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Mozilla Sunbird 0.5

Finally a serious calendar programm from Mozilla. I've played with Sunbird, Lightning and Netscape Calendar for some time but it never stuck. My biggest complaint was that it was not easy to maintain several agendas, in combination with Google Calendar. These days everything seems to integrate with GCalendar, like mobile phones. It's great! Apple's iCal also works fine and syncs well with my phone.
Now Mozilla Sunbird 0.5 may change this...

What if would have images?

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? is what would be if it had any images. It's a time killer site, perfect for the afternoon or a gray Friday - wait, it's Friday! - and have a few laughs. Much more approachable than though. ;)

Tiësto's club life

Tiësto has a radio show these days, no biggy there. It's called Club Life (on Radio538). But he also has a podcast for it and I must say, the mixes are very nice! The two most recent are nice and trancy and great to work on. :) So if you fancy some nice, trance while you work, tune in!

How many watts does the human body dissipate

Often, in a room full of people, you'll notice that it gets terribly warm. Or at the beginning of party at a friend's house, you're cold and put on a sweater only to find yourself sweating like a pig 2 hours when everyone else's also arrive. That's because we all dissipate heat, warmth, calories... but how much warmth does a human body produce (in rest)?
The BMR wil show you how much you'd consume when in bed all day. To convert this to energy - or Watt - you'll need to read this wonderfully entertaining forum thread of a bunch of physics geeks wonder the same thing: how many watts does the human body use Text - Physics Forums Library. Brilliant!
Short answer? About 100 W (or Joule/sec)

"How the iPhone Works"

Howstuffworks has a story on "How the iPhone Works". :) Funny how that works... :) It's pretty interesting although not rocket science. At least not for me. :) Especially the details on how touch screens works may be interesting to you, as I've always wondered how to do that kind of thing. It's amazingly easy, actually. :) Luckily, I'd say.

Did You Know 2.0

And Did You Know 2.0 is it's official successor. :) Impressive and well made. Food for thought, things that make you go hmmm.


YouTube - ShiftHappens is an example of the changing times we are currently living in. If you think, nothing new is happening and it's all same-old-same-old... check this video.

iPhone in Europe

Vodafone could become the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in Europe, or so speculates Webwereld. AT&T has signed a 5 year exclusive deal to Apple. Vodafone may be a candidate because it is present in most EU countries. However, it wants to have some price flexibility with the €500, which Apple does not. Competitior is Deutsche Telekom which has T-Mobile as a pan-European brand.

Adding GPS coordinates to something

A little trick that might help in case you want to find the GPS coordinates of something. Goto Google Maps, find the place you're looking for and click the "link to this page" link at the upper right. Scroll to the end of the URL there and find the set of coordinates marked "sII".
For instance: grote vijver, spaarnwoude. It's where Awakenings Festival is held this coming Saturday. :bounce:

iPhone Commercial

Apple's iPhone! World's newest, coolest mobile gadget... It's here! AT&T will provide world-widenation-wide *uhm* US-wide coverage. Here is the iPhone Commercial. Must see!

GPS-Photo Link

GPS-Photo Link is PC software that links digital camera photos with the location coordinates of where the photo was taken. A GPS receiver is used to determine the location of the photo, without physically connecting the camera to the GPS receiver.

Grab any digital camera that has time and date capabilty, and almost any GPS (Garmin and Magellan are both supported) and your ready to go! Once your back at the office, GPS-Photo Lind automatically downloads track log or waypoint information from the GPS and copies digital photos directly from the camera or a memory card.

Cambodian (Khmer) Weddings

Isa asked me about Cambodian Weddings, so I tought I'd post it here... Someone posted a tale about his first Cambodian wedding last month. Then there is a more formal account of (Arranged) Khmer weddings.

Pictures of Michiel and Molina

I've uploaded about 100 pictures of Michiel and Molina's wedding...

Wedding Michiel at Château de Chaâlis

Last weekend we were in Paris... again. Well, near Paris, actually. Michiel and Molina celebrated their wedding in a (Dutch-owned and renovated) Château de Chaâlis with about 200 guests, family and friends. Impressive! Molina is from Cambodia and they met in Chicago while both were on a business for Accenture.
We drove down to Varreddes on Friday evening. The wedding ceremony - all in old tradition - was on Saturday morning at 9am. :yawn: It was very elaborate and lengthy. But old traditions take time. They brought gifts to ask Molina's parents for permission and convince them Michiel is a good candidate. Then they had gifts for both parents to ask them forgiveness of their past foolishness. They had gifts for the educator too, who gave them their knowledge and intelligence. :) They fended off ghosts, evil spirits and got the blessing from 7 long-time married couples who represent good fortune. All in all took until 3pm (!) before they were finally married. :) We had food in betwee…

Full Code Press - a CMS is born

Full Code Press is a competition for web geeks, like me. On August 18th, a full-blown CMS will be built for a non-profit organisation in 24 hours! You can enter as a team from your country. Since it is the web, although the HQ is in Australia, internet knows no boundaries. :) Very cool...

Chalet Les Crosets in Les Portes du Soleil

Don't ask how, but I just found a lovely chalet in Les Crosets, right on the slopes, for 10-12 people. While we always went to Morgins, the daily trip out of the little valley there - 1.5 hrs each day - was a bit much. Especially boarders have it rough the first couple of days due to the flat areas. Anyway, les Crosets always seemed ideal as it provides easy access to many sides as well as good food. So I thought I'd blog it and remember it. :) Now if only I knew 10 good friends who I could ask to come along...

Making Linux more like Windows

Check out this funny Linux comic strip... ROFL

Planet Ocean

Cool photographer Dos Winkel has been capturing the underwater world for years and he's exposing his photos in Scheveningen until September. Check Dos & Bertie Winkel website for an impression. Amazing, really amazing but then I'm an underwater freak anyway. The weirder the better. :) Must check this out!

Flickr: The Wii High Scores: Can you beat Mii? Pool

And for endless inspiration on Wii high scores, check the Flickr: The Wii High Scores Pool... Actually a bit depressing too, if you can't reach it. But just don't look at it that way! :D

How to win at Wii Golf

Should you find yourself too sick to goto work but too good to stay in bed all day, here is something to kill some time: How to win at Wii Golf. Get 12 under par on the 9 holes using only birdies, eagles and chip-ins... Impressive!
/me makes mental note to get sick soon ;)

Going OS X for a Linux junkie

Was looking for a way to mount an NFS share on my MacBook with OS X and found this page. It tells the story of a 10+ year Linux developer switching to OS X on his workstation. :) Cool read. And the great thing about open source software is that there are versions for different platforms too. So he didn't really have to leave his favorite apps behind.

Extrema Outdoor sold out!

Just read that Extrema Outdoor sold out already! :shock: People are gonna be disappointed... scalping will go sky high!

My Official Wedding Pictures

Richard made excellent photos at our wedding and Petra edited them magnificently in Photoshop (very little work needed). So with pride I can say that my wife has uploaded our wedding pictures to smugmug. :)

Bachelorparty Michiel

Through a sneaky trick, Imro lured Michiel away and drive him to Monnickendam, where Michiel, Imro, Daan, Roy, Erik and I went sailing on the IJsselmeer at night and slept on the boat. Erik had arranged the boat, an antique Frysian cargo boat from 1890, through his friend Roald from BlueSail.
I've uploaded the pictures I took. It was a gorgeous evening... This weekend, we're all off to France where he'll get married.

Wedding pictures

Josée has uploaded a ton of pictures from our wedding in France... 189 in total! Very very good to see it all again, as the whole day kinda went by in a rush and I had no idea what happened, really.
There are links to many people's photos on our wedding website: Heureux Hasard (access code needed).

Update: site is offline

Norway 2007 - the honeymoon

Monday after wedding, Petra and I left for our honeymoon. Until we actually landed she didn't know where we went... She saw the name of the city but didn't know where that was. LOL
We went to Norway for 5 days. She had never been there but I did and loved it. June is the best time of year to go, they say. So I booked a flight to Kristiansand (pun intended!) and got a room at the lovely B&B Liana Gård in the Southern Søgne

Photos from Paris trip

The photos from our two days in Paris with Ed and Annette are online. :) Enough memories to last me years! We had a great time, Ed, Annette. Can't wait to see you again! :hug:

Marleen's wedding pictures

My sister in-law Marleen ;) has already uploaded her pictures from the wedding to smugmug.
Petra and I have been busy sifting through 1200+ pictures during the honeymoon and are down to 600+ by now. But it's not ready to be published yet, according to Petra. :)

Iconic pop art from blik!

Iconic pop art from blik! Remember the cool stickers we had on the glasses at our wedding, last week? Well, they're from Blik. The make wall stickers and other removable decalls for your walls. Now they also have a cool new type of wallpaper that you can color in yourself. Great for kids' rooms! :)

Liane Gård - Bed & Breakfast

Greetings to all from our honeymoon location in beautiful Norway. We're staying a few days only - way too short - in Liane Gård - Bed & Breakfast. It's a short 30-40 minute dive from Kristiansand airport in the Southern-most part of Norway. Wanted to go North, but not too far that Petra would freeze. ;)
There is room here for at least 20 people, so there might be a new candidate for a group getaway...

My wedding day

We woke up at 830 to a beautiful day: sunny and warm. Petra had already been awake a while. She was restless. Hihi At 9 breakfast was delivered: croissants, tea, coffee and juice. Wonderful! While petra had partially dressed and ready for makeup and hair, i zapped tv channels and listened to mp3s. Haha. Marleen picked petra up right on schedule, so now i have an hour to kill before i need to get dressed and pick up the flower bouquet.:)

16 more hours until the wedding

So much has happened in the last few days... Preparations, checks and final checks. My dad, petra and i have been busy with last minute details. Mostly petra and my dad... Today our guests arrived in france and we had a bbq with those staying in the chalets and a happy hour with those staying in la source blue. I'm beat. We're off to bed and will get breakfast in bed tomorrow at 9. In a few hours actually.:)

Paris Cemetery - Père Lachaise

While in Paris with Ed and Annette, we visited the famous Paris cemetery Père Lachaise...

Paris here we come

Well, it's almost time to leave. Tomorrow early, we drive to Paris. We'll stay in Hotel Lenox for the weekend with my friends Ed and Annette from Denver, CO. They're staying in the same hotel, so that should be fun! On Monday, we drive to my parents and perhaps they'll join us, or they continue on the touristic route until the wedding, we don't know yet. We'll see. Then on Saturday, June 9th, it's time to get married! Woohoo! I'm so pyched! Can't wait!

Update: beware, there are two hotels called Lenox. One in Montparnasse and one in St. Germain. We were in the latter... They're only 10 min driving apart though.