Burning BIN/CUE Images with Nero Burning Rom

Nero Burning ROMWhen I started downloading the great mixes by DJ GT, I noticed the .cue files and wondered what they were. By looking at one, I saw that they contained the track markers for the mix with times, artists and titles. Great! But how do I use these cue sheet files when I burn a CD? I use Nero (v5.5.x) but had never seen something like a "use cue sheet option" or so... Fortunately, the 'Net once again came to the rescue: Burning BIN/CUE Images with Nero Burning Rom. :)
The trick is to have a matching .cue and audio file (in my case a big .mp3). The .cue file points to the file to use and in Nero you use the option "burn an image" to *load the .cue file*. Then, Nero will look for the source file specified in it and load that. In my case, since I have big .mp3 files, it will convert it into .wav. This takes a while, so be patient, it *will* finish. :) The .cue file adds all the markers and CD text. Choose to burn a disk-at-once to avoid the 2 second gap between songs and hit "burn baby, yeah!" ;) Voila!


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