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The Making of... Petra

Last weekens, Petra and I (and friends) have been busy with a major assignment for the Foto Academy. I have some making of pictures of these shoots online. Perhaps you will get a small idea of what it is like to help out for 14 hrs - straight - for 7 self-portraits of Petra's subcharacteristics... But the results are worth it!

New CPU runs at 500 GHz

Transmeta creates the new killer-CPU... well, not really. It's not Transmeta. Not even Intel nor AMD. It's actually IBM. And it is not a CPU, really, it is just a prototype design of several transistors in order to determine efficiency of materials. But still, IBM and Georgia Tech have created a chip that runs at 500 GHz while at a temperature of -269 K, just above absolute freezing. Nothing for the old game then, eh?! :) Oh at room temperature, the thing could still run at 350 GHz, about 100x faster than current desktop CPUs.

Dalsa creates 111 megapixel ccd-sensor

Move over analog cameras, the 111 Mpx CCD sensor is here! 50 Mpx is said to be enough for digital A3 prints that you can't tell apart from analoge prints... well...
Dalsa Semiconductor has created a 111 megapixel CCD sensor. The sensor measures 4x4" (10x10cm) and holds 10560 x 10560 pixels. It will be used in satelites and telescopes. But, of course, a Technical Camera (TC) would also be large enough. :) Wonder how much they are...

LensPlay - Photographic Lenses

Interesting! A site that lists compact technical stats of many common camera lenses, as well as users' ratings. LensPlay let's you add lenses too, since for now it's mostly Canon lenses. So Nikon afficados, get going!
Would be nice if you could add reviews to a lens or link a lens to a review...

$11 Super Wide Angle Lens

Instructables is genius, again: make a Super Wide Angle Lens for Digital Cameras for only $11! And it's so easy I can't forgive myself for not thinking of this sooner! :)
Get a peephole viewer, you know, the ones in your front door so you can see who just rang the bell, and hold it tightly in front of the camera. It yields a 160 (!) degree view of it surroundings...
/me impressed

Flock ? The web browser for you and your friends

Flock ? The web browser for you and your friends, is a new browser incorporating the Web 2.0 philosophy and based on the Gecko engine (like Firefox). It seems a good idea. Flock integrates easily with photo sites popular in the US (not elsewhere, boohoo), uses Yahoo to search and has an RSS reader integrated. It is not all that starteling but somehow I perceive it as a good thing. The beta is available for Linux, Mac and Windows, so no reason not to try it...

La Perla beachwear

Please god, give me strength this summer: La Perla beachwear. Of course, I'm not even mentioning Wicked Weasel bikinis... ;) Thankfully, it's a cool 19 degrees Celsius out there, but this weekend... Pffew, wish me luck!

Picasa Web Albums

And Google strikes another blow to the modern world:Picasa Web. Easy, free and pretty web albums for everyone. If you use Picasa as a client, uploading is just one click away! Martin has a sample album already.

Instructables: step-by-step collaboration

When you are completely out of ideas what to do, don't fear! Salvation is near! Browse over to Instructables and find TONS of ideas for cool projects to kill a bit of time. My favorite is LED Throwies. :cool: B)

Eros ex Mathematica

If you ever run into a kid again that claims he doesn't need a math education because he'll never need it, point him (or her) to Peter Miller's site. Peter has a gallery of mathematically generated images that resemble porn in an embarassing way: Perpetual Ocean. Of course, it says more about the viewer than the creator... ;) sexy pixels, that's for sure!

Petra's photo project

Today we spent all day, literally, in a big old villa in Wassenaar making 7 self-portraits of Petra's Personalities. The controller, seducer, the dancer, etc. See if you can identify them all. :)
We got up at 630am, got there 730am, had lunch at 1pm and left at 930pm. Pfffew. But it was worth it!

Happy birthday Elise!

Happy birthday Elise! Today my neice Elise turns 3 years old...

France declares war on rest of Europe

When a company that is known universally as one of the worst managed operators in the world finally gets its brand unification act together, it is something of a landmark.
In the case of France Telecom finally unifying broadband, ISP services, IPTV, VoIP and mobile services under the Orange brand, this is effectively a declaration of war on the rest of Europe.
It is a war that is based on using a quadruple play where unbundling of the local loop and broadband wholesaling legislation across all of Europe has made it possible for ISPs to enter other broadband markets.
Source: The Register

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

S5, by Eric Meyer, is an open source, open standards based way to make presentations. All XHTML and CSS. Ready-made templates, easy to use. And get a free printer-friendly version with anything you make... So cool!

NASA - Huge Storms Converge

NASA says that the biggest storms in our solar system are about to converge. The Red Spot and the Red Spot Jr. on Jupiter, both with winds > 350 mph (ca 500 km/h) will hit each other soon. the storms are resp. twice the size of Earth and just Earth's size (7km in diameter).
What will happen? No one knows, but scientists are watching. Read more details...

DJ Clare Large

Fancy some new music but don't know or where...? Check out DJ Clare Large's mixes. She got tons in various styles, so you're bound to find one to your liking.