Slashdot | How To Avoid Viruses At Windows XP Install Time?

There is a great thread on Slashdot about "How To Avoid Viruses At Windows XP Install Time?"There are several ways to do it. But a nice elegant way seems to be this (procedure by dknj):
"1. Unplug network cable
2. Install Windows XP
3. Upon first boot turn on the Windows Firewall and then reconnect network cable
4. goto
5. Wait for patches to download, then remove network cable and reboot after patches have installed
6. Return to and download the remaining patches
7. Reboot (no need to unplug network cable this time) and install a Virus Scanner/Firewall Suite."
Appearantly, you can also goto and download all security updates and burn them onto a CD so you don't need to be online to get them. Or you can copy all i386 files from an installation CD, update them from the SP1 you dowloaded on a safe computer and burn a new installtion CD that's already updated with SP1. You need to keep updating your CD however, everytime Microsoft releases important updates (about bi-weekly ;))...


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