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EU Blik wall sticker dealer

I've been wanting to get me some of these for a long time and now there's finally a decent dealer in the EU (UK actually) with a decent webshop. Check Supernice for almost all of Blik's wall stickers of wall decals, however you wanna call them. They're great, removable and collectible!

Mobile blogging and Pblogging

Now that I have a Nokia N73 and am discovering how Symbian OS works, kinda, I like it more and more. It's very well divided into functions that you can use throughout. Like mail settings, outgoing mail servers, MMS and UMTS/GPRS settings and so on.
I wanted to use the ability to do some mobile blogging or moblogging, but sadly Blogger won't recognize my European carrier. Strange, coz Google Calendar does. However, smugmug does work properly and places any emailed picture in a collective gallery. Good enough, although it would have been better in a moblog or photo blog or pblog/phoblog...

Cool blog widget


I won an award!

Sjeez! I won an award!
The WSG has recognized my abilities and efforts over these years. It's nice to finally be respected and valued... ;)

Slaughter House Cam ... a peek at animal cruelty

Having said that, I consulted Google about cow slaughter and found: Slaughter House Cam ... a peek at animal cruelty. Take a look, you'll eat rice tonight! :D

Dolphin massacre in Japan

I received a request to sign a petition to stop annual Dolphin massacre in Japan, as the creatures innocently pass by villages in their yearly migration pattern. The video is cruel and gruesome, so I am inclined to sign the petition... however...
Can someone give a video that shows how cows are slaughtered for our daily consumption? Or chickens? Or the pigs we buy in the supermarket? I wonder how they die? Sure, I hope more humanely that the slicing of aortas while they still live. But are we more susceptible to the video because they're dolphins or because we don't eat dolphins? What would you do if those were cows, pigs or chicken...?

TNO - Alumninetwerk ConnecteD

TNO has totally revamped their website! I'm impressed!
Nice, clean, looks. Good colors, good design. Even XHTML! OK, still transitional and the code generated sucks big time, but that is a matter of tweak and polish. :)
Kudos! Check it out!

SETI Finally Finds Something

Until now, SETI, the world's first distributed cooperative effort in anything (search for extraterrestrial intelligence), has yielded nothing much after something like 1,000,000 CPU years. Until now!
A volunteer was able to track down his wife's stolen laptop using the SETI@home client that reported the IP address back to SETI's central computers. This guy is now his' wife's hero. Moral of the story?
If you want your wife to adore you, search for ET! Preferably using computers, so you have something to gain from it too!

World's Hottest Chili

New Mexico's State University has dicovered the world's hottest chili pepper! At over 1,000,000 SHU, it is twice as hot as the previous winner. Amazing, coz a regular chili pepper is only 1500 SHU... can you imagine...?

Sywan Solutions

I accepted a new job with Sywan Solutions. This M$ powerhouse is running a major retooling operation for KPN's new twin data center operations, under the flag of ITNL, KPN's new business unit for all internal (NL) IT operations. They need a Linux Architect to help set-up the Linux stack using Oracle's fudged Red Hat sources... hehe Never say never!
/me root for Debian

Goois Lyceum reunion

My parents told me they'd gotten an announcement for the Goois Lyceum reunion on March 17th, in honor of the 95th anniversary of my old high school. Apparently, they do not have my new address. Fixed that easily. ;)

Google Releases Paper on Disk Reliability

Google has been recording hard disk performance, their life cycle and the individual parameters of their estimated 100,000 hard disks since the beginning. Based on this data, they have analyzed the factors that determine lifespan and disk failure.
Surprisingly, temperatures are not that important. Highly stressed disks are also not more likely to fail, unless the stress occurs in the disk's first 6 months of operation...

Resort Sparrenhorst

Just got back from a belayed Valentine's getaway in Resort Sparrenhorst, a huge conference center and resort in Nunspeet on the Veluwe. Petra spent last week mostly at her parents' and will be gone next week too. So my timing in arranging the getaway couldn't have been more perfect! :)
We drove up on Friday, had a delicious 3 course dinner, spent all Saturday in sauna Zwaluwhoeve and slept in on Sunday. After breakfast, we did some exercise in the resort's gym, swimming pool and sauna, and were treated to a High Tea at 4pm... We just got back... I'm so relaxed, you could bungyjump with my muscles! ;)

Intel shows Teraflops Research Chip with 80 cores

Intel recently showed a new chip design which contains 80 (!) cores, each running at 3 GHz. The CPU delivers more than 1 billion operations per second. In other words: 1 TeraFLOP.
Oddly, the design only consumes 62W of power when doing so, which is about the same as current mainstream CPU design with at most 4 cores.

Clare Large update

Just letting you know that Clare Large, a female DJ from the UK, has updated her music downloads. A bunch of high-quality, live recordings of 2+ hrs in length. The quality refers to the 192kbps format, not the music style... ;)

Ideas for wedding gifts

I've updated the gallery with examples of gifts as wedding presents. I had some images on my phone (N73) and finally configured Email properly, so... It also includes a picture of the Portazul shop in The Hague that has lot of stuff that we like.
The idea is to create a colorful dinner or breakfast table with different sets of two and each item would remind us the people who've given them to us. And white is too hard to keep separate. ;) So choose whatever you like, just get two of whatever...

Neovo V-10 pictureframe

In the day of mini megapixel digicams, many people still resort to printers to put the images up on the walls. however, digital picture frames are becoming more and more affordable and nice!
Check out the AG Neovo V-10. Kodak also makes a series of digital picture frames which look more traditional, but I personally dislike the frame style. It's too old-fashioned.

New couch!

We bought a new couch two weeks ago! It's great. Tons of room to sit from now on. Had to rearrange the living room completely to make room for it, but it was worth it. Room seems less cluttered now and the couch is very comfy. Check out a picture I took in the store. I'll post a picture of our new room soon. ;)

update: new couch is shown here

PARC natural language patents may form Google rival

After failing to sell PARC, Xerox decided to sell off patents or create licenses for them they appear to have found a gem! Powerset is licensing PARC's "natural language" technology - the art of making computers understand and process languages like English or French. Powerset hopes the technology will be the basis of a new search engine that lets people type queries in plain English, rather than using keywords. Read more on CNET

EMI May Sell Entire Collection as DRM-less MP3s

In light of Steve Jobs' recent discussion on why DRM should be dropped, EMI May Sell Entire Collection as DRM-less MP3s. That's news! Finally someone is starting to makes and get smart. I also may be proven right after all this time. Of course, we all knew DRM made no sense and while understandable, seemed a totally wrong solution. I always said that music industry should offer the stuff themselves and at least be aware of who is downloading what. Now they're left out in the blue all together...

Why Windows is less secure than Linux

A picture often says more than a thousand words: Why Windows is less secure than Linux.

Google Logos Collection

Curious about the logos Google puts on their homepage? Want to see a historic overview? Check the Google Logos Collection. Cool!

Yahoo! Pipes

This is very interesting although I have no idea yet why exactly. Y! Pipes seems to be a service that let's you integrate your own (set of) feeds, web pages and more, and create consolidated custom feeds with it.
So you could combine news from BBC, NY Times and Volkskrant into one narrow-casting news feed for you personally. Of course, you can then share everything you make with others, like digg, delicious and bloglines and so on.

Single-Chip Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM Solution for Mobile Devices

Broadcom has created a single chip which integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM Solution for Mobile Devices. Cool! Especially the combination of Bluetooth and WiFi is a space-saver for many mobile devices such as phones, PDAs but also laptops.

SmartWi Residential Cardsplitter

Moosy pointed to this cool thingy: he SmartWi Residential Cardsplitter. It's great for people who have digital or satellite TV and need smartcards to get their subscription decrypted. The smartcard contains subscription, validity and some keys and decrypt the channels sent by the service provider. But what if you have a TV in the living room, game room and bedroom?
That's what the SmartWi solves! It stores the data in a master transmitter and sends data to upto 3 receivers using a wireless protocol. Nifty, huh?! :)

I had been wanting to do this for years but never did, dunno why. But I just got myself a profile at It's a service that you hook to your music player such as winamp, Amarok, etc and it records the songs you've just played.
You can display the "playlist" on your site (check out the right bar) but also use that playlist to discover new simlar music, people with similar taste and other social Web 2.0 things. ;)

Heureux hasard - Petra en Christian gaan trouwen in Frankrijk

Little update for my US friends... Although I hear Babelfish is a patient partner. :)
We've booked La source bleue for the dinner and buffet. So that's settled. We also made reservations for everyone who's indicated they'd want to stay there as well. There are still some rooms, I believe, but we've got a large part of them already. So...
Petra and I are going to Fumel on March 1st again and take care of the details, register in the city, take a doctor's exam (really), choose a cake, taste wines and champagne, pick flowers, try out an old Cadillac my dad found and so on. Lots of little details and a few major items. Nothing out of the ordinary, though, and we'll be busy beavers. A big thanks to my dad for helping out, actively searching and more. :hug:

Stevie Ann

I am a total fan of Stevie Ann ever since she appeared on Giel's 3FM radio show in the morning for maybe 9 Monday's in a row at 830am or so, singing Queen's "One Year of Love" every time in a slightly different version. It just blew me away, this girl, a guitar and this song. It's beautiful and she's brilliant. (y) :respect: