TVs to become 16:9 as well

While movie makers have been driving widescreen formats of 16:10 (or worse), PC and laptop makers went for 16:9 instead. That explains why most of the time, you'll see a black bar when watching movies on your PC even though both the movie and the screen are widescreen, in case you were wondering. Tom's Hardware reports the Transition To 16:9 Aspect Ratio Unstoppable. So it seems numbers do matter. My guess is that there are more computer screens than TVs and manufacturers are getting tired of having to make two formats...


Anonymous said…
It's exactly the opposite: movie makers use 16:9 (or even 2.35:1) and PC makers adopted 16:10, they will, eventually use 16:9 as well.

Which is (IMHO) not a good thing. 4:3 gives more real estate vertical wise... Books are portrait shaped for a reason...

Maybe rotating the 16:9 90 degrees would help... *idea*

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