Showing posts from September, 2007 - language learning 2.0 is a new start-up for language learning, i.e. learning to speak a new foreign language. Rather than being caught up in schools, you can learn at home while modern internet technology puts you in contact with native speakers from around the globe. They can be real teachers - qualified teachers with experience - or people schooled in teaching methods but not necessarily schooled in a language with the assistance of real native speakers from their home country.
Myngle could reform the language landscape and give everyone the change to practice their languages as if they'd travel to the home country... Long live VoIP!

Mozy Online Backup: Simple, Automatic, Secure

Read a rumor on TheRegister that EMC was buying online backup start-up Mozy. They seem to have a pretty nice offering! Free 2 GB online backup or $4.95/mo for a better, unlimited service. And Pro for even bigger accounts... ;)

Open source for Windows

OPEN SOURCE GOD is a list of 480 (!) great open source programs for Windows that you may have never heard of... shame on you!

Custom iPod firmware

I've been long debating whether or not to get an iPod. It's a mnea player but the whole iTunes thing, AAC+ encoding and the non-Linux attitude kinda put me off.
Until I read MrVanes's Rockbox post. It's a custom firmware for any iPod that let's me do what I want to and also supports Ogg Vorbis. And just while I'm still in the US and can get an iPod way cheaper that back home. woohoo! Thanks martin! (y)
Update: there were no electronics shop after security check at SF airport :'( boohoo

Google wants you to go to the moon and take pictures

Google has joined the X Prize foundation and started a competition that will win you $20,000,000 if you fly to the moon, land, drive approx 400m, take some (self)pictures and memorabilia total 1 GB and transfer that to back to your HQ... o_O
You can make your own rockets (w00t) or hire a commercial company to fly you there. It's not really the flying I'm worried about, it's the landing! :D And then the temperatures. Normal operating temps for anything here on Earth simply won't work out in space. I think it's an awesome challenge and I am soo psyched to see who'll do what with this. :) Read the announcement

VMworld 2007 report

Wanted to write this too, but already has it and did a good job! Live from VMworld 2007: Day 1. Lists all major things. Same thing for today, Day 2.

Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O

Had a keynote of Intel today at VMworld2007. Learned a lot of new acronyms and that virtualization is only starting. The concept is now main stream, granted, but what we know and do with virtualization is only the beginning.
VMware has shipped ESX 3i, which is only 32MB in size and contains the hypervisor. So new hardware can become an ESX in the time it takes to boot! B) However, hardware support for virtualization has just begun. Intel is adding VTD, VMDQ, VTX and VTI to all new CPUs starting next year. This alleviates even more intermediate layers and increases performance even further. Especially network and disk I/O can use some assistance this is exactly what Intel's doing. Many of its developments assist VMware's VMM in delivering the right information to the right VM in as little time and with as little CPU overhead as possible... Now I wander what AMD will do... :) Read an Intel report on Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VTD) for details.

Update: forgot to me…

Fior d'Italia, San Francisco

Had a great Italian dinner last night at Fior d'Italia. I was hungry and severely jetlagged but tried to stay awake. Had chicken liver with mushrooms for starters, a fresh bouillon with egg and finally a pasta pesto with nuts over a glass of Pinot grigio. Wonderful!

Caffe Capriccio - San Francisco

Well, I'm here. Tired but excited. Fresh but worn out. Hungry but for anything in particular and blissfully unaware of everything around me. :)
I'm having my second double espresso at Caffe Capriccio in San Francisco. Just had a delicious red berries cheese cake as well. Hmmm, just sad my lovely lady is not here, coz it reminds me of the cute little place in Kristiansand we had that was similar. Anywayz...

The flight went fine. Long but fine. Saw Mr Bean's vacation and Spiderman 3, both of which I could have done without. Instead of a taxi into town, I took the BART subway into the city and a cab to the hotel San Remo. $11 total instead of approx. $61! Worth it.
Had a shower, bought Big Red for me, Marleen and whoever and Life Savers for Josée. Giant bags! She'll be thrilled. Had a Subway roast beef sandwich for old times' sake and just finished my 2nd espresso. I'm wired! Woohoo! *insert Over the Hedge scene here*

Update: Google StreetView link for the Caffee

LifeBook E8110 - Detailed Specs

Well, the MacBook Pro is gone :'( snif snif
I have managed to wreck my my Fushitsu LifeBook E8110's hard disk in under 30 minutes while trying to install Ubuntu 6.10 - I didn't have 7.04 handy - so I'm back to the KPN windows desktop... :yawn: Windows is sooo old-fashioned, it's terrible. I'm debating with myself whether to run Windows inside Linux or Linux inside Windows... But first I need to do work and then goto VMworld next week. So maybe I'll bring CDs with me on the plane and config the thang while in the plane for 11 hours.

Mysteryland 2007

Oops, forgot to mention that I uploaded my photos of Mysteryland 2007, on August 25th. Man, did we have a great day! Excellent weather, so all is basically already fine. :) Too bad we missed Martin and Sjoerd. :( Hope the pics give you an impression...

VMworld 2007

Woohoo! VMware invited KPN to come to VMworld 2007. As of September 1st, I work for KPN again and they sent me. :) Just booked the flight, now it's trying to find a hotel in a city just one week before a major event... fat chance! :( We'll see...

HDTV Reviews

Looking for an HD TV but can't decide? Have a new HD TV but the quality is not impressive? Check out HDTV Reviews!
A colleague of mine has a new 50" Samsung full-HD TV and we applied the suggested calibration settings listed here to his LE40M86BD while watching the HD version of "The Matrix Reloaded" and were blown away at almost each progressive step as it was entered...! Truely amazing!

Cooling your building by paint

Had a discussion last night in the kitchen of Doen! They said Tokyo is so urban that all the roofs of offices, streets, pavement and so on absorb so much heat that the city is due to overhead soon. All the heat can't escape. People use airco for everything and consume so much power that it also creates a huge heat rise (cooling towers, etc.) The guy said they had invented a paint that is so reflective it cools the roof of a building by 10 degrees Celsius. They had even created black reflective paint...
'lo and behold, there is a company that makes reflective paints that lower roof temperatures by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit: Texcote

Old cocktail party photos

LOL I imported some really old photos from 1999 and 2000 in SmugMug. Check them out! Good to see old friends again!

FireWire CompactFlash reader

Now that Petra has a MacBook Pro, and was looking for a new compact easy to carry card reader, I searched for FireWire CF readers, but couldn't find them that easily.
So I was very happy to read the last DPReview newsletter that told me about the Delkin UDMA FireWire 800 CompactFlash reader! :) Read your multi GB CF cards at up to 45 MB/s.. woosh!

SmuggLr: moving from Flickr to Smugmug

I had to move my Y! Photos over to Flickr, since Y! was stopping their service. Flickr is better anyways. But I wanted to move them over to my smug instead. Smugmug told me about SmuggLr, a tool that does just that! :)
I've just moved everything over. :) Very funny to see the old photos I had over at Yahoo! :) I'll set up the new galleries soon...