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Wii Fit + Rabbids: Raving Rabbids 3

IGN also has a teaser about Raving Rabbids toying with the Wii Fit balance board... :) It's funny to see what Rayman's Raving Rabbids 3 might bring us...

First WiiWare trailer: WiiPop

Ran across a video of one of the first games coming on the WiiWare game channel (you know: 3rd party add-ons by people you and me but with more game programming skillz). It's kinda fun: check outWiiPop

Social Mapping at first hand

Trying to figure out what Loic Le Meur said about social maps and how our current info/event flow is influenced by who we know. I now have iGoogle as my start page with a few tabs to organize my mailboxes, weather and Google Docs, one tab with many important RSS feeds as well a Google Reader to tie into the rest my "secondary" feeds...

I have now also found a way to update several status pages (pownce and facebook) in one go or choose to post a new blog to any or all my blogs at the same time... interesting... work in progress

Psystar's Apple OS X Clone in the Wild

Psystar has delivered its first Mac clone to a customer. Watch the video for yourself. Laywers are on their way... :)

Update: Engadget has benchmarking info as well tech specs of Psystar's machine

2nd Open Movie: Big Buck Bunny

Good news: My old friends from Blender have created another open movie, Big Buck Bunny.
Bad news: They failed to tell me about it. :( Even worse: they made it on national TV (DWDD) and I found out the day after! :'( boohoo, me sad. Interview is actually very good!

BBC iPlayer comes to Wii

While not really important to most non-British people, having Digitenne at home has made me miss BBC TV programmes. So I for one am glad that the BBC now offers their iPlayer for the Wii for free! It's like the Dutch but ony for BBC shows on BBC One-Four and a few uninteresting others. Like Doctor Who, Eggheads, Have I Got News for You, and Falcon Beach!!! ;) Just kidding, no idea what most of these shows are either. :D

New Wii channels

Read on T3 that we'll see 2 new Wii channels. WiiWare will be an add-on to the Wii Shop Channel and feature brand new 1st and 3rd party games (as apposed to oldskool Nintendo games in the other channel). The Nintendo channel will feature the latest game info from across all channels. Hopefully also screenshots, demos and such...
/me wonders

Desktop Linux: why Ubuntu is still there and Red Hat/Novell aren't

For a lengthy but good read about why Red Hat and Novell have stopped putting effort into a *consumer* Linux desktop and seems to be the only one left, read Did Canonical Just Get Punked by Red Hat and Novell?

Alienware's ultimate Home Theater Setup: Hangar18 HD

Stumbled upon the ultimate Home Theater PC...!
Alienware's Hangar18 HD seems to have it all! Up to 4 TV tuners to record everything at once. 2 TB (2000 GB) of local storage to store it all. 1080p to watch it all and 5.1 surround sound to hear it all. Add a Blu-ray dual-layer player/burner, 4 USB 2.0 and a Firewire port, a Gigabit Ethernet connection, WiFi, an ATi 2400HD video card and up to 4 GB of RAM.
One sad little damper on th whole thing: Windows Vista Home Premium! Yuck! :puke:

MILK - geek desk for those who have taste

MILK has created a desk for a computer and a nerd with so many thought put into it, you simply can't wait to be able to sit down and do some work at it. Except that when you do, you'll just sit and stare and admire and worry about staining it... :D

Birthday Petra

Celebrated Petra's birthday a bit early this year. Went to Soomers and witnessed the first really beautiful, sunny, warm day at the beach with all of friends. Doesn't get any better than this!

Tom's Hardware: details about Psystars $400 Mac Clone

There has been a lot of rumor, news and gossip about Psystar's new shady $400 Mac Clone. Tom's Hardware goes down to the nitty gritty and interviews Psystar's president and CEO Rudy Pedraza.

Vacation Denver 2008

I also uploaded the unedited pictures of our trip to Denver.

Photos Wedding Imro and Roos

I uploaded the photos I took of the wedding of my good friends Imro and Roos. We had a great day all day, but the party was the best! See for yourself. :D

the new batch

First of 208 new servers for the new data center... Another day at the office. Testing starts soon.

beachclub doen!

Sunset at work.:) pretty isn't it?

Too cute for words

This guy reprogrammed his girlfriend's favorite game Bejeweled to ask her to marry him. When she reached a certain score a ring would appear and a marriage proposal. She did reach the score and she did say yes!
Read on at

iPhone price cut is official

Just read on T3 that the iPhone will become cheaper today. In the UK the price will come down £100, about €125! That's A LOT!
The new iPhones now cost only just over €200a piece! that's nice :D Prices here in the Netherlands still seem unaware of the changes...


Sunny day at the office... flights of stairs always provide interesting patterns

T3's Wii Fit review (with video)

My favorite Toyz 4 Boyz mag T3 reviewedWii Fit for me... LOL Funny British review, but some reason I can't find the video.. :S
/me puzzled

Quake on the iPhone

Moosy blog showed me that they are porting Quake to the iPhone! :D w00t
An old time favorite making a come-back...?

Antarctica without the ice

Ever wonder what Antarctica would look like without the mile thick ice layers? Well... I have :blush:
Luckily, wikipedia did too. Of course, it's with the current weight pushing down the continent. If it did melt, the land would rise several hundred meters (similar to Scandinavia did after the last ice age) and cause massive earthquakes over a period of a few hundred years. :)

The Deadliest Creatures (Most Easy to Miss)

Check out this beautifully illustrated blog post from Dark Roasted Blend (hmm, someone smell coffee too?) about The Deadliest Creatures (Most Easy to Miss). There are some ready to miss, hard to avoid deadly creatures out there that will make your blood fall apart (literally!) until you die... yuck! - Collaborative mind mapping in your browser is a mindmapper in your browser... Mind for two, aka mind42.
Neat! 8) Add this into Google Apps and you have a great online environment for brainstorming and collaborating. :)

What's Your Social Map?

Have you ever thought about how you go to the web these days? Who gives you what news? Which news you do or don't read? Which blogs? Hyves? Facebook? for music. Parties and events? IMDB for movies? Twitter... for what?
Loic le Meur has a nice view on this: Social Maps.

Busy weekend

What a weekend... :yawn: *sigh*
Friday we went to Imro and Roos' wedding in Hilversum. Petra made portraits of them beforehand, so we were there early. It was a overcast, gray day, but not bad for the pictures. Sadly, it was very chilly and Roos was freezing in her dress most of the time. The ceremony was nice and quick, and I didn't mind it too much. I normally hate that part but I guess my own wedding has softened me a bit. ;) We had a wonderful dinner at Zilt & zo in Hilversum afterwards. Very nice, had a great time and the services was excellent. The 70s theme party at night was awesome. Roos' colleagues had turned around her school into a 70's basement and everyone was dressed up all the way! Very groovy! Pictures soon...
Saturday we worked around the house a bit. Put up the new LCD TV and installed our new Ferguson speaker set and spend time getting hang of all the new remote controls. :) Great sound, finally!!! At night, we had a party at Petra's work. Tha…

YouTube: US Election 2.0

Just saw a brilliant example of how Web 2.0 you be used in everyday business. YouTube's YouChoose '08 lists videos by the candidates and lets you check out what they have to say when you like and (hopefully) form an opinion and make up your mind. Great idea!

Did the Death Star have a canteen? Ask Eddie Izzard

Where did they eat between battles in the Death Star? There must have been a canteen of some sort, you think? Check out Eddie Izzard's performance on YouTube... ROFL

Top 11 Reasons You Haven't Installed Linux Yet