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Show me your sloggi

Sloggy, a brand for underwear has another competition: Show me your sloggi. Send in a picture of yourself in your favorite or most sexy thong, string or boxer and you can win big. Either way, we the viewer win! ;)
/me wonders about the sexy East European asses! yummie!

Yahoo! Photos - Closing

Got an Email recently from Yahoo that their photo service is closing September 20th. No surprise. They bought Flickr ages ago and it's much better. So the only question I had was how to preserve the photos there. Of course, I asked my friends at smugmug if they had any tools or special means to transfer photos from yahoo. 'Lo and behold, they don't do anything for Y! Photos, but do have an import tool for Flickr, called Smugglr. LOL
So I'm trying that. I told Yahoo I want to transfer to Flickr and then I'll smuggle the photos over to my smug. Cool! Hope it works well...

Content-aware resizing already in GIMP

If you've watched the seam-carving video about dynamically resizing images while preserving their content and lay-out, you may cry to be able to do this yourself. The video is only a research project, although they show a Windows app in the video. Well... the app is available as GIMP filter... GPL3 and all! :) hehe Open Source RULES!

Chris Foss Illustrations and Sci-Fi Art

A set of amazing Sci-Fi book covers and paintings... o_O

Seam Carving for content-aware image

DPReview pointed to to a truly cool, new and innovative way to edit images: seam carving!
Just as text windows can be dynamically resized or scaled, images should be too. However, today we mostly crop or resize images. There is no way to scale an image to fit a larger area, or make it smaller while preserving its lay-out... now you can! With seam carving (PDF, SIGGRAPH paper), continuous pixel rows are inserted or removed without affecting the surrounding pixels. By calculating rows with the lowest effect or contribution on the image, you can do this without noticeable artifacts. Ah just watch the YouTube video...

IOGEAR digital tablet/pad

In these digital times, it is shocking to see how illegible our handwriting has become. All we do is type, SMS or call. no one writes anymore, let alone for prolonged periods.
With the new IOGEAR GPEN100C tablet we can all throw out our keyboards and go back to basics. No more RSI either, just good old fashioned hand cramps. LOL

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

Was looking for an RDP client for the Mac, since I need to connect to Windows server at work and don't always need a full-blown Vista VM for that. 'Lo and behold, Microsoft has a Remote Desktop Connection for Mac.

Mystery Land

Yesterday was another Mystery Land on the Floriade grounds, near Amsterdam. It was a gorgeous sunny day, not too hot, bit of wind, excellent music and lots of friends. :) Only down-side was that mobile networks were severely stressed and keeping in touch was next to impossible. :( Nonetheless, we had a great time. Menno de Jong is great! Markus Schultz is my new hero and Armin still rocks! :) Sneakerz was too crowed and everything else was too busy or too far. I'll have my pictures soon...
Greetings to Erik and Hanke, who sneaked in for free at 9pm and came and visited us! LOL Have at your Cruise and Dance!!!

Awakenings Livesets

3FM, a Dutch radio station, has a ton of live set recordings from Awakenings 2007 for your pleasure. Adam Beyer, Steve Rachmad, Dave Clarke, Angelo and Bart Skills... woohoo! Sadly, I can't find a way to download the sets... if anyone figures it out, please lemme know!

Mystery Land 2007

The weather is shaping up nicely, it looks to be a gorgeous day. ANWB have actually issued a traffic warning for tomorrow because Mystery Land will attract 25,000 people and the weather will pull thousands of people to the beach at Zandvoort.
/me is warned

Canon EOS 40D Preview

DPreview has a Canon EOS 40D Preview! W00t

Update: and Nikon levels the playing field again

Canon EOS 40D specs leaked on amazon

Just found out that Amazon is already offering the Canon EOS 40D for pre-order, leaking the specs of Canon's latest D-SLR digicam: 10 Mpx, CMOS sensor, 3" LCD, sRAW, 35 zones, new expansion unit with WiFi and RJ-45 Ethernet port, new AF points and special center AF spot and more. Cool! Can't wait to see DPReview's details...

Sunglasses at the Dance Parade

I saw so many people wearing shades that I took pictures of some sunglasses with myself in the reflection. Not always as easy as it sounds, but a lot of fun to do! :)

FFWD "Fit for Free" Dance Parade 2007

Last night in the train to Assen, I sorted through my pictures and got them all done, so this morning I uploaded the pictures of the FFWD "Fit for Free" Dance Parade 2007! Thanks to Petra(L), Arjen, Isabel, Erik, Hanke, Astrid, Sander, JanWillem, Marisca, Anke, Jan, Pauline and Ko for making it an awesome day! :) Sjoerdski, Martin, missed you big time! :hug:

Dance Parade 2007 by Petra

I still have to group my pictures, rescale and upload them. Petra has this whole week off and put her photos from the FFWD Fit for Free Dance Parade 2007 online... niiiiice (K)

Auditing Wikipedia: the wikidgame

After a tech student wrote a tool to search for modifications to Wikipedia, he quickly discovered that certain companies are "whitewashing" themselves. That is, they are editing the global Wiki from their own IP networks in order to cover up or plainly remove negative remarks.
This has launched a "game" wikidgame, where scams are listed and commented and people can vote what they believe to be a "bad thing". Exxon has whitewashed their oil spill. Walwart edited the wages they pay to employees. Microsoft is changing the failure rates of the Xbox360... and so on. Interesting!

Citrix buys XenSource

I just got back on my chair after reading on the Register that Citrix buys XenSource, the affordable open source VMware competitor. And this despite the big share Microsoft has in XenSource. Plus, they launched XenEnterprise 4.0 yesterday...
/me still amazed

Nikon's new full-color RGB sensor

Just spotted on DPReview: Nikon's new full-color RGB sensor. Someone spotted a patent application at the USPTO. hihi Cool, very cool.

Wooferland 2007

Wooferland 2007
Cheap, good acts, great place, only 4000 pplz... :D Oh! Somebody stop me!!! Why can't I say no?!?!

Gutsy Gibbon - Tribe 4 test release

Seeing as I'll soon have to hand in my MacBook when I go work for KPN (again), this latest release of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - Tribe 4 test release caught my eye. :) Sadly, I'll get a fushitsu laptop :'( instead of anything better, so my mileage my vary. I'm hoping the latest greatest Linux kernel with the whole enchillade will at least get me working system.

SmugBrowser: Firefox extension for smugmug

SmugBrowser is the work of a smugmug fanatic who wrote the Firefox Extension to do administrative work in Smugmug from the convenience of your browser. It's great! Not in the least because it allows you to set/reset all the properties of all your galleries. For instance, if you need to set/reset permissions, keywords, etc. SmugBrowser will also let you upload and browse your galleries. Very very cool!

Update: Currently, SmugBrowser 0.5.5 will only work in Firefox <= v2.x. However, a fan has helped a little and made v0.5.6 to be compatible with Firefox 3.0.x.

FFWD Fit For Free Dance Parade not free for taking

LOL Last weekend I went to the Dance Parade again with a whole bunch of friends. It was a gorgeous day and despite the new route and a not-so-good place for watching, we had a great day!
Much to my surprise, Anke and friends reported that they had seen their picture up on the FFWD Fit For Free Dance Parade website! They said the organisation had taken some of my pictures and put them on their site (1,2,3,4,5). "Did they ask permission?", they asked. "Nope", I said. So it seems I will have a few tickets with admission to a dance parade next year!?!?! :evil grin: Of course, I'm very flattered that they took my pictures, but I am a bit disappointed that no one asked permission which I would have gladly given for the mere mention of my name in the credits... tsk tsk tsk they must have been rushing to get it finished! ;)

Chinese copy and improve iPhone

Too prove that they don't always take the easy way, the Chinese copied Apple's iPhone and actually improved on it. Apparently, it runs Linux, works with any operator (not just AT&T), works world-wide (not just in the US) and runs much more software. Best part? It should cost only half! Read Slashdot for more...

Bastille Linux: A Walk-through

You use a "hardening program" to try to make your system as secure as possible, from the ground up. Generally, you deactivate unnecessary services and better the configurations of the ones you leave enabled. This is wildly effective, as it can eliminate many of the vulnerabilities that are common on Linux/Unix platforms.

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WikiMatrix - Compare wiki software

WikiMatrix is a site much like OpenSourceCMS. They help you compare a whole slew of open source software in an easy way. Where OpenSourceCMS helps you compare and test-drive different CMS systems, WikiMatrix compares more than 80 Wiki programs. The database is extensive and the user interface is excellent!
It's easy to compare features, hide the ones that are equal among all the selected ones, and most features are explained well (if not, you can add one yourself since the matrix is a wiki itself!).

update: try if you need a wiki quickly and don't have the means to set one up yourself

VNC Viewer for Mac OSX

For remote mngt of non-Windows servers, VNC still rules. I admit, RDP is a better, more robust protocol. ICA (by Citrix) is said to be even better, but I don't care. I prefer good old VNC, TightVNC worked even over my 19K2 modems back in 1998! B)
Anyway, I needed a VNC Viewer for the Mac and was glad to find a SourceForge project called Chicken of the VNC. Don't understand the name but it works beautifully! Recommended!

Blik is cool!

Sony GPS-CS1KA: add GPS data to your photos

With Google Earth, Maps, TomTom and N95 in combination with GPS location data, GPS is becoming hot. Super hot. Adding GPS data to your photos makes them localized in an instant. iPhoto, Photoshop, smugmug, Flickr... everyone supports GPS data already. Now if only it would be easy to add GPS to your photos. A built-in GPS will come soon, but it will drain batteries even quicker. Enter little bitty devices such as Garmin and the new, sleek, sexy Sony GPS-CS1KA. Tack it to your belt while travelling and connect it to your PC when transferring images... Could it be that easy?! :)

Mac Systems Management

Having become a bit of an OSX fan lately, this thread on Slashdot caught my eye: Mac Systems Management. Good to know. Petra has also bought a MacBook Pro, so I need to know more about keeping Macs secure... just in case someone wreaks havoc with a BSD worm. :)

FFWD Fit For Free Dance Parade

August 11th marks another Dance Parade in Rotterdam. This yea, to my surprise, they changed sponsor. That means the name and website changed: FFWD Fit For Free Dance Parade. Good to know! Thanks Arjen for the link.


OK, I love cartoons. I adore animated series. I think full-length CGI movies are to die for! :) Toy Story (1995) was awesome. It was unbelievable what they did, they being Pixar. I had first seen Pixar during the 1987 Computer Animation Festival in Pittsburgh (the play house): Red's Dream. I was smitten. A feature length movie would be ideal. And Toy Story was!
Ratatouille is the latest and greatest of Pixar geniuses. The technology is out of this world!!! The detail in incredible. The movie outstanding. Everything is sublime. And believe me, I checked. The hairs on the mouse, the way the rain drops bounce when they hit the pavement, the brisstle of leaves in trees, the change in motion when a person carries a heavy object, change of focus, focus position, depth-of-field, color tone of the light (temperature) differences between outdoor/indoor day/dusk/night... it's all there. And *everything* is computer generated. That means NOTHING is there by accident! Someone placed that o…

'Lifted' - Pixar's newest short film

Saw the latest Pixar last night, Ratatouille, and in honor with Pixar's tradition it also featured a new short film. This year it's 'Lifted'. It's brilliant and hilarious! Must see! Although my favorite was "For the Birds", I think this one is better... not sure yet
/me sees it again

Linux Vs. Mac: Which Is The Better Alternative To Microsoft Windows? -- OS X, Linux

If you're a Vista-wary Windows user who would rather switch than fight, should you move to a Linux distro or Apple's OS X? We asked a Mac fan and a Linux advocate to lead a guided tour of each OS.

Armin Only or Just Ferry?

UDC is not holding another Armin Only in Rotterdam, sadly. After Carl Cox and Armin, it's now Ferry Corsten's turn in AHOY with full on ferry. October 27th, after my 40th (pfff) birthday... so perhaps it'll be a birthday batch. :)