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Awakenings Festival 2008

Saturday, I went to another Awakenings festival with my friends. Weather forecast was cloudy with temperatures ok (20-21 Celsius). However... it cleared up by the hour and around 2-3pm it was sunny and warm. By the end of the afternoon it was clear blue skies and a gorgeously sunny day! We left the tents and lounged outside in the grass, within sound range of the DJs. Excellent! :D Kevin Saunderson, thanks for the magnificent set! :respect:

Update: check the comments for live sets and how to store them on your PC.

Dutch government gags Oyster researchers

The Dutch public transport MIFARE chip card, that was supposed to be launched next year, is on hold due to researchers at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. Now, our secretary of state Tineke Huizinga, has explicitly asked them to be silent about any details on or information about security flaws in order to make abuse more difficult. As if shooting the messenger will change the news! Read Dutch government gags Oyster researcherson The Register.
/me shakes his head in distaste

Testing and verifying system and network security

A few years ago, cracking WiFi networks protected by WEP encryption was all the rage. A flaw in WEP made it ever easier to brute-force hack those wireless networks in 10 minutes or less. Eventually, the Linux community compiled a version of Knoppix specifically for "penetration testing" and detecting poorly protected wireless networks. This tailored Knoppix Linux was called Whoppix. The name later changed to WHAX and WHAX was finally incorporated in to BackTrack...
BackTrack 3.0 was released a week ago... Just so you know and are up to date again. :)

Safegarding your data with Parchive

Here is an interesting read for making your DVD backups more reliable and protected from some corruption or aging...
In Safegarding your data with Parchive, Mike West, describes a similar approach to providing some self-repair capabilities to your backups as newsgroups users have been doing for years. He uses parchive to create a redundant CRC .par file of his (backuped files and directories on) DVD, so that - in case of read errors or lost information - he can repair the damaged files. You can use isobuster to read damaged CDs/DVDs and then recover the lost data using the .par files you have for each directory or file. Cool!

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

Part 3 in the crazy co-op game for the Wii is coming: Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, aka Raving Rabbids 3. Although the teasers are funny and some mini games will work with the new Balance Board, little details have appeared about the actual games...
/me should play Rabbids 2 again soon
/me must stop playing mario kart wii ;)

LEGO Death Star!

Forget water on Mars. Ignore the dead Sun. Leave the soccer thingy in the past and get to your favorite toy store immediately! Lego introduces the LEGO Death Star!

It's huuuge: 3800 pieces, comes with 25 figures and features a cross section of a star base so you can play out various Star Wars scenes... Coooool! :nerd: Only downside: it costs €350 and won't be on sale world-wide but only in selected countries... O_o

Water On Mars!

It seems true! There is water on Mars. Of course, it is not fluid (it's a bit too cold), but there is Water Ice On Mars. It condensates as ice on the surface and then sublimates directly into gas when the temperature rises. Cool!

Will Wright: creator of Spore talks at TED 2007

If you like the new innovative game Spore that's coming out soon, please, POLEAZE watch the presentation that Will Wright himself gave at TED 2007. He talks about his inspiration, his ideas and what he wanted to accomplish with this amazing, innovative and endless game! It is only 16 minutes... you won't be sorry.

Mini-ITX 2.0 arrives!

I can't say it better than Slashdot: "Via Technologies has launched the second generation of its signature mini-motherboard standard. Mini-ITX 2.0, an evolutionary update to the seven-year-old 170×170mm form-factor, introduces new and emerging buses and interfaces such as PCI Express, SATA, Gig-E, and HD A/V, while preserving backwards-compatibility with the original standard. Mini-ITX has been a popular form-factor for a range of space-constrained hobbyist and commercial applications."

Jellyfish: nature's alarm clock

Just the other, I was discussing the weird weather we've been having the last odd years. Then, I read that NASA hasn't spotted any sun spots these last 2 years and sun spots always influence weather. It may be good or bad, but influenced the weather is.
Now I read that the Mediterranean has had an outbreak of jellyfish for 8 years in a row, whereas normally the population swells up every 12 years, remains stable for 4-6 years and then diminishes again.

Most complex crop circle ever discovered

Whether aliens, teenagers or simply a bunch really nerdy geeks, I don't care the Most complex crop circle ever discovered in British fields is both impressive and gorgeous. It represents pi...
And there are some very beautiful crop circles out there.

Firefox 3 exceeds 1 million downloads in under four hours

Yesterday, Firefox 3 was released and Mozilla attempts to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for "Most downloads in a day". Well, Firefox 3 exceeds 1 million downloads in under four hours. So that's good. I already downloaded mine yesterday. You do your part today: download Firefox 3 by 18:16 UTC/GMT on June 18, 2008.

On a sweet side note: the IE7 team at MS sent Mozilla a huge cake to celebrated the release. Sweet, ain't it! :)

Spore Creature Creator

About every 5 years or so, there is a game that vastly impacts the computer game landscape: Pong, Donkey Kong, Elite, Mario, Leisure Suit Larry, Simcity, Civilization, DooM, Myst, MGS4... Now there is another one: Spore. An infinite game about evolution, cells, abilities, eat and be eaten. Using an editor, you create your creature from basic elements, features and abilities and let it loose in the "world". The editor (get it!) alone is a break-through in the gaming world, providing you with seamless selectors among the gazillion options you have for your Spore.

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Of course, you could see this coming a mile away...
Playboy has a video of their own showing Cyber Girl of the Year 2008 Jo Garcia doing her thing on the Wii Fit. :) In a tight T-shirt and fancy panties. LOL She's sexy and better dressed and way better filmed, but nothing beats the cameo sneaky feeling of a sexy girlfriend being filmed without her knowing. Lauren rulez!

CF/SD Performance Database

Always wondered about which CompactFlash (CF) card is faster than another? Which SD card you should buy for your mp3 player, smartphone or digicam? Or curious about which card reader will read your memory sticks the fastest? Yeah, me too! :)
Rob Galbraith's CF/SD Performance Database is just the thing for you then! Check out the transfer speed of your old CF card that may need replacement and buy a new shiny quick one, but also see which one reads the fastest on your PC. Think about it! It maybe worthwhile to buy a memory card that is slower in your digicam but transfers at blazing speeds to your PC, so you'll be done transferring your pictures more quickly and ready for a new shoot.

Google Browser Sync Discontinued, No Firefox 3 Support

I've been a fan of Google's Browser Sync to keep bookmarks updated and synced between my home server, work Linux and Windows laptops, my MacBook guest account and Mac Mini media server's admin account. It worked great, syncing bookmarks and passwords. However, Google Browser Sync Discontinued with No Firefox 3 Support. So what next. Well, there is FoxMarks but it only syncs bookmarks albeit better than Google's own tool. But wikipedia also has a fine comparison of browser sync tools.

Fancy one new suit for $320 million? Ask NASA!

NASA just awarded its future spacesuit contract to Oceaneering International. The US firm must now design, test, and produce two suits -- the default suit (pictured after the break) worn on-board for launch and landing and a second, more versatile, cheese-proof suit worn during space walks and upon the surface of the moon. I guess the shoulder pads are to impress and scare off aliens...

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Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit

Someone posted a sneaky video of his girlfriend playing Hula Hoops in Wii Fit. She's young, slender, toned and very, VERY good at Hula Hoop! However, apart from angry mails saying he should not exploit his girlfriend in this way, the appearance of her all over the world and the dent in his online credibility, he has also been accused of being an undercover advertiser for Nintendo... :LOL:

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update1: GamePro story
update2: she was mad first but enjoys it now

How to Get and Keep Windows XP After June 30

If you get a new PC or laptop and get a bundled Vista in the deal, but you'd like to use XP XP instead, read the article on PC World on How to Get and Keep Windows XP After June 30. It lists that if the OEM wants to, it will let you downgrade from Vista to XP and you'll receive Vista media as well as XP media. So you can later decide to revert back, if you so desire. Dell and HP are at least two OEMs who let you do this.

Is the Sun dead?

The Sun has an 11-year cycle in which it produces more or less so-called sunspots. Spots are about the size of Earth (!) and have a slightly lower (hence the darker color) temperature (approx 5500 K) than the surrounding surface of the Sun.
However, the most recent cycle that started in 2001 should be ending about now, but has shown zero or few sunspots for the last 2 years. No one knows why nor what effect this has on us and Earth's weather.

Update: check Solar Weather for a complete count of sunspots, as well as sublime explanation of all the solar weather variables.

How to umount when the device is busy

This happens to me form time to time... You wanna umount a share or a CD and the system tells you it's busy, but you're absolutely positively triple-guarantee sure *you* are not using it... Sound familiar?
Read the tip on how to use fuser to discover who or what process is messing with your mind: How to umount when the device is busy

Toxic | Garbage Island

I heard this before too... Like a Sargasso Sea of garbage floating around the ocean... Turns out to be true! Check Garbage Island on VBS.TV! A serie of 12 episodes. The site has links but YouTube is much faster.

How to order pizza from Domino's by using the command line

Nerds and Pizza... Long coding hours, long PC tweaking days, long hacking hours and longer online gaming days. These 4 things all have in common: nerds and pizza!Phones are for parents and Email is for kids. Only in *NIX could you order pizzas from Domino's Pizza with any topping, any size, any crust using only the command line!

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The Milky Way at 5 Giga Pixel

More than 444,580 frames from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope were stitched together to create this 5 GPx portrait of the raging star-formation occurring in the inner Milky Way. CalTech has some high-res images for download. Careful, they're huge!

Chemistry: periodic chart in Flash

Someone has gone through an awful lot of trouble to fit a shitload of chemical information inside this Flash version of the famous Periodic Charts of the Elements. Very impressive though and brilliantly done! :respect:

Smithonian Institute: Global Volcanism Program

The Smithsonian Institute has a great, beautiful site (from the content not the design) on everything you could possibly want to know about Volcanoes. The types, locations, pictures, activity reports, and a great historic time line of eruptions throughout the ages. Fascinating...
/me needs more time

Goosh, a Google Command Line hosts an unofficial Google interface which “behaves similar to a unix-shell,” as the author Stefan Grothkopp explains. For instance, entering in 'disney' will result in a Google News search for the keyword “disney”. Prefixing an 's' to query 's disney' will search the web for Disney, and so on... cool!

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iTunes movie downloads in two weeks?

I think I said it before, but Apple seems to be adding real (new) movie downloads for iTunes... At least, T3 reports now: "Hold tight, movie fans - Apple is expected to announce its movie download service soon. And with a keynote planned for June 9th, our breath is well and truly bated. Unless it's that toast we had this morning.

It's believed to reveal deals with Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, and Warner Brothers, according to the Times. That would mean The Matrix, Indiana Jones, and Pirates of the Caribbean could be making their way to our PCs via iTunes in a few days. Which has us rather excited indeed."

Big Buck Bunny: Second open source movie by Blender

Big Buck Bunny, the second open movie created with the open source 3D content creation suite Blender, is now available as free download to everybody. Download it now and see if it surpasses Elephants Dream, the first open Blender movie.

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