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Vector TDX

Should you find yourself with nothing to do these next few days, go give the Flash game Vector TDX a shot. Pick a laser tower, press auto (at the top, middle) and watch. I caught on after the first round. Top score: 976,0001080870111995512370241276889 (lvl 29)... Hint: first get extra power from bonus. Get extra lives from next bonus.

Update: URL now points to original game host Candystand, where you can also upload your score. The sad news: all time high score is almost 5,000,000! :cry:

New patent convention for European states enters into force

Well this may be a bit dull for most, to me it still is a milestone: a new patent convention (EPC) for European states enters into force. While not allowing computer software patents (pffew), it provides some ways for computer related applications. It also makes submitting a patent application easier since you are allowed to submit it in any natural language... initially. So there are some pros and cons, but overall I think it's an improvement albeit a small one...

Best of the Internet Oracle

Back in 1987, when bored at my PC, I'd check the usenet newsgroups for funny stories, jokes and others. One of my favorites was the newsgroup, which a collection of excellent oracles from users across the "net".
After a bit of digging, I found the Best of the Internet Oracularities back at the source: University of Indiana! :respect: It's like except about people mailing in their gripes, problems, requests and seeking an answer of a wise being: the Oracle. LOL

A List Apart: A Preview of HTML 5

A List Apart (ALA) has a cool Preview of HTML 5!
While I am not looking forward to recoding my websites yet again... it does seem a lot cleaner and clearer than using XHTML, not to mention easier.

OOXML and docx support for

Moosy informed me that Novell's has created a translator for .docx files for, that is Microsoft's latest Office OpenXML (OOXML) incarnation. So far, other platforms could not read nor write this format. It's for both Windows and Linux, however... you must have the Novell Edition of, not the normal one. On the Linux side, only Novell's own distros are supported (booo!), but I hope the code will find its way into the others as well...

giver - Google's P2P

"giver is a simple file sharing desktop application. Other people running Giver on your network are automatically discovered and you can send files to them by simply dragging the files to their photo or icon shown in Giver. There is no knowledge or set up needed beyond what the person looks like or their name to use Giver."

Tired of Plaxo? Opt-Out!

Hyves, LinkedIn, Hi5, Facebook, Xing and so on and so forth. There are so many networking sites out there, that choosing which one you support and which you don't is becoming a sensible thing.
Plaxo is a sites where people let yourself maintain your contact information and changes are distributed to people who've added yours to their list. While I think it is a good idea, I'm a bit weary of leaving so much information at just one site... So I used the Plaxo Opt-Out to get rid of requests from anyone. Kudos to Plaxo for offering this.

Open Source Hardware Gifts

With Sinterklaas just around the corner (tomorrow), I guess this is a little late but for Xmas you might just make if you want to: Open Source Hardware Gift Guide by MAKE. MAKE is a website and magazine for people who like to tingle with things... very cool!

Scientists Create Zombie Cockroaches

This story on Slashdot is very cool and freaky at the same time...
It seems wasps sting cockroaches and paralyze them to provide food for their larvae. However, they sting them once to knock them out a little and then sting a second time to deliver a carefully placed dose in a particular part of their brain. This later sting delivers a neuroblocker called octopamine (similar to dopamine) which blocks complex behaviors such as movement, preventing the cockroach from walking away while permitting it to be guided "on a leash"... Check out the whole story!
/me is a little freaked out