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Mentos Rocket Launcher

Mentos is laughing their asses off when they see this video: the Mentos Rocket Launcher... Wow! That's all I can say. Screw the internet bombs people are making! This is way WAY cooler, harmless and good for the ecenomy.
/me runs off to buy mentos and coca cola shares...

Linux desktop: XGL, KDE and Compiz

If you still don't know why you get a Linux desktop, even if it's just as a dual boot way to try things out and see and test and try... Check YouTube!
Thanks, Martin, for the tip! Wow, I wanna know what kinda machine that guy is using. Holy smoke!


Can't wait till we get one of these at work...
MetroNaps sells small cocoons to let you have a powernap in the office, at an airport, hospital, restaurant or anywhere really. Don't surpress the urge to take a nap, but take one in style. :) Check it out! Coming to an office near you soon!

Pimp my Laptop

Moosy told about a site to pimp your laptop! LOL
You order a kinda sticker, measure the size of the laptop (remember: size matters!) and stick it on! Voila... very cool

Marriage in France

Just got back from a short stay in France with my parents. We figured we'd need to go there asap and check things out: the rules, cityhall, legal papers, places to get married, hotels to stay in, things to do and where friends and family can spend their time while we... get married. :)
So we did and ran around Fumel, Condat, Villeneuve sur Lot, Montrayal and many other little villages in the area.
Trouwen in Frankrijk?

CSS: What MS fixed in IE7

IEBlog has a list of CSS changes for IE7. Good to know! :)

Golden Voice

Some people do and some people don't... Singing is something we'd all like to do but most of us can't and many really shouldn't! :)
All the recent talent hunts have revealed thousands of people who should be penalized for ever opening their mouths in public.
But luckily... a few gems have also surfaced. Bianca Ryan is one of those. Check her appearances on TV: one, two and the finals. Joss Stone, Alicia keys, Nina Simone... watch out!

Price Competition Emerges in Grid Hosting

Funny, I just talked abotu this last night with a friend while on topic of Linux, open source and HPC. Now, netcraft tells me that A Price Competition Emerges in Grid Hosting... Coïncidence? Why I think not! :)
Turns out, for $20/month you can buy shared grid computing - needed for fluid dynamics simulations, FFT, particle simulations, weather reports, visualizations of mountains of data and so on - with 100GB disk space (!), 1 TB (!!) of traffic and 100 domains... Jeez, sounds like I need to get me one of those and host mp3s, porn and videos. LOL :)

A Single Pixel Camera

Slashdot brought me today what I'd already heard somewhere else: A Single Pixel Camera. Instead of having millions of CCDs, this one has only one and uses a lot of micromirrors to reflect light onto the sensitive cell. This way it scans and image and gradually builds up an image.
"...the technique may lead to single-pixel cameras that use detectors that can collect images outside the visible range, multi-pixel cameras that get by with much smaller imaging arrays, or possibly even megapixel cameras that provide gigapixel resolution."

New happy feet trailers

Dave's Trailer Page has got a few new trailers and teasers. W00t! Scroll down to Oct 17th... :)

Big Red :: Wrigley

Yum yum gimme some: Big Red :: Wrigley. Petra is bringing me several packs! SUPER!
/me mouth is drooling already

PS: Murphy is a bastard!

The minute I posted the previous msg, I checked my mail and got a msg from Petra, killing time in a hotel lobby. Psych!!! So I quickly removed the entry and refreshed my blog...
%@$#@%@$!!! Murphy you old sly DOG you! No, let's hope she didn't see it.
I'm drafting this msg (Fri Oct 20th, 00:15 CET) and will post to when there no risk of leaking the news...

Buying flowers

What do you do when your girlfriend is away all week, travels all over, she's abroad so calling will be too expensive and you'll either rush it and still feel lousy or you'll jabber forever and be sorry afterwards when you get the bill... but you still want to do *something* so she knows you're there, waiting and miss her? Easy!
You send flowers! Itineraries are genius! They leave you lists of places they stay at, address and phone numbers to call. I went to Google Maps, searched for business and type in "flowers, vancouver" et voila! I'm the bestest boyfriend in the entire world! Thanks Google! You are a real lifesaver! :D Now let's hope she doesn't read my blog between now and tomorrow...
/me crosses fingers and prays...

Cisco gets triple-play patent

It seems Cisco may have made a brilliant move by patenting the idea of triple play. It only seems to be a US patent, but maybe they were so smart to co-file at EPO or WPT (world-wide patents). If so, some one is gonna be paying license fees soon... hehehe

Happy Feet

Martin already icqed me this: Happy Feet. It's hilarious and very cute. Kinda like "ToyStory" meets "March of the Penguins". ROFL
Voices are cast terrifically, feature Robin Willams and the trailers are grand! Courtesy of Dave's Trailer Page. Who else...?

TNO Connected meeting

On Nov. 2nd, there will be a meeting in Groningen of the TNO Connected group. It's an alumni association of all former KPN Research and TNO employees in order to maintain contact, inform about new innovations and keep the knowledge flowing.
I think it's a good idea. Some of my former colleagues have seriously climbed the corporate ladder and it's useful to know from time to time. I track many in LinkedIn anyway, but due to that I have an even stronger urge to talk to them from time to time... simply because I know where they are.

SmugMug update

I updated more photos on smugmug, yesterday...
Added the pictures of Awakenings. Thanks to Astrid who joined me, sorry for the other who missed out because it was sold out. The lasers weren't *that* ultra cool, but it was very pretty.
I went to the reopening of Paars lingerie in Den Haag. They'd remodelled - pun intended - and had champagne, sushi and a live DJ. There were also two live models, showing the/their stuff. I was already buzzed before Awakenings. ;)
There were some pictures of our vacation in Italy I hadn't upload yet. So I did that: our trip into Italy and the B&B in Vosdinovo, as well as the trip to Sienna we took.

women and linux

Alright, the title is misleading because this is just a link to a site with sexy women "promoting" Linux. Most of the are terrible fakes, but the BSD daemon chicks are real. ;)

Using WindowsXP to Make RAID 5 Happen

Our good ol' hardware guy Tom seems to have working on the RAID5 issue as well - duuh - and has detailed instructions on how to enable RAID5 software in WindowsXP. It requires a hexeditor, the Windows CD and a bit of time.
I guess I could remove the drives out of my tower of power, add them to Petra's PC, enable RAID5 in WinXP and be done with it. Hmmm, but it is not as cool as freeNAS...

MediaMax, 25 GB free online storage

Since my FreeNAS RAID5 array has become unusable - the volume won't remount after a power down - I'm looking towords other means of backing up data. FreeNAS says RAID5 is still unstable but RAID0/1 will work reliably, so I'll have to try that instead.
Petra said she'd look for a redundant online storage vault as well. A quick check led me to MediaMax: 25 GB Of free online storage. 250GB for $10/month with free access and reasonable monthly traffic quotas. I'm very curious as to their business model though. And do you install some software? Spyware? Snooping? Dunno, but it seems to good to be true...

160 megapixels

Seitz announced a digital for its 6x17 digital cameras, that has a160 megapixel resolution. Wow! It will create a 160Mpx image in about one second, or a 470 Mpx in two seconds. The back and camera will be yours for about $36,000... Check the link for pictures.

Kev's LEGO Mindstorms NXT Laser Hack

Lego is cool. Lego Mindstorm is brilliant. But adding a laser to Lego by tweaking a light sensor is absolutely positively triple guarantee out of this world!
Read Kev's LEGO Mindstorms NXT Laser Hack for details on how to do it in about 2 hours of tweaking... :respect:

Pittsburgh Penguins bought by BlackBerry

The CEO of the makers of BlackBerry has bought the Pittsburgh Pengiuns hockey team for $175 million...
Wow, didn't know they were for sale. Didn't know they needed the money. It seems the world is on a shopping spree with women buying tickets to space, buying MySpace and sports teams being sold like cinnamon rolls... tsk

Quad Core Battle, Intel Yorkfield vs AMD Altair

"Yorkfield Extreme Edition based on the 45nm Penry core architecture will meet heads-on with AMD Altair based on the 65nm K8L core in Q3 2007 as reported by VR-Zone. Due to its advanced 45nm process technology, Yorkfield XE is able to pack a total of 12MB L2 cache (2 x 6MB L2) and still achieving a much smaller die size and higher clock speed of 3.43-3.73Ghz. Yorkfield will feature Penryn New Instructions (PNI) or more officially known as SSE4 with 50 more new instructions. Yorkfield XE will pair up nicely with the Bearlake-X chipset supporting DDR3 1333, PCI Express 2.0 and ICH9x coming in the Q3 '07 timeframe as well."
Man I love hardcore hardware battle talk!

New Data Transmission Record ? 14 Tbps

OMG! Japanese researchers have done it again!
They managed to transmit data over 100 miles (160km) at a speed of 14 Terabps (14000 Gbps). That's 14000 computers or servers talking to each other at full speed, over one single fibre optic cable... sjeez!