BJ and Freeke - The Wedding

Bert Jan and Freeke marriedYesterday, my friends BJ and Freeke got married in the Kloosterkerk in Den Haag. Anto and Petra in evening gownsFor me, it was a very cool day too, because I hadn't realized that so many people I knew would be there too. BJ and Freeke are former KPN Research colleagues of mine. So it was to be expected that many old friends from Research would be there too. Then, BJ and Freeke have gone skiing with me another group of friends in Les Lilas. So some of them were there too. Finally, BJ and Freeke have gone to some house parties me and yet another group of friends. So they were there too! :D So many people, so little time! But at least I have pictures...
And to make things ever better, the party was held on a gorgeous estate "Te Werve" in Rijswijk with dress code "black tie". So everyone was very *very* nicely dressed and this gave the evening a special note too. :)


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