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Queens Day 2007

Today is Queen's Day again in Holland. A national holiday where we celebrate the Queen's birthday... or something. Not important here. We went to Assen, to stay for a few days with Petra's parents and give them some company as well as have a break and rest. Assen is small and peaceful, so it was easy to just to do nothing. On top of that, we had the best weekend in the history: sunny, clear blue skies, 25 degrees (75 F) and a cool wind. So we went grocery shopping for 3 days and that was it... :)
/me entered Zen mode

HPC history fast facts

Were having a discussion about supercomputers at work, yesterday we stranded at the top500 and z-machine, and needed to know when HP had stepped in the HighPerformaceComputing market. The HPC history fast facts quickly showed us: in 1995 when it bought Convex.
Check the little summary of "super" computers at HP. It's interesting to see HP had a 32 bit chip... back in 1982! We were all just using 8088 IBM XT PCs... :shock: :respect:

File Synchronization with Unison on Windows and Linux

Need to keep your files in sync between say your laptop and desktop? Or perhaps you have a file repository somewhere on Internet, secure storage, and wants to sync your important files from your desktop and laptop with that location?
File Synchronization with Unison is worth reading! It is a program similar to rsync with a bit of versioning thrown in. It can even merge different files, if you tell it how. Configuration is fairly simple and the article contains good explainations and samples... Binaries can be obtained from the Unison site.

Syncing magic with GCALDaemon

Google Calendar, or GCal, is quickly becoming the ubiquitous calendering application that everyones syncs with. I can sync my Nokia N73 with it, for instance. But most iCal-aware calendars also can!
Read the article Syncing magic with GCALDaemon for information on syncing Mozilla Lightning or Sunbird with GCal... Cool! B)

El cheapo RAID with ZFS

CSI: Munich, an integrator from Germany, posted a video on YouTube about building an el cheapo disk array using ZFS. They actually use USB disks instead of real disks, to make it even cheaper. Oh and this won't work in Windows, of course: you can't change the %$@&% file system in Windows (NTFS/FAT only). :P
ZFS is a radically new file system developed for Solaris.

Compression Comparison Guide

We used to read about file compression tools eveyrday, back in the days of moving files on floppies. Space was limited, so it made sense. These days, people just copy everything in case they might need it for something or other sometime... So why bother testing file compressors? Because we can! And because technology have evolved.
Check out the Tech ARP - Compression Comparison Guide Rev. 2.0. It still matters which algorithm you use for what, and more time always means better compression!

Will It Blend?

Ever dreamed you could just add some storage, some install CDs, some network cards, cables and users together, throw them in a blender and get a smoothly integrated IT infrastructure? Well, now you can!
Check the WillItBlend site and watch what they have thrown in real-life blenders... :D

TVease - Linux, MythTV and full control without the fuss

You know you want a HTPC and a DVR in your livingroom. You you want to be able to download movies while at work and come home and watch them on your TV without the need for a physical DVD. You know your girlfriend hates the miles of cable that you know are necessary for stable and fast connections. You also know you could do all of it using Linux instead of Windows Media Center. But you realize it just might be easiest and quickest way to get it... Well, not anymore! :) Check out TVease!
These guys have taken decent, pretty HTPC housing, added Linux, MythTV, Hauppage TV tuner cards, WiFi and 80+ GB of storage and built the ideal HTPC/DVR for you! No muss, no fuss, just buy, wait, unpack and use! Brilliant!

The Lyrid meteor shower

This weekend it is time to watch the Lyrid meteor shower! Best times are Sunday just before dawn and Monday before dawn. Sunday is said to be fairly clear here in the Netherlands, so it should be possible to see something. Now let's see if I can get myself out of bed then... :yawn:

Extrema Outdoor 2007

EXTREMA OUTDOOR 2007 has their new website online... :bounce: :dance:

Stevie Ann try out concert

Being fan of Stevie Ann ever since her 9 consecutive performances in Giel's morning rush radio show on 3FM, I jumped at the chance to attend her try out concert in Utrecht om May 23rd. Found 5 crazy people to join me... ;) Thanks guys! I appreciate it.
Meanwhile, check out what Google has done to the chunky MySpace interface!!! For example with MySpace used to be chunky, jucky and filled with bad looking amateur html coding... no more, or so it seems. :respect:

Michiel's French wedding

We booked a room yesterday at Hotel Restaurant Le Gonfalon, just 30 min outside Paris. Well go to Michiel's wedding on June 23rd, 2 weeks after out own. :) It'll be interesting. The invite says: Khmer wedding... WTF?

Pictures from Strandtent Doen

I posted some more pictures of my working in Strandtent Doen. :)

When the Alarm Clock Runs and Hides

I usually don't have any problems with getting when I need to get up. many people keep snoozing the darn alarm clock, though, often keeping you awake too. %@#!&%#$@
A student at MIT developed an Alarm Clock that Runs and Hides. :D So you have to get up and out to turn it off. It's actually years old already and the (former) graduate student and partners have already sold 3000 clocks... (y)

Update: Martin pointed me to some videos on YouTube.

Chef to be at Strandtent Doen

Last weekend a life-long dream has been fulfilled: I am a "line chef" in beach club Doen! in Scheveningen. Really? Really. :)
I have always had the dream to be a chef, to cook in a real kitchen, to handle 100s of meals and have a drink and a laugh afterwards with the "crew". Well, now I can. I received an email on hyves a few weeks ago that was looking for new kitchen staff. Beginners, advanced didn't matter. So I thought what the heck and replied. Well, I got selected. Not because I have a ton of experience but because the chef thought it was interesting that I wanted to do this at my age with a complete lack of know-how and with my background.

So last Saturday, with the opening party, I worked 12+ hours in the kitchen of Doen! Yesterday, first real night open, I went again and tonight too. I must say, I'm dead beat, but it is a great feeling. I try to keep up the others not all of whom are qualified either - so I'm not alone - but we all pull …

Château de Chaâlis

The trend to get married in France is progressing! :) My friend Michiel is getting married in June in France as well: Château de Chaâlis. It's on June 23rd, the week after we get back from our honeymoon. So we're thinking about it. It's near Paris, not that far away...

Photoshop CS3: Final release details

DPReview has details on Photoshop CS3... lost of info but no time to blog...

ISO Recorder: must have Windows tool

Sometimes my faith in Windows users is completely restored. Today this happended when I saw Alex Feinman's ISO recorder for Windows XP, 2003 and Vista. It is small, elegant, very good and does task extremely well: recording or ripping ISO images to CD (or DVD under Vista). There is even a command-line (!) tool for Windows that can do most things as well... how's that for you Linux-affinados! :)

Veeam FastSCP for VMware

Ever need to copy or transfer large quantities of files to an ESX server? It's bad. First, it depends on your uplink to the servers. Second, copying normal data to VMFS partitions locks them and renders the server basically useless. This is where Veeam FastSCP for VMware comes in handy. As a friend of mine said: "In the case of the 'Uuh' factor, this is an 'uuuuuuuuuuh' ". :) 'nuf said

Oracle promises 37 spring security patches

Oracle plans to release 37 security patches next week as part of its quarterly update cycle. The fixes cover as-yet-unspecified flaws in products including Oracle Database, Application Server, and E-Business Suite, among others. Some of the patches due to be released on Tuesday, 17 April cover flaws in multiple products.

An unlucky 13 of the planned security updates include fixes for versions of Oracle's database. Three of these patches are particularly important since they cover flaws that might be exploited remotely without requiring login credentials. Two of the 11 flaws in Oracle's E-Business suite might also be remotely exploited by hackers, Oracle warns in a pre-release announcement.
Source: The Register

Elephants Dream Showing in Amsterdam

BlenderNation informed me that Elephants Dream will be showing in Amsterdam on April 21st in City Cinema. Coool! It is part of the Dutch Movie Festival.

Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter

The Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter searches Alta Vista for the query " sucks|rules|rocks" and displays the results. Because the AV index a privilige system, not a right, it is a bit biased perhaps, but over time - as the bias won't change - still provides a decent indication of who more in favor or against a certain OS...

Sunspots reaching 1,000-year high

BBC reports tha scientists have measured the Sunspots reaching 1,000-year high. Records have been kept since 1610, but ice cores drilled in Greenland and the poles provide much ealier records. Interestingly, the sun spot activitity has increased the last century much more than before and this coincides with our "hunch" that the world is getting warmer... Things that make you go "hmmm"...

Firefox: Don't hurt the web wallpaper

There is a brilliant wallpaper promoting firefox and open web standards: Don't Hurt the Web. If you've seen Shrek 2, it is a bit funnier... ;)

Microsoft Mulling Portable Data Centers? - Data Center Knowledge

Since I've been going in and out of the KPN CyberCenter in Schiphol-Rijk lately, this blog caught my eye: Microsoft Mulling Portable Data Centers?. It seems Sun will start selling its Project Blackbox in July too. Cool! I can only say that I am all in favor. Data centers are terrible, preconfigured containers that can be easily placed, delivered and managed seem much more logical to use these days.

Club La Forêt - Les Lilas in Morgin sold!

With great sadness I learned that our favorite winter sport hangout in Morgins (Portes du Soleil) "Les Lilas" - which means ladybug - has been sold to a Dutch banker who'll make it a private home. :'( Boohoo