MrVanes and Femke, Utrecht and Asics

While I Utrecht, I paid a visit to my good friend Martin as well. Hadn't seen him apart from parties. Besides, he bought a new snowboard and honored me with watching over his old one. (y) It's a great little ol' Nitro board. Not the latest styles but I won't notice. It's well kept and maintained and free. Now I just need some shoes and bindings and I'm set. Sooo psyched!!! Woohoo! Friends of mine own a ski store in Zaandam, the Zaanse Skikelder, so I guess it's time to pay them a visit soon too! :)
Before seeing Martin (who had to work at a client instead of at home), I visited the "carrière beurs" in the Jaarsbeurshallen. Employers meet candidates. Great idea (thanks dad!) but unfortunately it was highly targeted to new graduates instead of experienced people. :( So after I talked to the Dutch Railroads (NS), ICI, TNO and Thales and they all told me to check the sites and write open letters, I took the hint and went back to have lunch with Femke. She was also home, also unemployed, so we swapped stories and consoled in each other. ;)
Then RetailSelect called me back and asked where my resume was again. ;) Shortly after I realized the number was in Utrecht and I arranged to meet with them. That resulted in a meeting with Asics tomorrow, 1pm in Hoofddorp! So I'm thrilled. It's a great job as Online Manager for Asics (sporting goods and shoes) and everything like the EPO Intranet job but in a much nicer segment. :) We'll see tomorrow what they think of me and I of them...


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