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Isn't that cute...BUT IT'S WRONG!

One of my favorite cartoons was Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo and 2 Stupid Dogs. But the interstitials were sometimes even better. Especially the big guy cranking down on the little bird, saying Isn't that cute... BUT IT'S WRONG!

Ubuntu and iPod Nano 3G

Well, it worked. Initializing the iPod again on a Windows PC using MediaMonkey wiped Apple's HFS+ partition and the new FAT32 partition is fully handled by Linux. Duuh!
So now using Victoria J.K. Lamburn’s Blog to set-up the libgpod libraries for Ubuntu worked just fine! Just used Rythmbox to transfer 8 mices by DJ Santito to mi iPod! (y) I'll be on a plane all day tomorrow, so I can use some good tunes. And I'm going to his party op March 8th in the Lexion with some people from Toff. :bounce:

Mario Kart: Mii integration, online menu navigation, and tracks exposed

There are new screenshots showing features of the Wii killer-app Mario Kart. You'll race with your own mii! Coool!

Desert Rose - Sting & Cheb Mami Remix

I first heard this remix during spinning, somewhere Spring last year and immediately loved it. It's fast, upbeat and just launches huge surges of adrenaline through me when I hear it. :)
I'm still trying to find the mp3 tracks, if you have them please inform me, but for now I found the video (!) of the song on YouTube. I'm glad I found Chab Mami :respect: and located the video...

Total lunar eclipse on Wednesday

NASA reports that South and North America will enjoy a total lunar eclipse, as well as parts of Western Europe, Africa en Asia.
Coool! plug-in for MediaMonkey

Stumbled upon again, since I lost the MacBook with iTunes tied in to everything and thus actively using my mp3 collection I have moved from PC to PC, and thought I'd try to tie it in with MediaMonkey. 'Lo and behold that works (of course)!
For MediaMonkey you install the winamp plugin - use te General Version NOT the Media Library - give it the credentials to your profile and you're off. It seems also has a beta version of iScrobbler that will sync your iPod playlist with Try that later.Old-style plugins and player - Client Support –

Canon’s Iris Registration Mode

Canon has filed a patent application for digitally watermarking photos taken with the camera. Canon’s Iris Registration Mode describes a way for the photographer/owner to register his iris biometrics when he unpacks the digicam. Later, not during his work, the camera can embed the biometric watermark in the images... interesting!

floola - cross-platform iPod manager

Live and learn...'s "meuktracker" just informed of a new version of floola. WTF? My thoughts exactly... :)
Floola is a cross-platform iPod and Motorola phone manager. It works on Windows, Linux and OSX. :) And it also handles the new 3G iPod generation, properly... or so it claims...

Time-table Trance Energy 15th Anniversary edition

I read the Time-table for Trance Energy, the 15th Anniversary edition in Utrecht on Feb. 23rd... :) :bounce: Man oh man!
Sadly, I won't be able to go because I'm on a short snowboard trip to Colorado. That, of course, is also totally excellent. But I'll miss TE for the 2nd year in a row and this year's line-up is even better than last year. :K
So I hope, for my sake, that radio 538 or Fresh FM will be broadcasting the event so I can - with an 8 hour time-difference, enjoy at least the sounds...

HOWTO hfsplus (HFS+) in Linux

A tip from my friend Martin lead to a search that shows that HFS+ is supported in Linux from kernel version 2.6.16 onwards. It's even fully supported, i.e. read and write, if you disable journaling on the volume. Thanks to the Gentoo wiki for listing this info!

So even new iPod's like my 3G Nano Video should support read/write in Linux if you disable journaling for that device... interesting! May save the whole Windoze bogus thing...

music on Odeo

I was looking for some podcasts to subscribe to using MediaMonkey (at work), so I can eventually store the podcasts on my iPod. I have a a few of Tiësto's Club Life sessions already and I was looking Monte La Rue next. He has a podcast on his own site but that only worked with iTunes, which I am trying to avoid here so work with me! :)
A little googling led me to music on Odeo. A site that was new to me that contains a ton of feeds for all kinds of media. Most, however, seem old or outdated and no longer updated. But the Music section seems rather fresh :). I found the whole set of Monte's podcast Deluxe over there, including m3u, RSS, OPML and OML feed! w00t! Thanks Odeo, whoever you are...

More on Ubuntu, HFS+ and the iPod Nano 3G

Little update on my iPod Nano 3G (the one with Video capabilities)... Tried to use MediaMonkey to reinitialize the iPod under Windows and create a FAT partition so I can read/write to it from Linux... It didn't quite work. All though I do have a DOS/Windows partition on my iPod Nano now, MediaMonkey created it all in the main drive (/dev/sdb) instead of a partition (/dev/sdb1). So libgpod2_0.6.0-0.1 still doesn't quite recognize it. It also keeps resettings itself after I change settings or try to add music to it.
There should be a few directories there that simply aren't there and while I could go through the trouble of creating them myself (and I tried), I want to know how to do it automatically, without too much handy work. So in just a little more time I can try Victoria J.K. Lamburn’s Blog instructions...

iPod/Classic und Nano Video - ubuntuusers Wiki

Well, I reinstalled my laptop at work with Ubuntu 7.10 (sorry MrVanes) because I'd done an upgrade before and didn't fully trust it. I was rigtht, some things weren't upgraded properly and the system seems more snappy now. Guess some beryl/compiz/openGL debris was left behind... I'm not using it now (waste of GPU cycles)
Anyway, I had messed up my iPod connection after some trial and error thing. Only the error was permanent and I couldn't get it back right. Hence the reinstall... My iPod Nano Video, i.e. 3rd generation was read-only and wouldn't work under Ubuntu, so I set out to try it once more on a clean system and pay attention this time. ;)
Helas, an iPod that was initialized on a Mac appears with the hfs+ filesystem and while that fine to read, you can't write anything to it. It is read-only and stays read-only.

So if you try to access the iPod from Linux and use the latest libraries from libgpod and get this error:


Breckenridge Weather Forecast

An accidental weather check for the Colorado region where we'll be going skiing and boarding in 2 weeks (Breckenridge), will have a winter storm today! -13 degrees and upto 12" of snow by this weekend. Wooosh! 30 cm of fresh powder... Somebody stop me!
10 day forecast brings more snow too! :bounce:

New Star Wars Lego

T3 reports on an exclusive about new Star Wars Lego. It's focused on the missing stuff between episode 3 and 4, where there apparently room for more.
"...the pick of the bunch from the upcoming Force Unleashed video game series - which picks up the storyline slack between Episodes III and IV."

New WALL-E trailer

Dave's Trailer Page has a new trailer for WALL-E, in honor of the superbowl they've just had over in the US...
/me has seen it 3 times already

Darwin Awards 2007

Martin pointed me this year's Darwin Awards! Genious! Some people... I love the story about the 2 kids jumping around on a gas tank... ROFLMAO