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Jeff Dunham

One of my buddies from Doen! pointed me to Jeff Dunham. He's a ventriloquist (puppet that talks). He brilliant! Really! Check out the sketches over at YouTube... LOL

New flat screen TV

It's not a Full HD screen, simply because we don't have any sources for that and our Mac Mini media server, AFAIK, cannot handle Full HD movie decoding/display. And unless we win a PS3, we won't get one. But it's got plenty of input ports: 2 SCART, 2 HDMI, component (RGB) , VGA and composite, as well as audio in and output. We also got some fancy 2.1 speakers for it that will look totally cool! Petra loved them so who was I to argue. ;) our Home Theater setup is now almost complete... Only missing a general purpose amplifier and a DVR using Elgato's eyeTV products.

Arapahoe basin

Testing the addition of a 15MB AVI video I made with my IXUS 55, last Febuary in Colorado. We visited my good friends Ed and Annette. They took all around the ski resorts there, ending in the Arapahoe basin. Here is a video from the "peak".

Why does a CD cost $15.99?

For some reason Slashdot dug up on old (2004!) article about Wal-Mart Wants $10 CDs. While they didn't win and are still selling CDs, the article ends with an interesting break-down of the cost a $15.99 new CD. Artists get only 10% of that :shock:

The Door to Hell

You've gotta check this out: The Door to Hell...
Apparently, some engineers, while drilling for gas, stumbled onto a natural cavern with gas. The drilling caused the cavern to collapse and everything fell in it. To avoid poisonous gas to escape, they ignited the gas. That was 35 years ago... O_o

update: youtube

Nagios & NagVis

Found an add-on for Nagios, the well-known open source monitoring tool based on SNMP. NagViz adds visualization to Nagios, in a way that - as far as I understand it - lets you create a kind of dashboards to show everything is up. For instance, all devices related to Email delivery or a web application farm or your extranet portal.
Should help convince board members that Nagios is worthwhile as well as providing people with easy to use screens. Check out

Portrait of an ENFP

Who am I? Check Portrait of an ENFP
Scary... O_o

T3: Sony's first full-spec Blu-ray players outed

Now that HD-DVD is really dead, the doubting is over and it's time to take the next step: check out first full-spec 2.0 Blu-ray players. Prices: $400-500 this Summer. With the $ going further South, this may get even cheaper.

Convert mkv movies into mp4

Computer: open log
Stardate 200803.20
Personal log
In case you want to download HD MKV movies and watch them on your Mac Mini, you may need to convert them into H.264 MP4 format. This thread over at Mac Forums may help: Convert mkv movies into mp4
Computer: store log

DJ San

Met up with Santito yesterday to show him how he can create his own torrents. It is so easy, even he can do it using μtorrent. And he should. His tracks are becoming in demand as he is growing more popular. YouSendIt only goes so far...
But while talking, he told me to watch this new guy: DJ San. Never heard from him but Tiësto signed him, he has played for huge crowds already and is Dutch, but... no one here knows him. Go figure! So I'm telling you here now, download a few mixes and check the tour guide. He'll be here for the Summer festivals... :bounce:

A Single Place For All Your Notes!

Evernote: "Forget using paper. Take notes, create to-dos, save what’s important, and then find it all anytime."
Bèta starting soon...

update: their demo tour looks amazing! Just signed up for the bèta. It can index the text in the photos you take with your phone. Great for remembering business cards, wine labels, streetnames, etc.

Lawnmower carries army soldier's load

Boston Dynamics has developed a dog-like robot (judged by its size) for the army that can be used to carry up to 150 kg of load. The robot walks autonomously on 4 legs, balances itself, can handle steep up or downhill climbs, walks on ice and can even do small jumps!
While its use is very ordinary, the robot is totally state-of-the-art! Watch a YouTube video of the "dog" in action. The first thing you'll notice is the nosy lawnmower engine use to power the thing... so much for a stealth attack! ;)

Webware 100 Awards 2008

Yet another poll is now open... Vote for the Webware 100 Awards 2008. If only to find out all these great websites that you didn't know about! :) I knew only about 33% of the names in each category... O_o

yamipod: Yet another iPod manager

YamiPod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. It can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation.

They say you can use it to put stuff on the iPod AND to get it off, where ever you are. No iTunes needed... Untested as of yet, but...

Vector TDx: Level 45 is the end

A random Google search showed me that Level 45 is the maximum you can reach in Vector TDx, the game ended up playing heavily over Xmas... level 37 seems a natural barrier but with a little help from an editor...

16,000 Exchange mailboxes on one server with VMware

VMware and IBM showed at VMworld 2008 how to 16,000 Exchange mailboxes on one physical server. They ran ESX 3.5 to host 8 VMs, each with 2000 mailboxes on 2 cores and 14 GB of RAM. Utilizing VMware's transparent page sharing allocated a total of 140 GB RAM and kept each guest humming along nicely, within Microsoft's recommended 1000ms latency threshold. Coool!

Update: server was IBM x3850M2 (quad quad-core), with 128GB RAM and 255 spindels on a cheap EMC Clarion SAN box. VMs were configured to run 1000 mailboxen per kernel, as recommended by Microsoft. MS Load generator was used to generate traffic with the Outlook 2007 online profile, heavy with pre logon.

Download DJ Santito Mixes

Well, after a back breaking bachelorparty on Friday night, and a great diner party on Saturday, I wasn't able to attend the In Touch WithDJ Santito in the Lexion. :'( I was simply too zombie-like.
Fortunately, this gave me time to play with Torrents a bit. Through DJ Santito's hyve I was given his latest 10 mixes because I couldn't find them anywhere. After asking him why he doesn't upload his mixes to a torrent server, I decided to upload a few of his mixes myself. Always wanted to try that anyway. So now, you can download free mp3 mixes by DJ Santito from Piratebay! Go go go!

Keeping tabs on WALL-E

Using Google News to keep tabs on WALL-E is a brilliant idea...

Pixar's WALL-E, Up & Toy Story 3 Details!

All I was curious about was finding out more news on WALL-E, what I got was Pixar's WALL-E, Up & Toy Story 3 Details!. Sjeez, now I'll be restless until at least 2010! ;)

Starting the wave is a cool music community, powered by your own music playlist. It kinda congregates all the songs we play, group people according to taste, empower artists, suggest other music you might like and matches you with other people who have similar taste as you. Lately, CBS bought, so now you can stream all songs too - for free! Well, Netherlands is pending, but US, UK, and DE yes.
Check out the tools they have. Better yet: sign up too and add me. You can listen to my "radio station" based on songs I love, play or tag... way cool. No if only I had an unlimited mobile internet subscription, I'd never play another radio station but my own! w00t

Chocolate not good for Sex

It's final! Women actually won't have sex if you give them too much chocolate. At least, according to a poll by Durex. Thanks to EvilCindy for posting!

Pixar's inside-jokes and cameos

I've often thought I saw something familiar in some Pixar movies such as Toy Story, Monster's Inc, Ratatouille and others. It turns out I was right!
Pixar regularly gives objects from its movies cameos in following productions. However, I had NO IDEA how often and regularly! Read Jim Hill's thorough analysis of Pixar's movies and pay respect to someone who is either crazily precise or watches WAY to many Pixar movies! :)


Petra collected all the (150+) pictures we took during our ski/snowboard trip to Ed and Annette and put them on smugmug. For privacy reasons, the gallery is protected. Sorry.

Nintendo Wii and Linux

Much work has been done getting Linux on the Nintendo Wii
Now, keep in mind, the hacking process is not simple. You need an SD card, SD card adapter for the Wii, a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the ability to follow complex instructions, infinite patience, and the willingness to completely muck up your video game console if things go wrong.