Chernobyl - 20 years after on ground zero

Elena, cruising Chernobyl with her KawasakiDo you ever wonder what Chernobyl would look like, almost 20 years after the accident? Ever wonder what the houses would look like? Are there any plants left? Animals maybe? Well I read or heard somewhere that wolves actually rule town now and wild life is booming. Rare plants and animals are returning to what once was their turf anyway. And I'm not talking the mutated kind.
Well, turns out, Elena thought someone might be curious too. Elena is the daughter of a Nuclear Physisist. Her dad works in the area and has taught his daughter what to be careful with and what not. He gave her a radiation meter to guard herself so she knows what goes on. And Elena? She drives her 1100cc Kawasaki through the deserted town and took pictures of the whole thing. Cooool, very sad too, though.


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