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Leaf AFi 10 - 56 Megapixels Medium Format digicam

The Leaf AFi 10 is 56 Mpx medium format digital camera that uses a 56x36mm sensor to capture wide format images. The sensor is mounted on a mechanism that lets you flip it from portrait to landscape format without opening the back! These giant photos take up to 170 MB per image... naturally at 1 frame/sec.

EA's 'Spore' a week from being finished

Spore is coming out in a week, or so it seems according to CNET. Also, people have created living skeletons even though EA didn't think it was possible to create them! Human-like creatures were also not possible... Right? Wrong! Coool! Never say never. Giant penis creatures have already been banned by the hundreds from sexually active creature creators... Duuh! Haven't checked, but giant boobs have also probably been tried before getting banned... Where does the surprise part come in!

Sexy Bloggers

Sex sells. Also in the blogosphere. Checkout the Twenty Bloggers We Want To See In Bikinis@Urlesque :)

Single Serving Sites all the Rage?

Have you noticed there are more and more Single Serving Sites lately...? I did... WTF? Check out these B R I L L I A N T designs though!

Optical storage 1TB stored on standard DVD

Heavy nerd alert!
Researchers have stored 1TB stored in three dimensions on a standard format DVD disk (120 mm). They put 2 molecules in a layer substrate called polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). One molecule referred to as a dye precursor (DP) and another light sensitive photoacid generator (PAG) molecule. When energy (light) strikes the PAG, it breaks down and releases an acid. The acid converts DP molecule to Rhodamine 700, which is colored and fluoresces strongly. Hence, it can be detected in UV light. This way they were able to make dots 5 microns apart. That's small enough to store about 5 GB per layer. Creating several layers, they could store about 1000 GB in 20 layers. Improving the technology, they hope to be able to store one Blu-ray disk per layer, yielding room for 5000 GB per disk!
/me is seriously impressed and psyched

More Wii Fit Fun this Summer

While I don't like the "games" in Wii Fit, the routines are really useful. However, they are so boring that no one in their right mind will want to play them. Except maybe someone who's never played computer games before. That's at least half of all Wii owners, I'm sure. ;) But this will soon change...

"Summer Athletics The Ultimate Challenge" by Conspiracy Entertainment Corporation is coming in August and should yield us all kinds of a cool sports to do indoors. "Summer Athletics" features 25 sports such as sprinting, archery, javelin, hammer throw and swimming. It's also multi player, someone else I hate about Wii Fit games. Then there is also Active Life: Outdoor Challenge... pfff, I may as well join a health club. It's less expensive and I get to meet other people or stare at gorgeous women who inspire me to bring out the best in good ol' me. :)

Koenigsegg CCXR - Bio Fuel Powered Sports Car

The Sweeds, already very ecological with bio-diesels in use everywhere, have created a sports car that goes 400 km/h (250+ mph). The KoenigseggCCXR can run on E85 bio-fuel and develops 1000 Brake horsepower. :shock: My former "chipped" Golf had 150! :) LOL

Microsoft multi-touch Sphere

Multi-touch is sort of getting a rebirth now that people have created affordable designs and companies are investigating yet even cooler design possibilities. Although I don't question the usability of multi-touch interfaces, I have yet to see a killer app. And I certainly fail to see 3D (i.e. the sphere) applications.

I'd love to have multi-touch physical desktop at work. I.e. a 21-24" touch sensitive LCD embedded in my desk at work, so I can use that as my computer workspace. Any larger and my computer screen will be cluttered with paper, notebooks, coffee cups, post its, keys, phones and other shit. Any smaller and it'll be too small to use unless I get virtual desk space. Then I can slide windows off to the right/left and get back to them later.

Stack the log!

Funny Flash game, also for the iPhone: Stack the log!. I got to 2100-something in 2 tries...

Baby dinosaur dug up

The Gobi dessert has preserved a baby dinosaur for us, that died 70 million years ago. The baby was 6.6' long (1.95m) and died at the age of 5. It was a Tarbosaurus, family of T-rex. Check the The Associated Press statement.

WiiHD's homebrew guide: WiiQuake

Engadget pointed me to a very easy to follow homebrew guide for the Wii. It's a hack using the Twilight Princess hack for Zelda to load an environment where you can create your own stuff. Someone ported Quake to this and the video shows him playing the shareware version using the Wii controller and nunchuck.

Eyeopener: Your Daily Inspiration

Petra started a project a while ago: creating a set of 60 catching images to accompany an equally large set of inspirational phrases. Taking (and finding!) 60 image takes a while, but today she put the first 40 online: Petra Oldengarm -- fotografie. Click on "Inspiratie". :)

Once the set is complete, you can also order a printed set to take with you or give away as a present for the going gets tough and a little inspiration is needed!

Update: The whole set "Eyeopener" is available at

Google Knol: a not-anonymous wikipedia for experts

Wikipedia has more articles than all the commercial Encyclopedias combined. There is only one small hitch: anyone can edit a page and write complete garbage on it to off-set you. Nothing you can do if you don't already know the subject.
Google Knol is about to change that. Experts can write single page entries - or knols - on any subject and their identity will not only be published but also verified upon publishing. Other than that, there is not much difference from a regular wiki or any existing experts exchange, like, Yahoo! Answers,

John Nouanesing - Product Design

I found him from Digg for the Liquid Table he made, but John Nouanesing's designs are truly genius! Both funny or humoristic and usable, they are just what a trendy yuppie or rich nerd wants. And as a nerd, you can pretend you're actually very stylish. ;)

Adeona: Track and Recover Lost and Stolen Laptops

Dance Valley 2008

Now already 3 weeks ago, I finally got the pictures online. Shame on me I know. But I'm also uploading some video's. Need to get me a bigger SD card ;)
DV was super, even though the weather was bad. It had rained several days before the event and the grounds were soaked. Totally. They had spread out 600 m3 of wood snippers but there were at least 2 down pours hours before the event. So: mud valley once more. However... the music was great! It cleared up around 7pm, a few hours late, sadly. We first went to the new second main stage, Flashover Recordings, hosted by Ferry Corsten. Because the mud was terrible, we stayed there all day. So we didn't get to see anything else. But because Cosmic Gate rules, Judge Jules was ok, Bart Claessen rocked and Ferry and Tiesto outdid themselves, we had an awesome day!
Check the pictures!

Wii Sports Resort: Wii Sports 2

Engadget reported that the sequel to Wii Sports will cost around $50 and should arrive Spring next year. There was a working demo of Wii Sports Resort at the E3, so you can check out what it'll offer. Mind you, they used total marketing DORKS to do the demo instead of getting 3 booth babes to do it for them. Major marketing boo-boo if you ask me. :) More screenshots are available too. And I don't know if it'll require the Motion Plus add-on, though it certainly looks like it. :(

Apple, AT&T foiled again: iPhone 3G unlocked

Despite the best efforts of Apple and AT&T, it appears that the latest version of the iPhone has been unlocked via the same method as used on the original iPhone. But you still have to go to a store and buy the iPhone with a subscription, so I fail to see the point... :S

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Spore's alien population explodes

On a lighter note, the Spore alien creature database (the new radically new game that was launched a while ago) now has more lifeforms in its database than there on the entire planet!

Will Wright, the creator, said they had hoped to reach 100K by Fall and perhaps a million by the end of the year. Instead, they hit 100K in 22 hours and a million in a week! For the record, it took God six days... ;)

The actual game is available yet, I believe. Only the creature editor can be downloaded and I think they use it to populate their universe with it, so that when the game comes and players will populate the universe, there is actually life on the planets. :) Otherwise it would be kinda lonely. Do you think Adam and Eve were the only people in paradise? If so, no wonder Eve ate the apple!

Blurred Out: 51 Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps

Blurred Out: 51 Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps. A surprising number of which are in the Netherlands...! Lots of NATO things, airfields, Royal real estate and EU research labs... interesting!

HTML 5 - draft released today

I was just browsing some web design sites, when a link led me to the working draft of HTML 5, released today! As in now, a few hours (or minutes) ago. :) Wow, sometimes I amaze even myself! (Thanks, Dexter!)

Wii Motion Plus

Nintendo announced a new add-on for the Wii: Wii Motion Plus

Configuring Terminal to Work as a Transparent Wallpaper

40 years after the advent of the computer terminal console, having gone through sexy wallpapers, windows, 3D effects, cubes and spheres, we a re finally back where it started: a simply terminal screen with a command line! w00t

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Update 1: OSX has had this for years... LOL I guess there are gay nerds too! ROFLMAO
Update 2: there is always a bigger geek than you, several actually

SSD disks more power efficient after all

At geek homes world-wide, there has been a feud about whether or not Solid State Disks (SSD) are or are not more power efficient than normal hard disks. Because, next to faster throughput speeds, that was the whole selling point. IN fact, early SSDs were not very power lean, but many thought this was merely a quick design.
Then Tom's Hardware, good ol' German Nerd Tom, did a big test and published figures that showed that SSDs were in fact also power hungry. War started... Now, Engadget reports Tom's Hardware redid the test, paying close attention to details this time and found that indeed SSDs are - in most cases - more power efficient than regular hard disks! Pfffew! Let the dust settle

BTW, this is the clear winner (by far)

NEC mass produces all-in-one Blu-ray chip

Right on the heels of Panasonic, NEC announced it is also mass producing an all-in-one Blu-ray chip, EMMA3P (MC-10092. It slices, it dices, the blade never runs dull and if you order now, you will get a Red Green *and* Blue version! :)
Seriously, this system-on-a-chip (SOC) support the full BD-ROM 2.0 profile, does VC-1, H.264, MPEG 1, 2 and 4, Dolby Digital, Plus and HD, DTS, MPEG1 layer 1 and 2 audio (huh, no mp3?), AAC and MPEG BC, LPCM, CD-DA in hardware (decoding only, sadly)! And everything on two channels. Add some HDMI 1.3 component (RGB) output, 5 channel audio, NTSC/PAL/SECAM composite video, 10/100 Mb/s NIC (huh, no 1 Gb?) and two SATA interfaces and Bob's your uncle!
/me waits for blu-ray prices to come down

photokina in Cologne

A colleague just reminded me of the photokina that takes place 23-28 September in Cologne. I've been meaning to go for years now, maybe this year I can finally make it! Anybody up for a road trip to Cologne? :)

Belkin's wireless HDMI box w300

HDMI, the next SCART interface, is great. But like with SCART, you always seem to have too little ports to plug into as the number of devices you get increases. Not to mention the cable spaghetti at the back of your TV or media center.
Belkin is about to change all that with a wireless HDMI box due in October. Albeit at a price! However, you can also use it to beam HDMI (DVD, Blu-ray, game) to an HDMI beamer at the ceiling or even in the next (bed)room. Coool!
/me wonders about picture quality

OpenMoko's Linux-based open smartphone platform

OpenMoko launched its FreeRunner smartphone, a Linux-based handset that's completely open in both hardware and software, and is designed to encourage third-party modification and customization. Although the FreeRunner's platform is still incomplete, ArsTechnica takes you through it in detail and describes the wows and the foes. Too much choice can kill you! :)

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Killing time in the kitchen

What do you do in the kitchen when you're all done but still waiting for something to cook or simmer? You play a game! Time for some icetris... :) Someone made Tetris ice-cube trays! LOL Now I'm just waiting for some gloves to keep my fingers from freezing.

Kung Fu Panda released

Today, on the day that Kung Fu Panda is released in the Netherlands, I read about a cat adopting a baby panda in the Amsterdam Zoo "Artis".
There is no such thing as coïncidence!

Update: saw it 3x by now (July 28th)

FoxyProxy for Firefox

FoxyProxy is a great proxy configurator for Firefox. It can hierarchically arrange web proxies for you and based on simple URL patterns decide which proxy to use or not.

For instance at work, I could use 3 proxies: 1 for the corporate intranet, another fast one for internet access and downloads and an anonymous proxy for social networks, torrents and other shady business. ;) Or, if you work for various clients that have different web proxies and access rules, passwords, etc., you can configure a separate proxy for each client, use manual switching and when you arrive in the morning, you choose the proxy for the day. Simple, easy and only a hassle once rather then manually tweaking browser proxies each time you get to work.
FoxyProxy lets you do this and even comes with a handy wizard for using Tor, an untraceable, anonymous web proxy.

Google Lively: a Virtual World Across Social Networks

Google Launches Lively, a way for users to create 3D avatars similar to a Nintendo Mii™ that can be embedded anywhere on the web and are connected to others through the Internet.
You embed your avatar, for example, on Facebook, Hyves, Hi5, Orkut, your blog and your site(s), set up a room where others can join you and this way Lively creates a large virtual social network across all others...
I think it's a good idea, because it ties in all your networks into one instantiation or interface yet lets the social network do their own thing independently. But if it's useful... we'll seee

DreamWorks makes 3D movies with Intel

Great news comes in twos... :) I just read that Dreamworks is making a new animation movie "Monsters vs. Aliens"... in 3D! It's scheduled for March 2009, kinda soon. :D
I also read that it will use Intel's latest Larrabee processor to compute all the visual greatness.

Samsung makes fast, cheap, low-power 128 GB solid state disks

Apple lower's prices on the SSD add-on for its Air, Eee PC eyes adding an SSD, Vista enables the use of SSD as a cache... Meanwhile manufacturers are going through hoops to make faster, energyefficient SSD drives that can be cheaper yet bigger.
Samsung's latest and greatest sold state drives hold 64 GB and 128 GB and are 1.8" and 2.5" in size. These SATA II are cheaper than before and only use 0.5 W power when in use, while doing 90 MB/s reads and 70 MB/s writes! 256 GB capacity expected by year's end...

IBM training guides for LPI exams

IBM developerWorks has a series of tutorials for the LPI-3 exam, a Linux certification. They don't give the answers you need, but rather help to train in the required areas. So expect to do some work, not just to memorize answers. ;)

iPhone parks your car

Well... almost! Many people forget where they parked. This is where the iPhone can help...Park your car and tap "Park Me" to take a GPS reading; on the way back, hit "Where Did I Park" for turn-by-turn directions back to the whip. Genius!

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Commodore 64 users create perfect nerdstorm

There is always a bigger nerd somewhere else! :) But it takes a decent size nerd to appreciate this... ;)
Commodore 64 users have just that by creating the world's first Commodore 64 LAN party! rEALLY!
They hooked 8 C64s up with each other over an Ethernet connection and played NetRacer. :respect: (y)

Bill Gates: top 10 greatest hits (and misses)

Engadget has a nice review of Bill Gates' top 10 greatest hits (and misses). You can say what you about Microsoft and it certainly isn't all good. But it isn't all bad either. :) The web wouldn't be the web if they hadn't gotten *everyone* on it. Albeit on a crappy browser, but the point is getting them *on* the web in the first place.

Hasselblad H3DII-50 - 50 Mega pixels

In 2004 I bought the first prosumer D-SLR camera, the EOS 10D, with 6 Mpx. Soon after, the trend for more pixels started as it's easy to compare with. As technology evolved, the signal noise - especially under low light conditions - became another selling point. Next, full-frame sensors are now appearing at affordable prices. So what's next...?
Medium-size cameras, like the Hasselblad H3DII-50! O_o This baby has a 36x48mm sensor from Kodak. Roughly twice the size of the professional full-frame Canon EOS 1Ds. It generates 300 MB photos at the rate of 1 per second. Can you imagine the buffer it must have? Price? Well, the younger brother goes for $37,000 when it comes out in October... so go figure!

Update DPReview has a preview

BMW GINA: a car with texture

Why is the body of a car made from metal? Because it's safer? Harder? Resists impact? Protects you?
Don't think so! It may have done so in a distant past. But today it's only heavy, expensive, fragile, costly and a waste of resources, time and money. All that apart from the fact that you'd like to match your car to your outfit. Not the other way around! :) So what if you could make the body of a car from fabric? Some form of fabric and rubber? Have it mold together with the form of the car and create a whole new level? CHeck out the BMW GINA


Wikinomics, about the science of sharing, openness, eye balls, open source and why and how this can indeed all mean money.

Laugh at High Gas Prices With a 282-MPG VW

VW made a concept car 6 years ago and stashed it for when prices would make it feasible to sell. Now is that time, it seems, as the car only uses 235 miles per gallon, i.e. 1:100 km/l

One-Woman Pixar's Animated Film, 'Sita Sings the Blues,' Premieres at Tribeca

Amid the documentaries and live-action features at this year's Tribeca Film Festival is a first for the event -- a feature-length, computer-generated animated film rendered entirely by a single animator, working out of a home office: 'Sita Sings the Blues'

Journey to the center of the brain

Researchers have identified the central "hub" of our brain, something that was previously believed to be true but not really proven.
Turns out, there is an area of the brain that straddles both sides and sits towards the back, where most activity is centralized or perhaps regulated. Lots of neurons come together here and deliver information... Slashdot already joked if we can upgrade the hub to a more efficient switch and become better at processing info... ;)
/me chuckles at the nerd joke

Sneak Preview of Pixar's "Presto"

Pixar has a new movie, so there is also a new "short". This one called "Presto"
/me adores Pixar

WALL-E teasers, featurettes and previews

Dave's Trailer Page has a ton of WALL-E material now that Pixar's latest has been released in the US. I have to wait another month, not quite, before it's coming out here in the Netherlands. But meanwhile I truly enjoy the sneak peeks I get! Brilliant movie!
Marleen found me WALL-E ringtones too... hilarious! Thnx Mleen!

TVs to become 16:9 as well

While movie makers have been driving widescreen formats of 16:10 (or worse), PC and laptop makers went for 16:9 instead. That explains why most of the time, you'll see a black bar when watching movies on your PC even though both the movie and the screen are widescreen, in case you were wondering. Tom's Hardware reports the Transition To 16:9 Aspect Ratio Unstoppable. So it seems numbers do matter. My guess is that there are more computer screens than TVs and manufacturers are getting tired of having to make two formats...

George Carlin Video Tribute

In honor of the late great George Carlin, a collection of his most memorable stand-up and interview clips.
And in addition, HBO is airing all his major shows on (cable) TV so I hope someone is torrenting them soon!
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George Carlin dies at 71

My all-time favorite comedian, George Carlin, died last week of an heart failure, according to the International Herald Tribune. I first heard about him in college in Pittsburgh, as he was immensely popular with university students. Later, I ordered his CDs over the internet and got his stuff on my stereo. Lately, I browsed youtube for sketches and some brilliant sarcastic self-reflecting thoughts that are so un-American it is genius.