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Peper IT

I was growing tired of my website Peper IT, which uses Pivot, being hacked somehow. While there may be vulnerabilities in Pivot, I also suspect some security issues at my provider. However, they're fine otherwise and host 100000+ domains, so it's likely to be Pivot and/or my inability... ;)
Anyway, gave up on Pivot and switched to Wordpress 2.1 for the new Peper IT. Now I'll have to import all the articles... *sigh*. Love live XML!
In the mean time, I've "switched off" the oldsites.

Need Second Life? Get a First Life!

Second is so popular and seems to keep so many people (kids?) busy that someone has created Get a First Life. Total residents: 6.5 billion! Membership is free, just go outside. :D Get it?!?
And contrary to popular behavior, Second Life has actually supported this! :D Brilliant! Instead of a cease-and-desist letter, they have sent them a proceed-and-permit letter. LOL They can even keep the logo up on the site. :respect:

Sex with your own clone

Read this terribly useless but interesting thought from the Quote Database.

Great moments in human research

The Register has gathered a great and funny collection of Great moments in human research... ROFL

KiSS DP558 Digital HD Recorder

Just got a tip from a colleague of mine... He'd bought his dad a KiSS DP558 digital hard disk recorder, also known as PVRs or DVRs, and said his dad now watch shows, record them, read important mails while watching something and so on! The DP558 runs embedded Linux and you can upgrade the firmware to boast features and functions even more! :) The DP558 plays everything (mp2, mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, etc.) under the sun, you can upgrade the hard drive, watch and record at the same time, it has an EPG, you can remotely instruct your KiSS system to record a show while you're away and more. :) I was impressed, especially because his dad loved the thing... ;)

HD-DVD and Bluray copy protection cracked

Last week I read about HD-DVD's copy protection being cracked. Serenity was the first film out on HD-DVD. This morning I read that the same guy hacked Blu-ray and AACS as well... Same technique, same small hurdles. :respect:

Home-made Wii-laptop

Guys at Engadget have been slaving over the Wii-laptop! It has a small 7" screen built-in (or should we say built-on?), stereo sound, a controller port and a power supply. They'll start a 3 episode HowTo next week... Coool

SecondLife Linux Client Alpha

A while ago I reported about the SecondLife, an online social world with chat and a lot more, but said they didn't have a Linux client yet. Well, soon after Werner let me know about an alpha version for Linux and just posted a new version of Second Life Linux Client. So I'm downloading all 39MB and I'll try it out on Kubuntu 6.10 with an old ATi Radeon 6600Pro.

Connect iPod and mobile phone for MyiPhone

If you can't wait for the iPhone, get yourself a Mavizen myBlu. The myBlu plugs into your iPod and contains bluetooth. Using bluetooth, myBlu couples your mobile phone to the microphone and headsets of your iPod. When calls come in, it stops the mp3 player and transfers your call. It can also use the player or radio tuner on your phone and route the signal to the headset on your iPod. All in all a brilliant and ingenious invention that I'm sure many people could use. Sadly, you'll have to buy it for about $77 or €60 in Hong Kong.
/me books plane tickets...

Fujitsu paves way to 5 TB hard drives

Because hard disks are manufactured as one single layer, when you start to pack data bits together, they will eventually start to interfere with each other which leads to dataloss or corrution. Perpendicular recording lets you pack them tighter but does not avoid the dangers.
Fujitsu says it has developed a way (patterned media technology) to completely isolate the data bits, thereby avoiding dataloss or corrution and paving the way for hard drives that can store 5 TB in a desktop drive and 1+ TB in 1.8" laptop hard drives...

In the left corner: The Google Switch...

While debates over the iPhone are heating up, Google seems to have a plan of its own with an iPhone killer: the Google Switch.
Hardware by Samsung, no buttons or keypad, touch sensitive, built-in Google-Maps-enabled GPS, Gtalk, Gmail and so on. Regardless of any conspiracy theories, it would be very interesting to have a Web-2.0-ready phone that integrates with all these services. Can you imagine...?

Apple iPhone will support one European provider

Let the beatings begin...!
Apple has said in an interview with Heise Online (who publish c't amongst others) that the iPhone will support only one Telco when it comes to the market. It should also support UMTS by then.
In the US are similar contracts. Of course, the US market is vastly different from the EU market so it will be interesting to watch what happens. Subscriptions, fees, contracts and even some standards are up for (national) debates here whereas the US is large one consolidated market with a few players.
Oh BTW, the iPhone was available for order a few days up on for €899 resp. &euro999 for the 4GB resp. 8GB version. The iPhone also uses an Intel XScale processor. Much like many Palms, IPAQ and smartphones. Hope they soup up the MHz for OS X...

Updated tips for the area on our wedding site

I updated and expanded the list of tips in the area of our wedding, in case you decide to stay a few days longer and take a little vacation or break. I tied to add Google Maps routes to all places so can get an ideas of distances.

What is VMware VDI?

The guys at MSTerminalServices have a decent, detailed description of what Vmware's latest attempt at desktop virtualization, VDI, is.
It works much like Citrix or MS's own Terminal Services but capitalizes on the existing, known, stable and managed ESX server infrastructure. Clever...

Horizontal bungiejump

We all know bungie jumping. Big drop, platform, elastic cord, voila. But did you know you could also do a horizontal bungie jump? me neither! But it's way cool and would totally freak me out! LOL

T3 - CES: the whole story

T3, the only real toys for boys site and magazine, has a CES: the whole story article with everything that really mattered on the CES 2007. :drool: Fun Tests

Well, it's official: I am a nerd. no sense in trying to hide it. Check 98% score, only 2% is nerdier than I am. Nerdette, an old colleague is one of them. Thanks, nerdette.


NoID tipped on this book: C R Y P T O N O M I C O N. Dunno yet, linkdumping it here for future reference and my readers ;) Read the excerpt on the website... (y)

Philips Announces Wireless HDMI Connection

Finally one step closer to a wireless Home Theatre set-up...
Philips already took a step towards the ultimate goal: a wireless HiFi and HDTV set-up with the Streamium line. Although not perfect it was the only commercial solution for a long time. Now, they add wireless HDMI signals. Soon a beamer will no longer be needed. Cool! DailyTech has more details.

Songbird: The Firefox of Media Players

Songbird: The Firefox of Media Players:
"Songbird is a 'mashup' of a web browser and a desktop media player. Think of it as the open-source analog of Windows Media Player or iTunes. Like Winamp, Songbird supports skins, which are called 'feathers' in this case. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
Songbird plays MPEG Audio (mpga), MPEG Layer 3 (mp3), MP4 Audio (mp4a), Ogg Vorbis, Speex, AAC, WMA, FLAC; and less importantly, LPCM, ADPCM, and AMR.
/me is stunned in silence

New Nokia N800 Internet Tablet available now

As I said, Nokia introduced the N800 Internet Tablet at the CES today. Check the link for pictures and details. :drool:
Detailed specs are listed on the NokiaUSA site.

Nokia N800 Linux tablet

Even though it's not yet officially released, it seems you can already buy the new Nokia N800, successor to the super cool and geeky N770 Linux tablet PC. The N800 appearantly contains twice the RAM and a faster processor. It has two SD card slots, instead of one, and still shows WiFi as well as Bluetooth access. Nokia is said to introduce the N800 at the CES today...

Have a Corona inside your computer!

And now for soemthing completely different...
And idea, patented in 1965, to use the Corona Discharge effect for cooling, may finally see the light in a real-life application: to cool your CPU! The effect causes chared particles to create a heatflow and air displacement that was enough in experiments to cool a square centimeter with no moving parts whastsoever. The Future of Things has a nice overview about CPU cooling and what the corona discharge effect may bring us...


OMG! 2007 is gonna be superduper! :) Even my sister is now blogging in blogspot...

Amsterdam to get a MySQL convention

2007 is already starting off to be a great year: Amsterdam will get its own MySQL convention in March. Whereas other countries and cities have had these things already, I believe it's a first for Holland. :) So I'm excited. Thanks, Rob, for tipping me. Now to find a sponsor...

Invitations for our wedding soon

With our website ready, the reservation form working and the blog up and running, it will not be long until we send out our official wedding invitations! :) I really can't wait for the day! I'm sooo excited and am really looking forward to the day and the party! :)

Anyway, the official date is going to be: Saturday afternoon on June 9th, 2007 16:00 hrs (aka 4pm) in Fumel, France.

Heureux Hasard - Serendipity

Over Xmas and New Year, Petra and I designed and implemented our wedding website. Access is limited through password access for those invited. We may move the blog into the public area, but this is a start. The site is not completely done yet.

After Xmas, on the way back in the car from Assen, we brainstormed for titles and at home we narrowed it down to a short list. In the end, we chose for "Heureux Hasard". It is French for "Serendipity" and the meaning is much easier derived from the French name than the English. It stands for a happy accidental occasion. A fortunate event that happened by accident. :) "A Cold Day in Hell" didn't even make it to the long list... ;)

Happy New Year!

I wish everybody a very happy new year and hope you'll reach at least one of your dreams this year!