynamics to move, although not as gracefully and quickly as its natural counterpart... As the insect rests on the surface, the tips of its thin legs create miniscule valleys. It sculls the middle set of its three pairs of legs like oars, causing the water behind those legs to propel it forward as the surface of the valley rebounds like a trampoline."

The Xzylo

It weighs less than an ounce (29 grams) and can fly over 200 meters! That's 2 football fields! What is it? It's a X-zylo. A what? Exactly! It's gripped and thrown like a football. It flies based on aerodynamic and gyroscopic principles and that still doesn't explain it to me... but I'm gonna find out for you! Watch this space for pictures... I'll be dammed if I don't know! :) There's an 8MB movie on the site, if you can't wait...

Another busy weekend

Had another busy weekend, but I survived... :)
On Friday, I had a BBQ at my sister's in order meet all the people that go to Ibiza in September. Not everyone knows everyone else, so she thought to have a preunion BBQ beforehand. Good idea! And I also got to see my niece again. :) She's cute but is still trying to get acquainted with life and is not always happy. So I left her alone a bit. Plenty of time left... Anyway, Isa had also invited some other people, to fill it up a bit, so I met other friends again too. Marcel, Jacqueline and Carlos and Astrid with their 2 yr old son. He's cute too. :) The little devil. ;)
Later that night, I went home woth Sjoerd to Amsterdam because on Saturday, I went to Mysteryland on the grounds of the floriade. Excellent. Big party, 40000 people, goooorgeous weather despite the terrible start of the day. It cleared up nicely and got really hot. I even got a little sunburn and some people were glow-in-the-dark red at the end of the day! :) LO…

Details on SoBig virus...

Read this story for details on the SoBig virus/worm. Interesting...

The Room of Doom: One Video Game Collection!

The Room of Doom: One Video Game Collection
Seeing is believing... OMG! :respect:

HP shows electronic paper

BBC reports that HP Research has developed some prototypes of electronic books. They're about 1cm thick and can contain a whole library. :) they also accomodate newspapers, where users scan the page and can then zoom in on interesting articles. Cool! I might even start reading newspapers again! :D A USB port let's you download "paper" to the E-book. Category Reviews - Spam Filters Reviews - Spam Filters Check it out! You'll need it sooner rather than later!


Today... Mysteryland! This year on the site of the Floriade, a huge piece of land near Amsterdam, which should provide a nice setting for a dance music festival! Tons of DJs, not many well known to me... An old friend of mine is also coming, Desiree aka Daisy, so should be fun! :) We used to go clubbing together when I was still living in Groningen and haven't seen nor spoken in years. Coo!

Sea sailing

Man, I've always wanted to do something like this... :D :K
Big ship, sun, wind, sea, work... sleep, eat... fresh air... yeah! De Eendracht.

Canon EOS-300D 6Mpx DSLR

Canon EOS-300D / Digital Photography Review: "Canon, a leader in photographic and imaging technology, today launches the EOS 300D 6.3 Megapixel digital SLR (DSLR). The lightest and most compact digital EOS camera ever is expected to ship with a price of approximately 1,200 EURO. "
W00t! Sounds great. Althouht I'm not too happy about the plastic body. Yuck! However, I'm sure many people will welcome the lighter weight in their arms... (Whimps!)

Internet Storm Center

Always wondered about what's going on the Internet when you're not watching or using it? Well, thanks to the Internet Storm Center you can find out. It lists overal trends, spots virus or worm attacks as they happen and helps you identify what to watch out for... B) :respect:

Zuco 103

Zuco 103, a Dutch, German, Brasilian band that is really really good, funky, jazzy with a definite latino & soul beat to it. Irresistable! Highly recommended!

Symantec Security Response - W32.Sobig.F@mm (SoBig virus)

Not again... *sigh*
OK, I had like 10 of these in mail (web)mailbox today, so appearantly *many* friends of mine have this virus already... Please get rid of it asap. It's a mess already without SPAM/Virus mails. :)
Symantec Security Response - W32.Sobig.F@mm: "W32.Sobig.F@mm is a mass-mailing, network-aware worm that sends itself to all the email addresses it finds in the files with the following extensions:
* .dbx
* .eml
* .hlp
* .htm
* .html
* .mht
* .wab
* .txt
The worm uses its own SMTP engine to propagate and will attempt to create a copy of itself on accessible network shares."

Nokia acquires parts of Sega for Mobile Gaming

Nokia is busy building a game platform for mobile phones, we all knew that (didn't we?! ;) ). But to speed things up, it has acquired parts of good old Sega. We know Sega from the old console days, when it was just Nintendo and all that. Sadly, Sega is not much any more. But the Mobile games devision was now acquired by Nokia, probably to form part of a platform and network for their new concept handheld the Nokia N-Gage (scheduled for October!).

Busy weekend...

August is a killed month for me, somehow. Everything is happening at once seems and being me, I don't want to miss out on anything if I can avoid it. So that means I run all over the place. *sigh* Well, at least I only have myself to blame and you should see our arguments! LOL :D
Friday was a bit stressfull as leaving directly from work to go somewhere always heightens the stress during departure but pays you back with a great sense of relief once you get to your destination. Petra and I went to have a Spanish tapas dinner at our friends Sander and Carolien in Utrecht. The dinner was awesome with tons of garlic, nice dance tunes and a great Gameboy Advance SP to play with.
Saturday was a bit less hecktic, I thought, but I stayed over at Petra's place and slept in. That meant stress, rushing home to change, grab my gear and go to the AMICALE Beach Memory game at 14h00. My bike was still at work and no time to get it, so I got there a little late, but that wasn't bad. Nice a…

Sony DSC-F828 Hands-On Preview on DPReview

Digital Photography Review takes a first look at the latest digicam from Sony, the Sony DSC-F828. :drool: :K
7x optical zoom, 6 Mpx, 28-200mm F2.0-2.8 OMG :O Gimme gimme gimme! Still, I really want the Canon EOS 10D anyway. This is just a nice "prosumer", as they are called, digicam without going (semi) professional with a DSLR like the Canon.

TuxMobil: Laptop Manufacturers With Linux Support(ed)

Really handy guide to some laptop brands that run Linux. Not all laptops do and due to rapidly changing hardware specs and model versions, the TuxMobil: Laptop Manufacturers - Linux Status Guide is really handy if you need or want to buy a laptop and plan on running Linux on it.

Back to School

That's it... If I ever go back to college, it'll be majoring in Marine Biology. Screw Computer Science! Visiting Black Smokers is waaay much cooler! W00t!
ScienceDaily News Release: Microbe From Depths Takes Life To Hottest Known Limit -- Researchers Find Iron-reducing Archaeon : "They discovered that Strain 121 grew at temperatures from 85-121 C (185-250 F). (Meanwhile, Pyrolobus fumarii, the former top-temperature record-holder, wilted. After an hour at 121 C, only 1 percent of its cells were intact and none appeared viable)."

Candle Light dinners

Huge blackout zaps Northeast, Canada / Major U.S. cities paralyzed -- transportation a nightmare: "The blackout will be recorded as one of the most extensive in U.S. and Canadian history. It shut down at least 10 major airports and nine nuclear power plants in at least seven states and Canada's Ontario province and forced hospitals, prisons and emergency service providers to switch to generator power."
Sounds like now is the chance to spend some quality time with loved ones, preparing an open fire dinner over candle light! :) Hmmm, romantic! (L)

Nutch: the Open Source Search Engine

Watch this space! Here is a good idea in the making: Nutch. If it works, you'll have yourself an industrial-size search engine for all your needs. And everyone can run (a small) one! B)

Diamonds are a geek's best friend too!

Wired reports about man-made, 3 karat large, perfect diamonds that are coming out a factory in Florida and Boston once every 24 hours! "Diamond, it turns out, is a geek's best friend. Not only is it the hardest substance known, it also has the highest thermal conductivity - tremendous heat can pass through it without causing damage. Today's speedy microprocessors run hot - at upwards of 200 degrees Fahrenheit."
Read this, very VERY interesting story!

A day in the life of me

Went to a party at Mecca tonight... I was there playing frisbee anyway. Shot some sunset pictures and decided to go for a drink with Salla from work. Music was good, so I called my friend Bas too... that was 4 hours ago... just got home, ... uploaded pics. Pfffew... Night everyone! :Z

USB Flash Drive Innovation with New Automatic Boot Feature

IBM Gets Security Certification for Linux

Source: Yahoo News) IBM got Linux on IBM hardware certified to a level that tells governement agencies that it is upto a certain level safe.
Yahoo! News - IBM Clinches Security Certification for Linux: "Linux, running on IBM computers using Intel Corp.'s (Nasdaq:INTC - news) chips, received the Common Criteria certification, a global standard for security features and capabilities of information technology products, IBM and SuSE said."

Love to Dance

This weekend there's another edition of Love To Dance in Soomers. Good DJs, nice people, excellent atmosphere and good service! Not as crowded as Mecca or Karavaan, but just as good. :)

Symantec Security Response - W32.Blaster.Worm

There is a nasty worm ("virus") out there again. You know you've got it when a 60 second shutdown timer pops up on your screen, complaining about some RPC error thingy.Symantec Security Response - W32.Blaster.Worm There are updates and patches out there everywhere. The exploit has been identified mid July. This worm, exploits it. So it shouldn't be a problem, but many MANY people haven't updated their windows installtion (in ages). Serves them right! Just use Linux instead! ;)

Anticipating Earthquakes

"The satellite earthquake forecast shows low to normal risk, with no critical crustal stresses or infrared signatures around the San Andreas fault ..."
You have got to read this... This would be cool:Anticipating Earthquakes

Open Monument Day

September 13th and 14th is a day in the Netherlands where all monuments, historic sites, castles, palaces, etc are open to the public: Open Monumenten Dag. The site has a huge list of venues, 13 different categories in all, ranging from musuems, castles, churches to boats, windmills, cemetaries and recreational areas. Worth a visit!!!

Web Fountain

It seems IBM is creating or has created a new type of search engines that will rival, if not surpass, Google: IBM's Path From Invention To Income. (Source:

Blogfoot: the mobile photoblogging system

Here is another picture blog, so to speak, like the MMS blog: Blogfoot: the mobile photoblogging system

My dead hard drive story

What do you do when your hard drive crashes and you last made backups 3 months ago? Right.. you replace the broken parts! LOL
Here's a story of a guy who didn't want to loose 3 months of Email, 3 months of code and even worse: 3 months of NeverWinter Nights saved games... So he replaced the logic board of a fried hard drive! Here's one for sheer dedication! :applause:

How To Survive Slashdotting

The Geology dept at Southern Methodist University have come up with a cheap but very dependable way to survive big bursts in network traffic. They use 2 simple PCs, fitted with a Linux Virtual Server and some High Availability utilities. Cool B)

Great weekend!

Had a wonderful weekend!!!
On Saturday, I went to Rotterdam to, after many many years wanting to go, finally join the Heineken FFWD Dance Parade! 38 trucks, 400000 people, dance music, sunny weather and some good friends... all combined made it a wonderfull weekend! Afterwards, the parade was from noon until 5pm, we went to Hotel New York and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine while resting our feet a little. Then we went to the Kralingse Bos, got spare ribs to go and bought some rosé in the supermarket. In the park, we had ourselves a little picnic while we relaxed and gathered back our strength for the way home.
On Sunday, Petra and I went to the beach. It was gorgeous and warm again after a few days cooler weather. The rosé brand PINK was sponsoring a wine party at beach club Mecca on the Noorderstrand. After last weeks party, I had to see it. It wasn't busy at all. Which was weird but nice. This way it was almost private. Wicked Jazz Sounds from Amsterdam provided awesome, rela…

BBCi - Leonardo - Thinker quiz

Have 10 minutes to spare? Interested in yourself and want some more grips on yourself as a person? Try the BBCi - Leonardo - Thinker quiz, thanks to my friend Sjoerdski aka Hugbear! (y)
BTW, I'm a Kinaesthetic Thinker.

Making Money From Multiplayer Online Games

A New Economic Model For Massively Multiplayer Games... "Virtual worlds in which players are allowed to trade objects with each other have given rise to real economies inside the virtual world. Dr. Edward Castranova wrote a thesis on the economy inside the game “EverQuest" and reported that a black market exchange exists between the EverQuest currency and US Dollars. Sony has outlawed the exchange of EverQuest items for real money. More is the loss for Sony, which may be overlooking a virtual goldmine."
Fascinating! I used to work a bit in this area back in the late 90s and we were also thinking along the same lines. B) I still think it's a good idea as long as you avoid the pitfalls

Den Haag : More scenes from Mecca

Haha... LOL... after frisbee last night, I ran into like 8 or 10 co-workers all on their way to beach club Mecca. Appearantly, on Thursdays in the summer they have nice parties there. Well, the fog had made us kinda cold, so I could use some warmth. Wenwe t there and ... OMG :shock: It was *packed*. Un-be-lie-va-ble! The party was stomping, though, so after about 30 min we found a spot and danced a bit... (y) Cool place! - The Hottest Beachparties Online

Found out, through ZANDhap, about, a site about beach parties. This Sunday, there is a PINK party, that is a rosé brand. (y) B)

International Fireworks Festival in Scheveningen

From August 13th to 16th, twice an evening, on the pier in Scheveningen, there will be an Internationaal Vuurwerk Festival. First country starts at 22h00 (10pm) and last approx. 15 min. The next one is at 23h00. Winners are announced (how) on Saturday the 16th at 23h30. See the schedule.

Defcon WiFi Shootout

Defqon, a security conference, organised the Defcon Wireless Shootout. Task is simple, get some WiFi equipment and try to connect over the greatest possible distance. There are 6 categories, raning from cat1 (unmodified) to cat6 (specialised). They got some amazing results!!! People used waveguides from empty cans, simple construction materials like gauze and so on. The 2-3km barrier is easily broken... And 10km too! Don't believe me? The world record for a WiFi connection is... 3 1 0 km!

.Lomography 3.0~ / _

OK, I have no clue what the hell this is, but it's huuuge, appearantly. .Lomography 3.0~ / _ It's photography, it's analog, it's instant, it's auto focus (I think), it's unfocsed (I guess), it's color or B/W, it's multiple pics in one shot (I Guess) and it's weird... But fun! Do check it out and please let me know what you think. I'm clueless, but I think I'm gonna get one. Seeing is believing and feeling is even better :)

Dekxels - Dinner and Dance

Ha! ZANDhap told me about the Dekxels Dinner and Dance at the Liptonice Beach Club (Noorderstrand, Scheveningen) on Sunday, August 17th... B) Cool! €12.50 get's you food and music. (Check their flyer.) Prolly not all-you-can-eat, but it's the thought that counts! Seems the first event of it kind here in Den Haag... Of course, Bloemendaal et al have been doing this for ages, but I don't live there now do I?! ;)

Aaah, the summer

Had another wonderful evening last night... Rushed home to get changed and get to the beach, only to find my rear bicycle tire flat. Grrr :( Allright then, I fixed it. Not hard, only 20-25 min. But I didn't have proper glue so I think I have to redo it soon. ;)
Anyway, made it to the beach by 8pm and found Xevi, a co-worker, already playing beach volleyball. They were almost done and I joined in for the next games. Even though we lost most games, it was great fun! Nice sunshine on your body, not as hot anymore (like mid 80s I guess, 25-27 Celcius), breeze cooling you down a bit, sand sticking everywhere and giving your skin a nice peel ;)... In the end, I played a final match 2 on 2 and boy was it hard. But we won in the end, 28-26... pfffew. Thanks, whomever your were! (y)
After that I went to Soomers for a well-deserved glass of rosé. First, I downed a liter of Gatorade (yeah, they have that here too, I was pleasantly surprised!). I had the same spot as yesterday and also ran in…



For those of us who have a PalmOS PDA... FreewarePalm is a pretty good site with free Palm software, utilities, games and applications. For instance, GeekSounds. :)

Dance Valley 2003 and ZANDhappy

Had a great weekend!
It started out very nicely on Friday, 530pm, with happy hour at the office. Sitting in the sun with a drink in your hand quickly makes you forget that you waited for that at least a whole day. :) At 8pm, I decided it was time to go and get to the beach. I got to the beach at 9-ish and discovered I had forgotten my book. :( Bummer, so instead I played some frisbee, parctised my throws and had a late souper at Soomers: their beefsteak in pepper sauce is highly recommended! (y)
Then, Saturday morning, I got up on time, 930am, to get dressed up for Dance Valley 2003. Petra and I stopped by the AH to get breakfast and we ate it in the train on the way. Around noon we had finally arrived and we started to familiarize ourselves with the grounds. Soon after, we met our friends. Dance Valley started out kinda cloudy, with sun every now and then. But the clouds only protected us during the hottest hours of the day. By 5pm it was clear and a gorgeous sunny summer evening fo…

Disposable Digital Cameras

LOL, I didn't see this one coming... Take Vacation Snapshots With Plenty of Do-Overs: "The Ritz Dakota Digital and the Studio 35 Digital from Walgreens hold 25 pictures with a two-megapixel resolution, enough for enlargements of up to 8 by 10 inches. That capacity need not be wasted on bad shots; users can delete a picture if they suspect it is flawed, creating room for retakes."

What's Microsoft (Research) up to...?

The Seattle Times: Inventions' wonderful world on display at Microsoft fair
"Some of the inventions came out of Microsoft's advanced-research division, a group of 700 employees that spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Or, more precisely, how Microsoft can make money in the future."