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Playing with OLPC in VMware

There is a VMware virtual appliance with the OLPC virtual machine so you yourself can play with the new interface of the $100 laptop aimed at children in developing countries. Just download the image, get VMware Player (free) and see for yourself what children will be using.

PlayStation 3 gets DIY upgrade

T3 shows how easy it is to upgrade the hard drive on the PS3. The replacement is a normal laptop-size disk you can by anywhere.
Check the T3 story PS3 gets DIY upgrade

Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 launches for PS3

Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 launches for PS3: "Good news for PS3 Linux enthusiasts and for the whole open source world.

Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, Terra Soft?s next generation Linux operating system for Power will support PLAYSTATION 3, providing an end-user experience far surpassing previous versions. Through an aggressive, rapid co-development project conducted by Carsten Haitzler and the Enlightenment development team, Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, built upon Fedora Core 5, now integrates the next generation ?E17? desktop in order to provide an unprecedented level of function and interface aesthetic. Designed for users of all ages and all levels of experience, Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 is Terra Soft?s most advanced distribution to date."

Xandros Linux conquers a hostile Sony laptop

Someone, with a nasty habbit for buying laptops that simply won't run Linux due to difficult proprietary drivers, got Xandros Linux to run on a Sony Vaio laptop where even Windows wouldn't run. LOL

Hello, World Page!

Whenever you learn a programming language there is the obligatory "Hello World!" program to show you then syntax. The Hello, World Page! collects as many examples as they can find. Kinda cool to see the differences and useful if you need an example file to work with..

NLGD 2006 - Games in Concert

Last night, Martin and I went to the finals of the Dutch Gaming Days in Utrecht. They ended the week with a performance by the Dutch Metropol Orchestra conducted by Christopher Lennertz: Games in Concert. However, the music they performed was computer game music.
A few weeks ago we already listened to C64 music being performed by real people at the PICNIC'06 event, but this time it was all kinds of games music: Halo2, Medal of Honor, Curse of the Monkey Island, Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda and more. It was amazing. Sadly, I don't have any recordings but a national radio station, Radio 2, made recordings and the event was broadcast at 11pm last night, so there may be streams or recordings on the site of the radio station.

Raw Therapee

Raw Therapee is a free, open source RAW image reader/converter. It is similar to what Adobe's Raw Converter does except open source. It support a tons of camera's already and works on Windows and Linux. Check the screenshot of Raw Therapee in action.
This is somewhat related to the efferts of openRAW, which tries to let manufacturers agree to a common, open standard for creating RAW images in digital cameras.

iPhone packing mini OS X

Apple's new iPhone will run a cut-down version of OS X and offer a whole new level of mobile operating system. The world will never be the same, I'm sure. Even if the actual device will flop, although I don't think it coz too many will just love to handle one no matter how shitty is makes phone calls, the bar has just been raised. Read the T3 article.

Oolite - Elite space gaming with modern technology

It's a miracle! Elite, the mother of all space war and strategy games has been open sourced and ported to Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS X. :drool:
See Oolite - Retro space gaming with modern technology for details. Gonna try to get it to run now. Maybe it'll beat bzflag. ;)

How to Configure an $80 File Server in 45 Minutes

Brilliant story that goes to show why Linux is still a champion in many areas, file services being one: How to Configure an $80 File Server in 45 Minutes.
Get an old PC, add LAMP, take some and be done with it.

Video of Fedora On PS3

Slashdot also reports a Slashdot | Video of Fedora On PS3. YellowDog Linux was supposed to run on the new playstation, but Fedora wasn't. Interesting, isn't it! :) It means you could actually make a useful computer out of the PS3 - apart from gaming of course, which is also useful and good for social skills, strategy and cooperation with other less fortunately people than yourself. :)

Second Life Hit By Massive In-Game Worm

LOL! :D Even virtual worlds are not safe from viruses and worms, as the online world Slashdot | Second Life was Hit By Massive In-Game Worm, yesterday.
At one point, floating golden rings appeared in the game and people who touched them, started the infection. As we all know, people learn by punishment not by hearsay. ;)

Enable WPA Wireless access point in Ubuntu Linux

Debian Admin has an easy guide for all those who want to Enable WPA Wireless access in Ubuntu Linux. Very useful and a bit daunting if you are not familiar with debian/linux, especially on laptops. ;)
Saving this here for my easy reference, as well as yours. ;)

Internet has 100 million websites

In the Netcraft November 2006 Web Server Survey we can read that the world now has 100 million websites. It doubled in size from 50 million in May 2004 to 100 million now: roughyl 2.5 years. Amazing.

Microsoft Firefox Professional

Stunning news reached me this morning when TheRegister reported that Microsoft has released a better version of Firefox. Their browser, MS Firefox 2007, will improve where Mozilla thought it wasn't possible and what Microsoft itself couldn't do.
It seems they have secretly forked the source code and built their own browser from it... clever! ;)


Today, I passed my VCP-101v exam and became - or will become very soon - an official VMProfessional. W00t! I had 78 out 80 questions right. The exam wasn't hard per sé, but the questions were very tricky. I did better than expected. :) There were silly questions that didn't really matter and won't make a better or worse Vmware consultant if you know the answer or not. There were also sneaky questions where you had to choose which answer was right, but there were 3 right answers. So which is the most right...? Anyway, intuïtion serves best I guess, although I reviewed some 15 answers before hitting "done".

The Web Is 16 Today

Happy birthday WorldWideWeb!
Today marks the 16th birthday of the World Wide Web (WWW). Wow! That is truely ancient in terms of the internet. Anything older than 2 years is discarded, let alone 16 years! The oldest web page on the internet hasn't been changed since November 13th, 1990, 15:17:00 GMT. LOL

BlenderNation - blender and 3d modeling news

Had dinner with my old friends from Not a Number aka NaN aka Blender3D last night. Always a good time. Cool, technical, skilled people with too much creativity for their own good. :) LOL
Anyway, I heard Bart has a new blog: BlenderNation and it's doing well. Also heard that, inadvertently, the hype around the Orange movie project "elephant's dream" caused lots of havoc for the telco Orange. Their ad words were simply useless. From another perspective, they could have generated a gazillion extra visits by simply associating with the Orange movie project and doing a little co-branding. But apparently, the internet still hasn't landed in major legal firms. *sigh* well, their loss

Second Life | What is Second Life?

Never heard of SecondLife? Well, don't worry, most haven't but in case you want to bluf your way in the pub tonight here is what you need to know: What is Second Life?.
Sadly is doesn't run on Linux. :(

IBM accelerates push into 3D virtual worlds

IBM will invest $10 million in virtual 3D worlds. 10 years ago, 3D worlds were all the hype too, however nowadays our PC can actually handle all the 3D things quite well.
Apparently, IBM already has 250 employees running around online and deals with 20 clients inside Second Life, a popular 3D world with over 1 million registered users. IBM wants to expand its use of 3D worlds and will invest in a virtual on its intranet to discuss sensitive information.

jEditable - In Place Editor Plugin for jQuery

Say you're making an intranet website and want to give people easy access to edit pages. TinyMCE or TinyFCK will do, but sometimes they're too much. You'd like an easy, small, simple tool to do the trick...
Enter jEditable. This tiny AJAX tool will let users edit any (X)HTML object on a page simply by clicking on it. :) Could be a life saver or totally useless. But if you need it, you need it badly! :D

Giant iPod user rocks Google Earth

the Register, always good for a few British humour jokes, tells us about a Giant iPod user who rocks Google Earth. Just check out the link and you'll understand. LOL

WidSets: bringing the Net to your phone over RSS

WidSets are an evolved next-generation type application of RSS feeds. You create a Widset, install the client on your phone and then you're done. Photos, news, blogs, games, lots fo stuff to choose from. Or create your own.

AptonCD - Create a backup of all the packages you have installed using apt-get

If you run Debian or (K)Ubuntu as your desktop OS, and there are more and more of you these days, you'll be needing this!
AptonCD creates a one-click way to backup (and restore) all the applications you've installed using apt-get. You start it, choose backup, review the list you're given and make final additions or modifcations, choose whether you want a CD or DVD image and wait. Ruthless, open source software is simply ruthless! Imagine what you could earn if you programmed this for Windows and charged $10 or so... sjeez

500GB hard disk test

Because you can never have too much storage, it's only a matter of time, Xbit tested 12 500GB hard disks! Surprisingly, Western Digital is back at the top. After years of being beat by Seagate, Maxtor and others, the old King is back! Kudos!

Review Intel's Quad Core Processor vs AMD Quad-Father

LinuxHardware has a little in-depth story on Intel's First Quad Core Processor and how it compares with AMD's Quad-Father line. In short: Intel made a dual-core by glueing together two regular Pentium4 cores. It repeated the trick to make a quad core. AMD developed a whole new chip architecture for it's dual and quad cores.
Will it matter in the end which one? No not really. They're both screamingly fast!