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Italian percolator

Forgot to mention my most important birthday gift... :) AN Italian percolator. The one we used in Stia, Italy, last year and all loved to death. We had bought one for Martin and Femke, as a thank-you gift. Now I got one too. Sjoerdski bought me 5 pounds of gourmet coffee from Simon Levelt. Hmmm, put 2 in the freezer and using the other. Nothing like to smell of fresh coffee in the morning and 2 tiny espresso cups of steaming asphalt to wake you up! :) LOL
Didn't need to coffee at work all day long, until now... Normally I drink bad coffee through the whole day... tools for Ubuntu

I had put off installing the player on my Linux laptop for weeks. Mainly because sound doesn't work right anyway, so what's the use of playing music? Right?
Just got a nudge from a friend at and decided to check... turns out there is an Ubuntu repository for the player and I can add and install in 2 minutes. LOL Wouldn't you know... Go figure!

Nokia N810 touched

T3 has been playing with Nokia's latest incarnation of the Linux tablet, the Nokia N810. So coool! B) Wanna have one, just because... 'nuf said

Pidgin 2.0.0 .deb for Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

Had a problem connecting with all of my MSN accounts lately. No one worked, although I could see if they were online.
Suddenly I realized I was still using GAIM, whereas this package has been renamed to Pidgin this summer - due to legal issues. Helas, Pidgin is not in the Feisty Fawn repositories, so I added them from Debuntu and was all done in an instant.
NB: You have to remove/deinstall GAIM first and it tells you to remove ubuntu-desktop (a meta package) as well. Don't worry. It's fine. At least for me

Showshakers, Cocktails & Entertainment

Petra gave a course ShowShaking as a birthday present. Showshakers, Cocktails & Entertainment holds courses in general cocktail shaking but also the fancy art of show shaking! Coool! I can't wait. It is a whole day on January 9th 2008 in Deventer... woohoo!

iPod nano

Petra's parents, her sisters and Isa and Rob all pitched together and bought me an Apple - iPod nano! w00t
It's a red one, for the good cause. And I hope Rockbox will work on it, since it is a brand new version and much improved. I plundered Petra's mp3 collection to fill it with some tunes... :) Thanks a million guys!!! :hug:

Confederation Universe

Confederation Universe...
The Reality Dysfunction comes out as 1221 pages in paperback form, about the most uncommercial length you can write. The Neutronium Alchemist is 1259 pages. As I write this, the week before publication of The Naked God in hardback, Macmillan doesn't even know if it's possible to fit The Naked God into a single paperback, it's roughly 20% larger than Neutronium Alchemist. That comes to about 1.2 million words to get through... w00t

ALSA sound driver problems on Fujitsu Lifebook E8110

Still having problems getting the sound to actually be heard in Linux on my Fujitsu Lifebook E8110 from work. They don't call it fu-shit-su for nothing ;)
Anyway, the problem might be related to the speaker driver, not so much the snd-hda-intel driver (use lsmod to list the driver modules you're using). Several places list problems with audio on this type of laptop. Maybe I'll try the new Ubuntu 7.10, but the RC1 had the same issues for me.
Update: Seems there is a different pcspkr driver for Linux available that also plays digital sounds... /me is testing

VMware announces features of upcoming updates

VMware released the official specs for an upcoming release later this year of VMware ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5.

3D software comparisons for 3dsmax xsi lightwave maya blender cinema4d

Slashdot pointed me to an article about a 12 month study into 3D modeling tools. They tested both commercial tools but also the open source Blender3D, for which I used to work.
Check the article about 3dsmax xsi lightwave maya blender and cinema4d! Good to see where Blender meets or exceeds the other expensive packages, and where there is work to be done. I have high hopes for the upcoming Project Peach, which will lead to numerous improvements in Blender. Just as Elephants Dream did too...

gedichten en proza: e.d.i.t gewijs

Petra has made photos that appear on the new site of a friend of ours: gedichten en proza: e.d.i.t. She made a form of poems where each next line contains one additional word over the previous line and there are 10 lines in total.
Petra made photos that appear in the header aka "masthead".
/me is proud