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Star about to go supernova

BBC writes of a star about to go supernova! Actually, a type '1a' supernova. The last time that happened (albeit to a different star, hehe) was 1572. Guess you missed that one, didn't you!
Anyway, a supernova is the end of a star collapsing onto itself. These are among the brightest phenomena in the Universe, radiating five billion times as much light as the Sun. This one is "RS Ophiuchi", in the equatorial constellation of Ophiuchus (near Libra), and it suddenly flared up to 1000 times its previous brightness. Read the article at BBC for some humourous facts about supernovae all based on... educated guessing. LOL :D

Pictures of Extrema Outdoor 2006

I'm uploading the pictures of Extrema Outdoor 2006 as we speak. It's slow due to a "bug" aka security feature in my firewall, but they should be there in a short half hour. You'll live.,.. ;)
In the mean, enjoy Martin's photos of Extrema!

Long time, no blog

Oops, dunno what happened but I haven't blogged for like 3 weeks...! Psych! No particular reason either. Just didn't see anything worth blogging. I'm not on vacation. Not until end of August.
Anyway, July has been awesome so far! We have a heatwave here and temps have soared up to 30+ Celcius. Thank god we live in the Hague. The sea is only 20 min away. :) Most of Holland in on vacation and abroad, so traffic is down to a minimum. Of course, the government uses this time to do major roadwork and wreaks havoc in the most unlikely places. So people have been known to get stuck in traffic jams up to 20 miles long without water and airco. :( Not good.
I have been going Soomers as often as I can. :) It's always good to be there, chill, sunbath and relax. Great Summer! we try to take friends along whenever possible too. So if you feel like the beach, give us a call and we'll be there.
Went to Extrema Outdoor last weekend. Had a blast in the beautiful weather and the great s…

Finally, a condom for your mobile

A Dutch company is selling water, sweat, and blood-proof condoms for mobile phones to painters, butchers, plasterers and masons. Brilliant!
Read the rest at The Register


Saw Pixar Animation Studios's Cars last night with Sjoerd. LOL
It's a great movie by Pixar again. The fx are amazing and the race images look exactly like the footage you see of NASCAR races on TV. Truly great work, technically. The story is also great, bit predictable but not disturbingly in my opinion. I'll have to see it again tough! :D

Das Keyboard

For everyone who is a real computer geek or a good secretary, letters on the keys are redundant. You already know which key does what and with which key combination.
So for those, there is the übergeek keyboard. It has 104 regular keys, no letters and the force needed to press certain keys varies by the finger that is needed to press it... Cool!

Happy birthday Jelte!

Today, my good friend Jelte is celebrating his birthday over in London.
Cheers, Jelte!

::::::MECCA BEACH - The place 2 be! ::::::

Went to beach with Sjoerdski and Astrid. Man oh man, summer is a great season! Weather was gorgeous. lovely breeze, excellent live DJs at Mecca.
The temperature at home was 30 celcius, so no need to be there. Sadly, Petra is preparing for her sophomore exams at the "Foto Academie" so she couldn't join us...