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A List Apart: 12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards

ALA has a nice article for all those who would like to learn CSS and proper use of web standards: 12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards. Don't be mad! Be glad!

16 GB Sandisk Extreme III CF card

And speaking of mega pixels... With all the Mpx to store, everyone needs a 16 GB Extreme III CompactFlash card from Sandisk... wow. Impressive!

Canon EOS 400D

DPreview has a preview of the new Canon EOS 400D. Cool! 10 Mpx in a prosumer outfit that lets everyone take wonderful pictures! "The headline changes are another two megapixel step up (to ten megapixels), the nine-point AF sensor from the EOS 30D, a new dust removal system which includes anti-static surface coatings, low-pass filter vibration and software based dust removal pattern removal."

Stia - Casa di Peter

My pictures of 2 weeks Casa di Peter in Stia are online. Grab a coffee, sit back, relax, breath deep, get comfortable and go back in time with me. Enjoy!

Everyone in favor for 2 weeks next year say: "Aye!"

IDF Fall 2006 demo of quad core CPU

You can bever have enough computers! That's for sure. At IDF Alan Wake demoed a real-time game on Intel's new quad core CPU.
The weaher is completely dynamic. The lighting fully dynamic and volumetric, not mapped or anything else. In the demo they also unleash a tornado on the character and a single core is dedicated to computing the physics of that...! Impressive.

Updated smugmug with vacation pictures

I've uploaded a ton of pictures to smugmug. Troyes, Lyon and Lucca. I also put the pictures of my proposal to Petra in a seperate gallery. hihi ;)

C64 game tunes by a live orchestra

On Friday, Martin and I are going to PICNIC 06 in the Westergaspark and listen to an orchestra perform C64 game tunes. Weird? We thought so, but it is just too weird to pass by. Their MySpace website has samples and more.

PICNIC '06 :: Cross Media Week

Summer is over, FAll is here, time for a picnic. Sound weird? It would be, but the picnic is PICNIC '06. It is a week long cross media talks and technology in the Westergasfabriek and surrounding area/park. My friend Gerrit pointed me to it, but sadly it is already sold out. Luckily, NOB is streaming everything so not all is lost. I guess it'll be a quiet day behind the PC with chips and Coke nearby! Best of all, Pixar Studios is speaking....! :D Can't wait! Martin, you "coming"...?

A Printer that Delivers 1,000 Pages a Minute

Researchers have A Printer that Delivers 1,000 Pages a Minute. Really. If it were built of course. How? By making a prithead that's as large as a page. Ah life can be so simple. :)

Mysteryland 2006

It's been ages already, but I've uploaded the pictures of Mysteryland 2006. Not many, didn't have a very good time and I was busy contemplating when to ask Petra to marry me. So I was a bit preoccupied! ;)

Triple-standard disc: Blu-ray. HD-DVD and DVD

It's a mess in video medialand: Bluray, HD-DVD and regular DVDs. If you're in Hollywood, which do you support and for what will you revamp your entire distribution productline? Well... none!
Two übercool engineers at Warner have been working on a disc that will support all three technologies in one! If you're interested in technical details, read the article. Very ingenious indeed... :respect:

Adobe DNG Converter 3.5

Adobe updated its DNG Converter to v3.5 and also published a new version of Photoshop Camera Raw. The former can convert RAW images to the neutral (but proprietary) DNG format, whereas the latter lets you open and import RAWs inside Photoshop CS2 and Elements 5.0.
Sadly, the DNG convertor is only available for Windows and OS X, not Linux. But then again, not many photographers use Linux for their photo workflow... :)

Getting married!

Well, the bullit is through the church, the shit is hitting fans, hell's pretty chilly this time of year and I'm 100 gr heavy... In other words: I've asked Petra to marry me and she said yes. :D
She actually did while in Lyon, on Wednesday August 30th, but no blog at hand.
No dates yet, no details, but we're aiming for early June 2007. We talked about ideas, plans and dreams ;) but both of us would rather have a GREAT party for a select few than a huge simple for many. So if you're not invited, don't be sad. ;) It's not personal!

Blog's Back!

For some reason, I haven't checked my Yahoo mail yet so I'm not sure why, but my blog is back! W00t!

Update: Blogger is chaning their hosting plans. As a former BloggerPro user, I can keep all non-blog content but I will loose the ability to ftp into my BlogSpot account and update/change it. All subblogs will stay though. So I must move some content to a different place. Good time to update the design. ;)