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Picture of a parachute... on Mars

A few days ago, the Mars Lander Phoenix landed on Mars by parachute. There already is a satellite circling Mars that "just happened" to photograph the lander dropping down on its parachute...

Play BioLabs: Outbreak!

Really simple game... Can't do it. Perhaps you can. Kill the virus by placing antidote.

Teen figures out how to decompose plastic bags in 3 months

Ontario high school junior Daniel Burd wanted to try to figure out if there was a way to get plastic bags to decompose faster. As it stands, it takes thousands of years for the wasteful objects to disintegrate. But by using bacteria, he figured out how to make it happen in a mere three months...

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The Biggest Drawing in The World: Created Using GPS and DHL

The concept was simple but brilliant: place a GPS device in a briefcase and mail it via DHL with precise travel instructions over the course of a 55 day period. When all was said and done, the GPS data formed a virtual self-portrait of the artist that spread over 6 continents and 62 countries covering nearly 70,000 miles.

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Marrying for nerds

So what's married life like as a nerd? not so bad, actually. Very good, actually. :)
But this cartoon is a lot of fun, nonetheless! APT-GET WIFE. You know the jokes Wife 2.0 and Girlfriend 1.0, etc. This is along those lines... - Find Wii Friend Codes Numbers

Sometimes the solution is so cool, even though you don't need it, you wanna use it. :) did that for me. I don't really need it, but I like the idea so much that I respect the guy(s) who set it up and wanna use out of principle. :) Great!

Ender's Game: Epic acquires Chair Entertainment

"Epic Games has announced the acquisition of developer Chair Entertainment. Chair most recently created the XBLA game Undertow and is currently working on projects based upon Orson Scott Card's Empire and Ender's Game books."
As for me, I'm glad it seems Ender's Game is under a solid game marketing umbrella and Epic is wise to step in at this moment in time... Can't wait for the game, or the movie for that matter! Said to be released in 2008 already...

Wall-climbling robot scales nearly any building material

Napster: 6,000,000 DRM-free mp3 songs

Napster has stepped away from their all-you-can-eat monthly subscription and started offering its 6,000,000 songs in a DRM-free mp3 format. That means you can download, copy, burn play to your hearts content with the song. One tune costs 0.79, still not cheap enough, but its definitely a good source and new competition in the realm with Amazon and iTunes. See

Microsoft's multi-touch TouchWall

After creating a multi-touch table-top called "Surface", Microsoft recently demonstrated at the CEO Summit their vertical table, aka YouTube - Microsoft's multi-touch TouchWall. Bill Gates gives the demo and gets off to a somewhat awkward start, but in the end it's pretty clear the multi-touch interface holds some definite promises for the future!

Of course, Microsoft is late in this game already 0wned by Jef Han in 2005/2006.

3D gaming with a simple projector

This guy made his games 3D by using only a simple ordinary projector aka beamer that projects the game image onto a "bubble" in front of him and took immersive gaming to a new level. Check the video on YouTube and you'll see what I mean. :) It's easy, simple, cheap but oh so effective! And without the disadvantages that cause simulator sickness... ;)

The PC Repair Toolkit in your Pocket: UBCD on a USB drive

If you fix people's PCs often, or run into crashes a lot or both, you should look in to this: The PC Repair Toolkit in your Pocket. It tells you how to put the contents of the Ultimate Boot CD onto a spare USB drive so you can take it along easily and add your own set of tools to it for maximum recovery power. :)

Gorgeous new Theme Pack for Ubuntu introduced - FutureLooks!

This theme combines the best elements of all 3 desktop OSs (Win, OS X, Linux) to create a seamless, modern appearance for Ubuntu and any other Debian derivatives.

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Google Code Blog: Introducing Google Doctype

Google announces the formation of an encyclopedia for web developers, by web developers: Google Doctype.Google Doctype is an open encyclopedia and reference library. Written by web developers, for web developers. It includes articles on web security, JavaScript DOM manipulation, CSS tips and tricks, and more. The reference section includes a growing library of test cases for checking cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. Google Doctype is 100% open.

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Pitfall coming to Wii

Pitfall Harry, a no-so-super-hero kinda guy but so accidentally cool, will arrive on the Wii this Fall/Winter in a new serie of Pitfall: The Big Adventure.
I first played it on MrVanes's GameCube while on vacation in Ibiza in 2003. I replayed it the next year but was never able to finish it. When the Wii came out, I was hopping to be able to play it there and finish it - with or without the fancy Wii controller - and it seems now I can! :) They have developed the explicitly to take advantage of the Wii's motion-sensing ability and are creating 60 new levels! w00t

Nintendo WiiWare arrives in US

WiiWare, the third-party mini game channel for the Nintendo Wii, arrives in the US. Europe is said to follow on May 20th, next week. It won't be mind-blowing fancy games with a gazillion levels and 1000 simultaneous players, but more the arcade-type games like Bubbles, Zuma and Bejeweled. of course, all is limited by yourthe programmer's creativity. So expect the games to get better and cooler, just like with the Flash games...

Apple: iTunes becoming major video platform

After the announcement that Apple will release movies on iTunes the same day as they're released for DVD, I am now reading that HBO will also release its programs on iTunes... it looks like Apple wants to reaffirm the use of Apple TV as a useful household appliance.
I do understand it, I'm using a Mac Mini as HTPC and it's certainly nice, easy to use and a breeze to set-up and configure. So if the Apple TV adds some digital recording capabilities and a lot of content, I think it'll sell easy and create a lot more Apple addicts...

We Ski for Wii

I thought the "Family Ski" aka "We Ski" wouldn't come out until the Fall, but it's actually coming out a week from now. :) GameSpot has a load of screenshots, game play videos and articles about Nintendo's latest skiing game for the Wii. Oh and it will be compatible with the Wii Fit's balance board... like it's not hard enough to ski already... ;)

Teenager Creates First OS X Multi-touch Table

After EyeBeam created an open source multi-touch screen, now a Teenager Creates the First OS X Multi-touch Table... for a science fair project! :respect:
He used a spare LCD screen, 28 LEDs from eBay, some Summer of Code project software (Open Touch) and a few home-made hardware and software things to tie it all together. I, for one, am impressed. Sounds like next year will be the Year of Multi-Touch™ :)

The Wii Pole Dancing Game is Really Coming

I saw this a week ago or so (on the Register...?) and wanted to post it, but thought it was a joke. Seems I should have because it may become reality soon. :) Finally a way to get mom and dad playing together with the Wii...

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Computer uses 4 MW of power

In an effort to out do ourselves all over again, climate researcher have proposed building a new computerSuperDuperPuter™ with 20 million CPUs to model the Earth's climate on a 1 km scale (1km3). It will be about 1,000,000 more powerful than the current supercomputers. They estimate the machine will consume 4 Mega Watt of power...
Anyway, dream away over the rest of the article at Tom's Hardware :nerd:

Camera Hacks: Seriously pimping your cheap Canon digicam

Camera Hacks: Turn Your Point-and-Shoot into a Super-Camera: "If you're using a consumer grade point-and-shoot Canon digital camera, you've got hardware in hand that can support advanced features way beyond what shipped in the box. With the help of a free, open source project called CHDK, you can get features like RAW shooting mode, live RGB histograms, motion-detection, time-lapse, and even games on your existing camera. Let's transform your point-and-shoot into a super camera just by adding a little special sauce to its firmware.
What is CHDK?
The Canon Hacker's Development Kit, aka CHDK, is a firmware enhancement that supports an impressive array of Canon digital cameras. I emphasize the enhancement aspect of CHDK because the tool is non-permanent and non-destructive, meaning that you load it onto your camera whenever you want to use it; CHDK makes no changes to your camera, and turning it off is simply a matter of restarting your camera."

ExpressCard, SD and CompactFlash Adapters

My friend MrVanes mailed me about this ages ago (4 weeks actually) but I just reread his mail and the implications just dawned on me... :yawn: ;)
When you buy a new laptop, you may no longer have the trusty PCMCIA expansion interface that we used to use for modem/network functionality before these were always built-in, or for card readers... So now you cannot insert the card reader in the new ExpressCard slot, because it is physically different from the PCMCIA slot. So how can you read all your digital media cards, i.e. CompactFlash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), mini/micro SD and SDHC (High Capacity)? Well, MrVanes had the same problem and found virtuavia that sells ExpressCard adapters: card readers, e-SATA and printer interfaces, and more. But also an PCMCIA to ExpressCard adapter (if you want to use the old expansion cards on your new generation laptop!). But wait, there's more...! They also have ExpressCard to CF adapters, so you can simply stick your 8GB CF cards straight from t…

Chilling Effects: help on in the online legal jungle

If you ever encounter legal threats for something you put online, whether it's for deep linking to news articles or (commerce) objects, for trademarks or patents or simply because you love writing about your favorite author and put up a comprehensive fan site, you most certainly will feel a bit scared and intimidated.
Well... no longer because the people at Chilling Effects Clearinghouse are there for you! They provide you with the collaborative knowledge and expertise of experienced people from EFF, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and more Ivy League Universities so you know what you can and cannot do.

Open source, multi-touch screen now for $500-1000

EyeBeam arts and technologies in New York have put together a way to build a multi-touch screen yourself and put all hardware and software designs online, in a true open source spirit. Now people can tinker and tweak and optimize the whole thing and make it even better!

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Nintendo Family Ski for the Wii

Just in time for the... Summer, Nintendo will release Family Ski in June. Sounds interesting! I like SSX Blur but it was a bit dated in a first-generation game kinda way. Any trailers yet...?
/me looks

Super Hi-Vision Device At 17x HD Resolution

Just when you thought getting a Full-HD TV will have you set for life, you read news about JVC making a 17x HD Resolution screen! O_o Wow... I wonder what a 35 Mpx TV screen will cost. It's predecessor costs $140000!