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Ultimate Frisbee

Played the last game in the Dutch Indoor Ultimate Competition 2004 today. We went to Vries, just behind Assen in the North of Holland, for the final round. 5 games, 32 min each, starting at 12:25... Normally, we, the first team for Force Elektro, are 9-10 people, but today there were only 7. So needless to say, it was very demanding. I did my best trying to keep up and play my part but I'm still learning a lot. However, it got better, they didn't pass me up too often and I even scored a great point in one of the last games! However, I had to retire for the last game because both my calves were cramped up so tight, I had troubles just walking. :( We won 2 games and didn't do too bad. I don't think we'll get demoted, hope not, but this was a very nice way of learnign to play better Ultimate Frisbee. Now it's time to get ready for the outdoor season (April 4th)...

Arjen's Birthday

Tonight I was very happy to see my friend Arjen again. It had been 4-5 months or so since we last met. I met him during the start of regular visits to dance events. He's a good guy and fun to have around and he's like 6'9" or so... :O Unbelievably tall! So the two of us next to each other is always fun! LOL He had travelling a lot lately and everytime we wanted to meet, he was away in Brazil, Thailand or elsewhere...

Busy times

Busy times ahead... Tonight a bday party of Arjen in Rotterdam, then off to Bussum to stay with my parents overnight. Sunday, it's off bright and early to Vries for the last round in the Dutch Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Competition and back to Bussum. On Wednesday, I have a volleyball game at the EPO. Also the last game of this years' recreational competition. We didn't do too well, but then I kinda knew that would happen anyway. Nothing lost, nothing gained. Thursday, frisbee practise at the EPO and then next weekend off to Assen (near Vries!) for a weekend of.... Disney DVDs!!! Woohoo! Petra's sister is perhaps even more crazy than I am about cartoons. :D
Anyway, I'll keep y'all posted as always... ;)

Not Numbers

Last night, Petra and I met up with some of my old colleagues from Not a Number again (the company that made Blender). We went to the restaurant "naast de Paap" in DenHaag and had a great time, eating, drinking and catching up... :)

Reuters: Softbank's userbase leaked to the public

Reuters | Latest Financial News: "Softbank Corp., Japan's largest provider of broadband Web access, said on Friday that information on 4.52 million subscribers to its Yahoo BB Internet service had been leaked due to an alleged extortion ring.
It said names, phone numbers, postal addresses, email addresses and Yahoo Japan ID's were leaked, but that no credit card, bank account or password data escaped its database."

MightyPhone - Mobile Phone Synchronization Service

You own a Sony Ericsson phone? A Nokia phone? Bet you do! Ever have troubles making a backup of your addressbook? Want to keep your phone synced with your calendar on your PC? Well, we used to have but now we have MightyPhone!
It's a Mobile Phone Synchronization Service: "Let MightyPhone keep the latest calendar, contacts and tasks in your phone and manage your life." Works with many many modern phones (26+ different ones) that support SyncML, the Synchronisation markup Language that Nokia invented... 3 years ago... ;)

Winter in town

Finally some snow in Den Haag as well...
Here is the view from my window! It's on and off snow, sleet or rain. During the day, it all melts away again, but then a fresh coat is laid over the old again... Wreaks havoc on the roads, train and traffic in general (Wednesday alone had some 600 miles of traffic jams!!!), but it makes pretty pictures... ;)


Pavbotwas a robot built by some of my old colleagues from KPN Research... They entered the TNO Robot Competition in Delft, The Netherlands (and didn't tell me.. Grrrr)

Opte Project Wallpaper

Sjoerdski gave me the great idea to put the Opte map on my background, so I D/L a 3MB PNG file and created a 1600x1600 JPEG for your convenience to put on your desktop as well, if you like.

Laura Fygi in Pannonica

Last night, I visited Jazz Club Pannonica again for a concert of Laura Fygi. She's a good Dutch jazz singer. I have only one CD of her, coz it never really sank in. So I thought I'd check her out again live and re-evaluate. :) She sings wonderfully, really nice deep voice, great control and warmth. But there's something missing and can't quite put my finger on it. We had a great evening, the music was wonderful but I guess it's just not my taste... oh well, I have taste enough as it is, so that's alright!

ThinkGeek :: PEBKAC, the T-shirt

If you're a geek, you know your computer. If you're a nerd, you built your computer... Either one of these means that "sometimes you just have to help out a computer user in need. Unfortunately amongst the throngs of the clueless, there's bound to be a handful that stand out for their phenomenal lack of brain cells and inability to listen and follow directions. When one of these lusers needs help," you need to wear your PEBKAC T-shirt...! ROFL (Y) Brilliant!

The Opte Project - Mapping the Internet

Maybe you've heard of the Maps of the Internet back in 1999 and 2000? No? Well, someone wanted a good project for his PhD thesis on Data Visualization and decided to map the Internet and display it. Excellent idea! He graduated, founded a company with his idea and became wealthy. However, people still wanted to see new maps every year... So someone else created The Opte Project and did the same but differently. The sad news is we can't compare the two type of maps, the good news is we have new current maps!!! And this time you can zoom in your own IP address! That is, when they have new servers... so buy their T-shirts now and help pay for new hardware... Go go go! Mine are on their way as we speak... (y)

YETI SPORTS - The Original "hit the Penguin"

YETI SPORTS seems to be the source of the all the penguin fun before it just stormed the Internet. They now also have a slightly more difficult version... Go check it out and try it. I got 495.something...

If Bush were a girl, what would he look like?

If Bush were a girl... Scary thought, I know, but humor me on this on! It's worth it! Check out the Flash what-if for Bush as a girl

Heise Newsticker: Uncovered: Trojans as Spam Robots

Heise Newsticker: "c't has gathered evidence that virus writers are selling the addresses of computers infected with trojans to spammers."

Digital Photography Review shows a parade of new Canon digicams

DPReview informed me through their newsletter of a gazillion new digicams. One to suit every single person or need. Also new are 8GB CompactFlash cards with 40x (speed, ca 6MB/sec) rating!!! The newsletter is too long to summarize. You better go to DPReview itself and find what you need. My favorite: Canon PowerShot Pro1, plus hands-on review

RCTOYS.COM // Predator

Coooooool! You may have heard of Unmaned Air Reconnaisance Vehilcle? Small unmaned planes, radio-controlled, that can fly over enemies and record them on video. You want one of those, DON'T YOU?!?!?! :D Fear no more!
RCTOYS.COM has the Predator. "The scale Predator is flown by a radio system from the ground while it transmits real-time color video and takes high quality still photos. The scale Predator can even be equipped with a GPS flight control unit for long distance, pre-programmed reconnaissance missions (20 miles effective range)." B) :nerd:

How to debug from a million miles away

EE Times has a story of the Mars Rover Spirit, that got stuck in an endless loop after software was shown to be buggy and a transmission of 2 files failed partially... By, basically, telneting over to the Spirit, they were able to reboot the rover and regain control of the machine. :respect:

The Hampster Dance

ROFL! The original The Hampster Dance, saved for prosterity... :respect:
You can see the new version on :puke: But the mp3 is kinda cool! :bounce: Martin also sent me a link to a web page with the history of the Hampster Dance. thanks (y)

Who is the Double A Paper Girl?

Through a comment left in my smug, I finally discovered who this stunning sexy girl in the commercial for Double A Paper is! :) It is most likely"Michaela Zvarová", a 19 year old Eastern European model, as posted on MediaFact. She is working for modelling agency E&L Model Management.

Dive Girl | Underwater Sex?

Through my roommate Saskia, I stumbled across this site for and about girl divers. There is an interesting and funny article there about sex underwater. Why do we fantasise about it? What's so special? What *is* it with male and female bodies that are wet and dripping...? Read the practical and funny report of 3 eye-witnesses who's tried it... LOL

geek ramblings :: Blog Service Pinger

geek ramblings has a great little service thingy for those who blog: a Blog Service Pinger. It pings several blog directories in the blogosphere to let them know your blog has been updated. Why do it? To get known, get read and become famous... theoretically, of course. Milage my vary... ;)

HaloScan offer blog comments *and* trackback for free "Trackback and commenting go hand in hand, especially in the weblog community, but unfortunately, there hasn't been an easy way for Blogger, Blogspot, Diaryland, iBlog, Newspro, Pitas, and many other weblog users to implement trackback capabilities, until now."
Easy and installed in seconds! Recommended!

Three friends

Just revisited Petra's smug again for the ski trip photos and I love this picture! Good weather, good action, soft snow (for a change) and 2 of my best friends there with me enjoying it too! Love you guys!

Identifying networks of mutual friends helps filter out spam

What do you do about spam? Pay for Hotmail to get better protection? Block anyone not in your address book? Install Baysian filters? None of the above: Identifying networks of mutual friends helps filter out spam.: "A simple and easily implemented scheme for combating e-mail spam has been devised by two researchers in the United States. The technique exploits the structure of social networks to quickly determine whether a given message comes from a friend or a spammer. The method works for only about half of all e-mails received - but in all of those cases, it sorts the mail into the right category."

Mozilla Firefox 0.8 (aka Firebird)

Mozilla released a new, renamed, version of Firebird. It's the standalone browser that is also the heart of Netscape v7 and Mozilla: Firefox 0.8
"Firefox 0.8 is a Technology Preview. While this software works well enough to be relied upon as your primary browser in most cases, we make no guarantees of its performance or stability. It is a pre-release product and should not be relied upon for mission-critical tasks."

LiMux - The Linux Migration of the City of Munich

SuSE has a follow-up on The Linux Migration of the City of Munich. Excellent overview of the project, the problems, the time schedule, plans and sub projects...

Saber-Scorpion's Lair - The Lord of the Rings LEGO Customs from the Movies

Seeing is believing...!
Saber-Scorpion made some Lord of the Rings LEGO Customs from the Movies. :O Stunning!

Tom's Hardware Guide: Dual Display Gaming Bigs Up

Slashdot reports: "Most gamers out there today own a dual-head graphics card (most of us completely neglecting the second port), and games such as X2 are offering support for this already (on nVidia only). Tom's Hardware did a nice intro and comparison on the technology, complete with screenshots and benchmarks."
B) Sooooo cool! Woohoo! (Dusting off that old CRT chunk in the corner.)

Chucha's blog

My roommate Saskia has also created her blog, after long nagging by Petra and myself... :) It's fine for now, but she still has a long way to go and *lots* to learn. Haha
She: Uuh, can I do this too???
Me: Isn't *that* cuuute...! But it's WRONG!!!

Volleybal: EPO - VV Merenwijk

Petra made pictures last night during our (EPO) volleyball match against VV Merenwijk. Although it was a terrible game where nothing went as it should, we managed to play fairly okay. It felt better than other times, but this time we didn't win a single set. :( Boohoo :'(

Laura Fygi in Pannonica Jazz club

Got an Email from Pannonica, the best Jazz club in Den haag, that Laura Fygi is playing there for a one-time concert on Febuary 25th, at 2130 (930pm). Laura Fygi is accompanied by pianist Hans Vromans. Entrance fee is €13 but you can get a discount and a reserved seat at the front, if you also have dinner there first. I recommend this, because it'll be crowed with a big name like this...

Wolford Posters

Just found out Wolford sells posters in their World of Wolford eShop. Posters are 68x95 cm (26x37") and cost only €7.50 each (plus S&H)... There are some very pretty photos... :D Wow! (y)

Kicksite Commercials |

BTW, for the best of the Dutch TV commercials, be sure to check, where they archive all the new and the best commercials... Excellent!

Livin' Tha Life - Where is My Change?

ROFLMAO, Saskia and Thijmen told me about this video clip that they couldn't understand on her laptop, but they lost the file and/or URL. So I searched for it and...
Where is My Change? (mplayer2 needed) is a very cool very funny video clip of a little black guy arguing and shouting to a Japanese shop keeper and not budging a bit. Neither is she, BTW. Must see! Very very funny.

St. Anton am Arlberg

Sthiel, a friend of mine, went to St. Anton am Arlberg last week and had 50-60cm of fresh powder... Boohoo :'( Life is not fair...
On the bright ide, he had to buy snowchains for his car for 160 euro because roads were a nightmare! Ah, life is good! ROFL

Les Menuires 2004: Rob, Isabelle, Elise and all the others skiing

Rob and Isa put up their photos from Les Menuires, where they went skiing with a large part of our les Lilas group that had children. They went a week before we did. And for some reason, our group still does not want the (small) kids there, because they fear it will result in too much irritation, overhead and so on... I don't think so and with so many of us having kids, it's worth taking them along again because the parents-group will manage itself (I think)...

Les Lilas 2004

I finally made time to organise my pictures from our ski and snowboard trip to Les Lilas in Morgins. For me, it was the 4th time in Les portes du soleil, but some have been coming here since 1997...
It was a great week with no worries, no hassles and almost no decisions except about food. :)

Tons of free (Flash) games

Don't say I didn't warn you, but if you have some time on your hands or are bored for whatever reason, check out and play some great (!) games in your browser. (Flash 6+ required) Thanks to Saskia for finding this *great* site! B)

Sound of 2004: Joss Stone

Read about Joss Stone in a French magazine while in Morgins... I highly recommend you listen to her Jazzy, Soul music if you like that... Or read about this teenage star on the BBC Music site

Ski and Snowboard Action Shots

Petra posted action shots of us skiing and snowboarding in Champoussin and Les Crosets in Switserland. We went to a nice slope twice, once in a snowstorm and once with great weather. She set herself up and we all skied by as good and pretty as we could. ;) This set of images is the result! Enjoy!

Back home

We left Morgins at approx 9am, stopped in Raststätte Mosel along the A61 around 230pm for a quick lunch and arrived in Den Haag at 630pm. This was the easiest drive back ever. Good weather, good roads, no traffic. Excellent. I'm bushed.
Tonight, I'm staying at Petra's place to try and make something of these last few hours of Valentine's Day. :) Then get some sleep quick, because tomorrow I have to play another round of competition of the Dutch Indoor Ultimate Frisbee competition... *sigh* I wish I had a twin brother and 48 hr days so I could cram it all in a little bit easier... ;)

Between Freiburg and Karlsruhe

Joshua Kadison is on the radio... "Jesse, you can always sell any dream to me..."
Always :hug: (K) (H)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy valentine's day! Be especially nice today and go that extra mile, just because she's yours and puts up with you and your shit... ;)

Bois Gentil Après-ski

Last après-ski of the week... Sad but true. It's a great week with no pressure whatsoever, no hassles, only getting up early, snowboarding, relaxing, laughing with friends and the only decisions made were: when are we going to eat, what are we going to eat and which slope are we taking now? :D Brilliant!
But I've also made up my mind: I'm starting my own business! Nuf is enough! Just do it! More news on this soon...

Signs of getting older...

Yesterday evening, we all got drunk before, during and after dinner. :) So far nothing special. But by 9pm, almost all of us were asleep. LOL And today is the last day... I can remember times when we'd all stay up until 2am, drinking, playing cards or Risk, or rolling dice and still get up at 8am and ski all day... *sigh* Those were the days! ;)

Torgon adventure

Went off on a little adventure trip to Torgon. Just the 4 of us: Sjoerd, Martin, Ninette and I. Sunny day but hard snow. Not good. Later in the day, it thawed up a little. But still either all ice or all mush. Bummer. Wished for a foot of power. ;) Just before lunch, Ninette stayed behind on a terras with a book and sun screen while we went over a top and boarded to Torgon village. We actually arrived at Torgon, but we never saw it: the village was covered with thick fog and zero visibility. So we quickly felt our way back to the lift and went back to pick up Ninette for lunch in the panorama restaurant.

Let it snow, let it snow!

LET IT SNOW! Woohoo! It's Martin's birtday and he couldn't have gotten a better present from Mother nature... Great new snow, piles of power and hope for some more. Good temps. Bit stiff and sore but not much. Gotta go now! Later...

Lunch for gourmants

A glass of rosé at high altitudes is something quite unique! Hmmm! Food is awesome too!
We're back at an excellent restaurant on the slopes behind Les Crosets. Came here last year by accident and decided to revisit it. What started as a quick bite to eat ended up being a 2.5 hour, 3 course lunch in the sun with a bottle of rosé... just like last year! LOL

Gorgeous day

Gorgeous day today! Excellent conditions but too hard snow for boarding. Sad. Very hard and tight. Maybe a bit later things will thaw up a little more...

First day

First real day. Weather sucked, blizzard and bad windchill. But.. fresh powder! Boarding went ok, still getting used to it and excerising muscles back into shape... Low visibility and total lack of contrast made it hard to see where the $%@&%$# you went... :D

Les Lilas in Morgin

We're here! An hour earlier than planned! Really low clouds and rain, but it's already changing over to sleet and snow. Woohoo! Welcome to Morgin, Les Lilas, room 14...
Getting settled in quickly, picking up our pass from Jelmer and equipment from Intersport, then up, up and awaaaaaay!

"Doing allright, a little driving on a Saturday night"

Almost there... we left Friday evening around 830pm and drove to Basel, where Petra had reserved a room for 3 people, so we could crash a couple of hours. The aim was Karlsruhe or Freiburg, but everything was booked, so Basel it was. Just woke up an hour ago, grabbed a cup of coffee and already back on the highway near Bern in Switserland. ETA for Morgins is 1330hrs...

Portes du Soleil ski area (France and Switzerland)

Tonight, I'm off on a break of a week. I'm going skiing (snowboarding actually) in Morgins, part of les Portes du Soleil ski area (France and Switzerland). As of today, snow conditions are great and for Sunday there is a chance of some fresh powder. Woohoo! :) Good enough for me! :)
Morgins is right next to Châtel, which is well documented on the web.

LawMeme - Worst Terms of Service Ever

The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum has the most ambitious web site user agreement of all time. ROFL :D Brilliant! They must have used one of these EULA-o-matic and just selected every single possible option that was availble to them!!! Hahaha - 1.3 Megapixel cameraphone

ICT Technologies, Inc. and EurophoneUSA, Inc., strategic partners of Uroa Tech, a leading research, development, and design group in Korea, are announcing the introduction of several new cellular phones. [...] delivery during the 2Q fiscal year of 2004 shall begin with the EG 4000, dubbed "Remo." The "Remo" is a lightweight, Quad-band, GSM/GPRS, sliding smart phone with a 1.3-mega-pixel resolution camera and built-in flash.
:K :drool:

Is photoblogging good for photography?

Talk about food for thought!
Both Petra and I blog daily and take pictures as well. We also like to photoblog, she more than I. but does it more good than harm? Think for yourself and read Is photoblogging good for photography?

Why your MovableType blog must die

Image writes: Why your MovableType blog must die: "In the past, blogging was an interesting pastime. Now, with the advent of the ridiculously popular weblog package Movable Type, the Web is in risk of drowning under a tidal wave of morons"

Microsoft leaks details on Xbox Next

MercuryNews reports: "Microsoft has quietly circulated the specifications for its next-generation Xbox video-game console, indicating how the company plans to carry on its war against dominant player Sony."

Intel's Prescott, Intel's Extreme Edition, and AMD's Athlon 64 3400

Allright, time for nerd stuff...
You probably know Intel released it's latest incarnation, the Prescott. But it is faster than the older (and cheaper) Northwood die? And how does it stack up against AMD's fastest? Read great test and benchmark and find out. Bottomline: Buy the AMD for the best value for money overal. If you want or need Intel, stick to the Northwood until further notice. Good to know!

LinkSys wireless router and bandwidth management for free

Should you wish to use WiFi aka WaveLAN aka wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11g) at home and want to use bandwidth management (e.g. mp3 streams, VoIP telephony, gaming, Kazaa, etc), checkout the LINKSYS Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54GR. Buy it and then read this page.

Fixed Atom (site) feed, again

Blogger kept changing my site feed. It's fixed now and should stay there. Sorry if you depended on RSS because I've switched to XML. Hope your newsreader still supports it, if not, let me know!

Digital Photography Review: Nikon D70 Preview

DPreview has a preview of Nikon's lastest DSLR in the race for the consumer: the Nikon D70. It's not a downgrade of the D100, which many people thought. It's a bit simpler in design and look&feel, much like the Canon 300D is simpler than its brother the 10D. But some areas have also been improved. There is an outstanding side-by-side comparsion chart of the D70, the D100 and the Canon 300D, so you can easily see what's new.

Wedding Irene and Machiel

Yesterday, Irene and Machiel got married! Irene is the daughter of André and Laurence, two really good and old friends of my parents' from college. The wedding was in Rotterdam in the beautiful, ancient city hall and the ceremony was done by another good old friend of parents'. Afterwards, dinner and party were held in het Zalmhuis, near the van Brienenoordbrug in Rotterdam, right along the river banks of the Maas. It was a very nice ceremony, I must admit, and the party was excellent! Lots of people, great music, great atmosphere and at midnight the intervention of the mighty host stopped it, otherwise I'd still be there! ;) Now, I'm glad I can goto bed while the pictures upload...

BBC Learning Business

Be it "Hit the penguin" or dunking paper balls in a waste basket, I must admit the BBC Learning Business center has a great life saver when it comes to boring training meetings. :) My best is 5 in a row, friends of mine have 41 and the world best is 3600+!!! :shock: That must have been one extreeemely boring meeting! ROFL

Opening of Bistro l'Orange and Winery de Fontaine

Petra, Petula, Antonique and I went to the opening of Bistro l'Orange and Winery de Fontaine, last night. Granted, it was hard after the party on Saturday... but it was soo worth it. It started with a wine tasting from 15:00 'til 18:00 and was followed with a special opening menu, cooked by Richard himself. :) Hmm, yumm. We also chose the matching wine selection for each course, because you wouldn't want to spoil great food with a lesser wine, now would you?! ;)
Dinner seemed to last forever and each course was better than the one before. We had Pumpkin soup, St. Jacob scallops, Talapia in Courgette sauce or Boeuf Bourguignon... Hmmm. Excellent! Check out Petra's awesome photos or my photos from that evening to get an impression.
The bistro is not officially open yet. Richard and the staff are trying out different menus and combinations this week for friends and guests. But you can try anyway and make a reservation. The official opening will be on or around March 1st.

Pictures from Trance Energy 2004

I'm bushed! Trance Energy 2004 was great! 25000 people in a sold out Jaarbeurs, one huge hall and great DJs simply couldn't go wrong. I took some pictures, but mostly I danced. Sue me! ;) Thanks to my friends Martin, Femke, Astrid, Robin, Anto, BJ, Freeke and, last but not least Petra, for making it to night to remember! :hug: