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Long live computer animation

I'm so glad Pixar made their first short in 1989, that they produced Toy Story in 1995 and have single-handedly launched computer animation to the heights where it is today.
Check out the new video by the Chemical Brothers: Salmon Dance. Great marriage of real-life video and computer animation and the music is perfectly synced with the fish... as is the beat. LOL :D

Mercedes SLR kit car from Poland

Want a really cool fast car, like the Mercedes SLR with "winged" doors that slide up? Don't have the cash nor the contacts at mercedes to get you one? Just built it yourself!
This guy from Poland - a plumber my colleague told me - saw it on a trade show years ago and wanted one. Mercedes told him: "you can buy one in three years". He said that he wanted it in two. They said no. So he built one himself! o_O

Magma pushing up ground in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park, once the site of a giant volcano, has begun swelling up, possibly because molten rock is accumulating beneath the surface, scientists report. But, "there is no evidence of an imminent volcanic eruption," said Robert B. Smith, a professor of geophysics at the University of Utah.

Many giant volcanic craters around the world go up and down over decades without erupting, he said. Smith and colleagues report in Friday's issue of the journal Science that the flow of the ancient Yellowstone crater has been moving upward almost 3 inches per year for the past three years...

Mother-in-law passed away

Saturday morning, around 430 AM my mother-in-law passed away after a long period of slow regress from her cancer disease. In the end it was enough after all. She will be much missed and will always in our minds. I'm thankful that she got to attend our wedding in France in June.
Thanks to all my friends who were there when I got the news: Jan Willem, Astrid, Martin, Sjoerd, Mirel, Sander and Caro. It meant a lot to me.

Update: Funeral pictures from that day are online

Cool: How About Mac OS X on My AMD64 System

I know it is in breach of Apple's EULA, but it is way cool! Running Mac OS X on an AMD64 System. There is not a real HOWTO, to prevent legal snoopers from pointing fingers, but there are hints available and the rest is left as an illustrated exercise for the reader. Cooool B)

Rayman : Raving Rabbids 2

Been so excited that I've even forgotten to blog this... Duuh!
The day we got back from Lanzarote, Rayman : Raving Rabbids 2 was released. We thought it would arrive the next day, but when we got off the plane, Mleeno had already SMSed she was already playing it. So we went into town and got it too. We exchanged the Mario Party8 I got for my birthday from imro for this! W00t So I still got an ubercool gift! Thanks Imro! We've been playing the game ever since... it's so great we're thinking of holding a game weekend... stay tuned!

New firmware for my N73

Well, I finally updated the Nokia firmware. My desktop at work is Windows and I got a local admin account. So I installed the software and got it over with. Finally... I was still at the original firmware dated July 10th... sjeez!
/me reconfiguring phone now

Retro Rotary Mobile Phone

The most brilliant retro mobile phone I have seen in ages is the ort-O-Rotary over at SparkFun!!! :)
It is a straight-forward, standard desktop rotary phone that is equipped with a 2000 mAh battery, a SIM card slot, tri-band network antenna and more. All you need to do is insert your SIM, grab a bag/backpack and go! ROFLMAO

James Nachtwey: war straight from the lens

And now for something completely different... :(
While searching for more on Jeff Han, I ran into the massively impressive speech by James Nachtwey. He is a documentary photographer and shot many blazingly angry images to channel the emotions he felt during his work. Be prepared! This is not an easy video. It will move you... :'(

Perceptive Pixel - Large touch screens

A link at Martin about a TED 2007 demo by Jeff Han, led me to the Perceptive Pixel Official Video of these amazing next-generation multi-touch screens. There are different videos of twopresentations on TED 2006 and that shows a bunch of other ideas. It is like the movie "Minority Report" suddenly coming to life!
There actually is a bar in the US that uses this kind of display but someone at Mitsubishi also has built this kind off technology into Warcraft 3, a popular RTS game.

Some photos Lanzarote

I quickly waded through 300 or so photos and picked a few to give you an idea of our vacation on Lanzarote...

Ayahuasca experience

While at Villa Amatista, a Shaman from South America is visiting and there will be an Ayahuasca session. "Purifying the soul and body"... they say. Well, I've gotten some information on the stuff and Wikipedia lists a whole lot of things that may happen and how, but it still feels funny. Thankfully, there is an authentic, experienced Shaman and a whole group of experienced people there with me, so I shouldn't have to be afraid of anything.

Lanzarote Casa rural Amatista

Sorry for the long silence. We're on vacation on Lanzarote in Casa rural Amatista. We're having a great time, half way through now.
I finally decided to help out with their WiFi, as their router and AP was positioned under a desk in a drawer... Go figure. We picked a better spot and told the owner to hang it up as high as possible and voila: proper WiFi. Also removed WEP, kinda useless anyway, as he didn't want to have to hand out the password all the time. :)
Anyway, have 300 photos to process and upload. So I'll be back soon!