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Party at Borghuis

For our new year's party, we are joining 20 friends and friends of friends for a weekend in Losser, near Enschede, where we've rented 2 houses from 't Borghuis. There are two: one with kids and one without. As they are located right next to each other, concerned parents can hop over in case of emergencies.
On Saturday, Merel and I are cooking dinner for everyone. Sunday, Petra and Sjoerd will make traditional oliebollen and appelflappen for us all. That evening, Femke and the girls will transform the place into a Roaring 20s theme and we will all contribute a food dish to the buffet... Sounds like a plan!!!

Xmas days

Christmas was great this year! No family, no fuss, just us. :) Highly recommended. Screw them all and do what *you* want to.
Although plans were slightly altered when Petra's sister called us in panic about her relationship and we drove to Assen on the 23rd, Sunday we went to sauna Peize in Peize instead of Elysium in Bleiswijk. On Xmas day, Petra and I cooked our special dinner (with canard from my parents from France!) and all was well. Boxing day, Dec. 26th, we got up on time and cooked a dish for a Xmas lunch at friends from our Spinning "club" at Jack Slagman healthclub in Den Haag.

Siemens achieves 107 Gb transmissions

Siemens announced that it has set a new network speed record, achieving a speed of 107 giga bits -- the equivalent of roughly two DVDs worth of data -- per second, two and a half times faster than the previous record. The test transmission was conducted on a 100-mile stretch of fiber-optic cable in the U.S. It also marks the first time such a test was performed outside of the laboratory.
With Germany laying a special national separate network for VDSL - and trying to legally void competitors on it - high-speed backbone connections will be needed. Siemens also claims to get these high speeds at much less complicated than before. Go Siemens!

Job interviews

I have been looking a new place to work for a couple of weeks now. The market is developing nicely again and my current job is no longer fun. It was supposed to be Linux and Open Source Software, but it's only Novell these days. Not my thing, unless they move over to (SUSE) Linux.
Anyway, I had an interview last Monday with TNO and I am so glad that they've decided to ask me back for a 2nd interview. TNO ICT is what was called KPN Research, so many of my old friends and colleagues still work there. It has also moved from KPN-owned to KPN-employed and that creates a whole lot of new possibilities that used to be impossible. So I am looking forward to it. :)

Update: I didn't get it. They're afraid of me. :(

Innercity 2006

Saturday, by an unexpected stream of luck, Martin and Sjoerd got their hands on free tickets to Innercity. Later, I heard that sales were very bad so they dumped loads of free tix on the market. Either way, I am glad they got them!
So after a day of home-improvement at Astrid's new house in Rotterdam, Sjoerd, Astrid, Martin and girls from Sjoerd's Bball team Jeanette and Melika went to Innercity. :) It was great night, although the music took a long time to really get going. There were about 10,000 people compared to 40,000+ in earlier years. But the RAI was great, music good and the company better! Thanks, Sjoerd and Martin for getting us tickets! :hug: Had a blast!

Blogger bèta

Blogger decided to move all owners of old BloggerPro accounts over to new servers and at the same time, limit theirs rights (for which we had paid money about 2 years ago). We lost the ability to create new subdirectories or additional (web)pages, like the ones you see in my menu on the right.
While that was not good, it also meant we could start using the new Blogger service, which they had substantially upgraded behind the scenes. However, for Pro users to enjoy that, they had to limit other things. oh well... I have started to test the new Blogger on my News&Linkdump blog and I must say it's really a lot better. We get new lay-out features, extra edit functions and more content management features. There is also a new category/tag feature, finally, and other things I have yet to try.

Happy birthday, Sinterklaas

Today is Sinterklaas's birthday. He turns roughly 1700 years old today. :)

6 to 8 black men: David Sedaris on Sinterklaas

The Dutch don't really celebrate Christmas, we do lean more towards Sinterklaas. Although, in recent years commercialism has brought the great divide between "Sinterklaas" and "Kerstmis".
David Sedaris, introduced to me by my friend Sjoerdski after a recent trip to DC, has brilliantly put into words what Americans think of this strange event... YouTube has a reading of mr Sedaris accompanied by footage of Sinterklaas from Dutch TV. You have go to watch it!

Official wedding date

Well, it's official! My dad made registrations for us on Saturday, June 9th 2007 at 4pm in Ville de Fumel. :)
Start planning and packing! I know we are. There is lots to do or see in the area, so a (short) vacation following our wedding weekend is easy to do. Toulouse airport is closeby and there are tranfers all over.

Isabelle theorem prover

My sister turns out to have an alter ego, because she seems to have created the Isabelle theorem prover. It is a rare occasion when I have a blank stare on my face, but reading the wikipedia page I am sure I must have looked just like that! :)

The Other Business Man

A Dutch organization for Black Entrepreneurs, The Other Businessman, has nominated a good friend of the family as a finalist in their annual award competition: Kenneth Erselina. December 2nd is the final round and candidates will have to present their case... interesting! Go Kenneth!

GCALSYNC - synchronize your phone with Google Calendar

Carry your Google Calendar in your pocket! GCalSync is an open source application that lets you do a two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and your phone's built-in calendar. Download events to your phone, or add an event on your phone and upload it to Google Calendar.
I'm trying this out now. So far so good.