Munich city counsil voted *for* the migration of desktops to Linux

Heise Online reports that heise online linux munichthe Munich city counsil voted in favor of the migration of all desktops of the local city governement to Linux by 2008. About 16,000 people will receive desktops build around open-source software and standards such as Linux, Mozilla, OpenOffice and so on. The migration will occur in 3 steps. First, this year all desktops will be fitted with OpenOffice and Mozilla. In 2005 and 2006, desktops will be migrated to Linux. By 2008, all in-houe applications and servers will be converted to Linux as well. Much effort will be required from the local IT teams, as well as the international open-source community. But Jens Mülhaus reasons that this creativity and resourcefulness will be in demand by then and marketable, resulting in new revenues.


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