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Armada: Kingdoms game for smartphones

Bloomsix, a small Dutch company, has announced the first MMO strategy game for smartphones.
The Java game Armada: Kingdoms will probably go public in Q2 2008 with a public bèta coming "soon".

'Ender's Game' will be a game!

Woohoo! Sjoerdski had told me so much about this book that I finally gave in to pressure and read it... finished it in almost one go! Great book, really cool!
Now, they announce that they will make a game of 'Enders game'. :bounce:

Yahoo CAPTCHA Hacked

CAPTCHA is a way to try and prevent automated robot attempts at posting news, messages, articles or comments online, or create new accounts with a service. It provides the form with an image that is hard to read for machines but relatively easy for humans.
Now it seem that Yahoo CAPTCHA is Hacked! A Russian team has achieved 35% accuracy, high enough when you can do 100000 attempts per day easily... This is a bit nerving news, as almost all blogs are susceptible to these types of automated abuse.

Allegheny Conference

Last night, Isa and I went to the Allegheny Conference in the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam. I had received an invite through the PITT Alumni Association - for which I/we am/are the Area Representatives for Benelux - and was excepting something along the previous lines. However, it was a very well organized international trip to Europe to get new foreign investments into the Pittsburgh area. It is the 250th birthday of Pittsburgh this year and it has been re-elected as the US's "Most Liveable City". The first time ever a city has been given that title twice!!! :proud:
Anyway, we met another Dutch couple who'd lived there for several years and is now living in Holland. We met the mayor of Pittsburgh. And I'm helping to get Direct Flights to Pittsburgh. And hope the PITT Alumni group on LinkedIn can help out next year... :)

Lego 50 years!

Today the Lego™ brick is 50 years old! happy birthday LEGO. Even Google has adapted its logo for the special occasion!

BTW, did you 2 Dutch guys built a life-size pinball machine out of 20,000 Lego bricks?

scrabble L33T Tiles

I normally hate scrabble. Too much thinking, not enough action, so to speak. But with L33T Tiles it would become a bit more interesting! :) Sadly, the tiles will prolly only replace the English letters, not a Dutch set... Oh well, still fun!

WALL-E: new PIxar trailer

Woohoo! :bounce: :bounce: :BOUNCE:
Pixar has a new movie WALL-E coming out end of June. Here is a WALL-E Movie Trailer. Dave's Trailer Page has more trailers too (scroll down far)!

RoboPult - giant robot catapult

A couple of guys built giant automated catapult from a borrowed industrial robot! ROFL
It throws bowling balls 80-90 feet, fireballs, water mellons and more... it's brilliant! Watch their videos!

incredible machine - #SONIC FOREVER

Just a random video on Google Video with 12 min. of all kinds of brilliant incredible machine's together. Not all long, but a bunch of smaller but genius ones!

Handpresso - Coolest Espresso Maker

But wait! There;s mooore...
Why get a big culmsy bulky machine to make your coffee when you can make an espresso by hand! Why? Because you can! tells us about the Handpresso. Very cool! Just add water! :D And only €99 too, not bad!

The Ultimate Single Serve Machine for $11,000

You thought the Senseo coffee maker makes an expensive cup of coffee (compared to brewing it yourself oldskool-style). Nespresso, while an excellent tasting cup, is even more expensive than Senseo but has my vote should I ever be forced to buy any coffee pod/pad machine.
However... but wait there's more! :) Enter the Clover 1s. It makes a single cup at the time, from fresh beans, that you have to grind yourself and pour into the machine... and it cost $11,000 too! Really! ROFL The site has a video how the Clover makes the coffee, which is impressive I must admit!

Dr. Phil's Personality Test

Dr. Phil's Personality Test is a funny test that takes 2 minutes... I scored 40 points... :)

Sony announces "Transferjet" wireless data transfer

IrDA, Bluetooth, WiFi, DECT... the list of wireless options just keeps growing. Sony just added another: "Transferjet" wireless data transfer.
While a bit skeptical, I can see why it could work and work well. The ability for noobs to just have to hold 2 devices close (max 3 cm or 1.5 inch) to each other is tremendous. Any connector is a nuisance. You always need a cable and never have it if you really need it. :) Besides, the 375 Mb/s (ca. 45 MB/s) effective transfer speed are enough to make it very useful... we'll see!

BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype

We all know Vista's poor imitation of the things Compiz Fusion (aka beryl) does on Linux. Apple's Leopard did a better job, I think, but much less fancy of obvious. And multi-touch displays or screens are also cool yet extremely useful. But how about a new desktop?
Not again, I hear you think... Fair enough. But watch this BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype and combine it with multi-touch displays... make any sense yet?! :)

Processing Game

Now that VectorTDX is kinda over... I found another game! With list this time. It's easy, simple but still quite fun!
Check it out: Processing Game. Press up arrow...
PS: It's a Java game and Windows is much quicker than my Linux desktop. :)

Hawaii: Kilauea vulcano active

One of the biggest volcanoes on Hawaii is active again. The HVO Kilauea Status Page gives all details, reports, images and (older) time lapse movies. :) Gorgeous.
Reminds me much of Lanzarote!

KPC: Shuttle's $199 Linux PC

Linux is really making new grounds this year. PCs are getting cheaper and with Linux, they can get really cheap! Note Shuttle's new $199 Linux barebone PC. Small form factor, really cool graphic designs, enough horsepower for common tasks and upgradable with more RAM, USB harddisks if you need it. Hmmm, could make a cool media center except for the lack of video horsepower. Oh well...

Steal This Wi-Fi

Wired has an interesting article about Bruce Schneier, a security expert, who does not protect his home WiFi network. Mainly because there is nothing to get, his computers are all secure and travel outside his home too. So what is the point in protecting nothing? Criminals who use your network to do bad things...? The article lists his talks to several lawyers on the subject and his bottom-line: why bother? You may need someone else's open WiFi when your provider stalls and leaves you offline for several days! Then we'll talk again!
Good point! Read the aricle Steal This Wi-Fi.

Paul Potts

I finally satisfied my curiosity and clicked on the Sjoerdski's link about Paul Potts, who won the Britain's Got Talent competition... OMG!
I then watched some more videos on YouTube and found his website. Man oh man, that man can sing. I think I'll get his CD - buy it out of respect - and give it to my parents as they love opera!

Showshakers and Flairbartending

Yesterday I had a day off to go to a workshop showshaking in Deventer with ShowShakers. It's a workshop where you learn about cocktails, mixing, good bar behaviour, working rules, etc. But also throwing around bottles and juggling bottles, shakers and ice scoops while mixing a person's drinks. :) Very cool. And I want to thank my wife Petra for this birthday gift! :) (k) Absolutely wonderful! (L)
So what did I learn? Well, watch the NK Flairbartending 2007 on YouTube and that what I learned the basics for. :) Of course, I have a loooong way to go. But I got a practise bottle to practise with...

New Year's Ride

To celebrate the new year, start getting back in shape after 3 months taking it easy and shed those extra holidays pounds, Petra and I went to the New Year's Ride at the SpinningFactory. It was nice to see all our friends again and spinning was fun too. Delicious pea soup (a Dutch winter tradition) and sandwiches to cover the spent calories...

Calendars:Seasons of Ice and Shadow 3 - InfoDabble

A new year, a new calendar...
Reading something else on this site, I saw spectacular photos of Saturn and found the Seasons of Ice and Shadow 3 calendar for 2008. Breathtaking high-res photos from NASA of Saturn and its rings make up a stunning calendar for 2008!