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Ten to Watch - Online Collaboration

With Web 2.0 becoming (or staying) a hype, this list of Ten Online Collaboration and the Policy Organization sites is interesting. I like some of the things they mention a lot. :)
Web 2.0 is nothing more than a set of simple, easy to use and expandable websites, integrated to new and innovative uses by individuals such as yourself and your friends. Google Maps is nice, but take hotel directories and filter them by zipcode, overlaying them on a Google Map and plug-in a reservation button... and you see where I'm going, I hope. If not, forget it. You'll start using them soon enough and won't even (need to) know it.

Kiwi wins YouTube Animation category

The YouTube winner of the animation category: Kiwi! truely is amazing for someone's master thesis in animation. Must see!

The Seinfeld of the internet?

Strandclub WIJ - season opening

Yesterday, Petra, Sjoerdski, Mirella and I went to the season opening party of Strandclub WIJ. I found out through Hyves that WickedJazzSounds would be playing there, so I had to go. It was great! Big crowed turned up, so entrance was a slight problem. No fee, however! :) Cool! Once inside, big numbers of trendy young, pretty and yuppie people were present. That was to be expected however. :) The night was great though. Music terrific and the people friendly. Cigarette smoke was the only downer and by 22pm we headed back home. Early night, but very much worth it! Thanks for driving Sjoerd! :hug: Nice to meet Mirella! :D

wedding rings

Saturday we picked up our wedding rings at Albert ten Cate juwelers in Loosduinen (The Hague). They are beautiful! White gold, slightly tainted with another metal to make them tougher and gain a particular shine. My ring are rounded whereas Petra's is more square. It just fits better to our hands that way. Petra has a picture on smugmug.

Test Drive an Airbus A380

Popular Mechanics has a coool article and video of an Airbus A380 Test Drive! :respect:
Thanks Martin for the link!

Triple booting Macbook Pro

Still trying to triple boot my Macbook, but it seems in editing the boot record (both MBR and EFI) in various ways at various times with varying tools ;) I have trashed it completely to the point where I can no longer edit *anything*! :) I had to do some work this week and needed a set of downloaded files, so I couldn't simply reformat the disk and start over.
So this weekend, I'll do that. Reinstall OS X, install BootCamp, install rEFIt, run BootCamp, burn the Windows driver CD, install Vista Business Edition (my company got me a key) and install (K)Ubuntu. Werner sent me new instructions for Installing Ubuntu Linux on a MacBook Pro, that seemed to work for him. So I'll try those too. Thanks, Werner!

The Best Open Source Mac Applications

Funny how an OS switch has you hunting for the equivalents of your favorite tools for that platform. the search for a CD burn program for the Mac led me to this list: The Best Open Source Mac Applications. It lists 15 very very useful (open source) programs for the Mac. A burn program is one of them, so is a GAIM clone for the Mac, a torrent client, a DVD ripper, and so on. If your new to the Mac and OS X, check out this page! It may save you endless searching.

How much caffeine is there in...?

I last read the Coffee and Caffeine FAQ back in 1987 or so on usenet (my god that was fun!), but today my facts were challenged and I had to prove my points. So I'm blogging the caffeine FAQ here as well, hoping to serve someone else as well as it has served me over the years.
Fact: both tea and coffee contain caffeine. Tea also contains other chemicals that relax you(r heart muscle). Cacao contains 8x more of those relaxing compounds than caffeine... So there. :)

Seamless virtual apps using Parallels Coherence

It gets better... instead of using a virtual machine (VM) to run an OS that you don't have, you can run it seamless on your OS. In other words, you're using OS X and want to run MSIE. Instead of starting a VM with Windows and running IE, all this happens behind the scenes and IE simply appears seamlessly on your desktop...
Seems SciFi? Nope! It's already done! Yup that's right, it is already here: check YouTube - Parallels Coherence. Be amazed!

3D Graphics in VMware Fusion for Mac OS X

A friend showed me a YouTube video of 3D Graphics in VMware Fusion for Mac OS X. Amazing! They have DirectX 8.1 virtualized!

My Second Life - movie made inside Second Life

My Second Life is a 5 min movie shot entirely inside Second life. Very well done. Reminds me of "Red vs. Blue", made using Halo. :)
It also seems IBM has now purchased 24 islands in SL, for real estate purposes... That's a lot!

VMware Virtualization for MAC OS X - VMware

While playing with the Mac, I also installed so I can open some files people send me. I synced my entire phone over bluetooth with iCal and I installed VMware Fusion, giving me VMs in OS X! Works like a charm! I'm impressed.

Adium - GAIM for the Mac

Still getting Ubuntu installed on my MacBook Pro. Not much luck but I think it may be because I'm not proficient enough at low-level Linux things. It takes a bit of tweaking...
Anyway, in the mean time, I'm playing with OS X. It's really gorgeous, but then so is Vista for that matter. Everything is integrated, tuned and ready to go. Apple really shines at presenting the user with a finished OS. The way it's supposed to be. However, all OSes eventually fail for lack of tweak power. That's why I use Linux. I can change anything I want, when I want to. And I usually need to for one reason or another. But... OS X is BSD so I may be able to after all.
One thing Mac doesn't do well: instant messaging. iChat sucks. :) So I found Adium. :)
/me sighs in relief

Nintendo Wii

Petra bought us a Wii! We've been playing all weekend! She also got Rayman's Raving Rabbids! Soo funny and I just can't seem to milk any cows... go figure!

Engagement photos

Forgot that marleen had taken photos in France, 2 weeks ago, when Petra and I officially signed our engagement form. Check out Marleen's gallery of Fumel and our preparations...

Ubuntu Wiki for MacBook Pro

Well, that was easier said than done... :) The EFI "BIOS" makes things a bit harder than usual as there no longer is a MBR to hold partitions. In addition, the EFI doesn't know about extended partitions, can handle only 4 partitions and for triple boot capabilities, installation order and configuration are stringent, but not impossible or hard to follow. You just have to stick to the recipe! :)
But by now, I had installed OS X (came preinstalled), updated it, installed BootCamp Assistent and rEFIt. However...
I have tried to install Linux onto the prepared Windows partition and failed. It needed a swap partition and I had no room left. So edited the partition table, got stuck, decided RTFM, rebooted and lost OS X. Oops! Oh well. Kubuntu back in MacBook, erase entire drive :) (screw OS X, I can always reinstall it), install it using default options and see what happens... :) And 'lo and behold: Ubuntu boots just fine! So it's back to RTFM for installing the triple…

MacBook Pro, OS X, Vista and Ubuntu

I finally got my new laptop today... Pfff, 2-3 day delivery turned 12-13 day delivery! Grrr %@#&$%@!! Anyway... I got my Apple MacBook Pro today! Dual-core, 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB disk. Nice stuff. Packaging is really tremendous. Now I know why they cost so much! LOL Seriously, it been about 15 years since I've last touched a Mac. Back at Pitt, I used to work with Mac Classics on a daily basis and used them for all my word processing because MacWrite was much better than Word 2.0. ;) Sjeez, I'm old... So seeing OS X in a hands-on situation for the first took a bit of getting used to. I still do, as a matter of fact. The whole Finder experience has always been a bit daunting for me, even back in 1987.
However, I've installed Bootcamp on it already and updated with the lastest security fixes (140MB!). A colleague also pointed me to REFIt, a boot loader specifically for EFI computers (i.e. software BIOS) so you can add regular boot loaders, such as GRUB. Of course, I want…

my new dipping bird

A friend came by tuesday and dropped off a gift i still had coming for my time with eniac, my alumni group. He gave me 3 thinkgeek t-shirts and a way cool dipping bird. I got 98% on a nerdtest but this brings me my last percent, i believe! Lol thnx machiel!


Had a meeting of the Coöp-it tonight and I introduced Martin to the group, as another open source, LAMP and Linux specialist. By chance, Machiel, whom I know from INF and ENIAC, was also there, introduced by Berend. Hehe, great minds think alike...

Trance Energy

Martin told me tonight about Trance Energy, the line-up, main area, the crowd, the newbie and the Jaarbeurs and I was soo sad not to have been there. Boohoo :'( But at least I can have the livesets, if there are any. So if you find them, please torrent them for a while. Thanks!

la source bleue

Almost all is settled now. Hotels are booked. Wines chosen. Menu arranged. Desserts selected. Band has been met but final choice will be made later. Wedding cake will be layers and chocolate. Hair stylist etc has been chosen and so on. Pfew. Tomorrow still leaves a car to be checked and big lunch until we take a flight back at 5pm.

wedding is now official

Petra and I went to cityhall yesterday, in fumel, and officially registered to be married on june 9th in france. So there is no way back anymore. Well... No easy way at least!