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TipicME - Wireless IM client for Symbian OS

I was having a discussion with someone at Doen! that she wanted to get MSN chat on her Nokia N73. She couldn't find a client. So I found one for her: TipicME - Wireless client. It's a universal chat client, so you can use it for Y!, MSN, ICQ, Jabber and all! :D (y)

The Anti Gravity Laptop

what could you do with 4 USB ports...? Check it out: The Anti Gravity Laptop. LOL
Nice video!

Snoecks 2007 - Katherine Heigl

While at Sjoerd's place, Saturday for the bachelor party, I noticed Snoecks 2007 in the toilet. Always useful to kill a few minutes. I noticed the stunning woman on the cover - a trademark for Snoecks - and wondered who it was. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the gorgeous lady in the stunning green dress with the mouth watering neckline is no other than Katherine Heigl, whom you may be more familiar with by the name of Izzie (from Grey's Anatomy)... I know! Isn't that cool! :D

Wii online with Mario Strikers Charged

The first online multiplayer game for the Wii is coming soon: Mario Strikers Charged. It's a soccer-like game with 4 vs 4 team-play. That is, you have 4 characters in your team and play against one other human player... Interesting! Looks kinda cool. Different for sure. The powerups are very funny too and some of the fx are very cool!

Wii technology used in brain rehabilitation

A Canadian doctor (please, no jokes here ;) ) has used the nintendo Wii to help improve brainfunctions during rehabilitation!
No wonder I am such a genius: all that gaming finally paying off! ;)

Chris at work in Doen!

Deborah captured me on her N73 while she was bored and I was blasting away at the woks in Doen! I didn't notice her videoing me until her brother Daniel posed for the camera next to me and I was wondering what he was posing for! LOL

Bachelor party Chris

Sjoerd, Martin, Bas, Rob, Imro, Arjen and Michel woke me rudely at 11am on Saturday - after an evening of work in Doen! - and treated me to a Bachelor party! It took a while for me to wake up but that was all. I had a blast with all my friends and couldn't have been happier! Thanks guys! :hug:

Clocky Robotic Alarm

LOL The MIT alarm clock experiment that went crazy is going commercial now that Thinkgeek is selling Clocky Robotic Alarm. Coool! acquires Digital Photography Review

Wedding Sander en Caro

Yesterday, Petra and I went to the wedding of Sander en Caro in Utrecht. We had a blast! What a great wedding it was. Mainly due to the fact that almost all of our closer friends were also there, many of whom will also attend our wedding. So it was a bit like a dress reharsal. :) They had a great DJ too, wish we could use him for our wedding too! Super! (y)

DJ Tiësto opens Amsterdam restaurant in june

DJ Tiësto not only loves music and spinning discs, but appearantly also cooking! He'll open a new restaurant in Amsterdam in the former Planet Hollywood building in the Reguliersdwarsstraat.

Source: Blik op

Heureux hasard - Petra and Christian get married

A month from today, Petra and I will get married. Can't believe how quickly time flies. Almost everything is settled now, only minor things left to do. My parents are taking care of many things for us, so it very easy for us so far. They are in Bussum now, visiting, taking care of legal things and picking up my grandmother for the wedding already. Once they are back, they'll book the wedding car, check reservations, etc. And on June 2nd, Petra and I drive down to Paris to met Ed and Annette, visit Paris and catch up and drive down to Fumel together. Hopefully, it's an Heureux hasard (Serendipity). :D

Dutch Moth Association: Hydrofoil sailing

Colleague at work used to sail hydrofoil boats. It's extreme sailing, if you will. The boat lift itself out of the water with a little "wing" under water attached to the sword and have virtually no hull resistance. They reach speeds of 40 km/hr easily. Check the website of the Dutch Moth Association for more info and pictures. Coool! B)

Rose - live in 't Paard

After Stevie Ann's try out in Utrecht on May23rd, I just noticed Rose also has a try out. It's on May 10th, in 't Paard in Den Haag. B) Cool! Guess I'll take my fiancée there... hihi

Dutch Water Dreams

No, it's not about me but it is a combination of three things I love: Dutch, water and dreams. :D
Dutch Water Dreams is a brilliant concept by an engineer who built an artificial white water rapids course. He invented it and put it to good use for the Australian Summer Games. They used it for all their white water sports, including kayaking! Woohoo! And the course is located in Zoetermer: a 20 min. bike ride from my home... ;) Man do I wanna go! Kayaking, hydrospeed, tubing, flowriding, etc. etc. etc. Toys...? Meet the boyz! :D Best news? They have a Summerpas for unlimited water dreams during July and August for only €250!!!

Den Haag skate night

Just found out The Hague (Den Haag) has a fairly active skate night community too. Used to go skating to work back when I was living in Groningen. I joined their skate night too. Haven't been skating in years but this sounds like the perfect opportunity! Must get some new wheels and bearings though, their are kinda worn (to threads). :)
Check out the Skatetôg - Den Haag op rolletjes! website.

Hungerstrike! It's good for you!

While it has been known for some time that drastically cutting down on calory intake while maintaing nutritional levels lets you live longer (upto 50% longer in some mice and rats!), no one knew how this was possible...
BBC reports that a Gene clue to longevity has been uncovered. :) It seems a gene called pha-4 plays a role in maintaining the glucagon levels which in return helps maintain glucose levels in the blood while fasting. Interesting...

Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment

While searching for the MythBusters episode where they play with Diet Coke and Mentos, I ran into this great Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment that reminded me of the "dancing waters" shows I've seen with water fountains set to music accompanied by (colored) lights and such. Brilliant! That must have been fun to make/test! :D