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Pretec unveils 64GB and 100GB CF cards

Speaking of CF, Pretec now has 64GB and 100GB CF Cards. O_o DPReview lists "Pretec today releases 64GB and 100GB, 233X CF cards with access speed of up to 35MB/s", so they're not the fastest but the largest. Great for multi-booting several unstable OSes with or carrying your choice of instant VMs with you!

SanDisk upgrades CF cards

SanDisk improved its CF cards so that the Extreme III and IV range now sport a 35 MB/s and 40 MB/s speed, resp. Be sure to check the CF/SD speed database.

Kodak introduces advanced CCD sensors

Kodak introduces advanced CCD sensors: Digital Photography Review: "Kodak has designed a new line of advanced CCD image sensors to power the latest medium format DSLRs, including the Leica S2, Sinar HY6-65 and Hasselblad H3DII-50. The Leica S2 features the KAF-37500 37.5MP sensor with an imaging area of 45mm x 30mm, bringing in a completely new format; interestingly it also includes a novel slimline infrared filter, which we'd guess could eventually find its way into a future Leica M sensor. The Sinar Hy6-65 sports the KAF-31600 34.6MP sensor with an imaging area of 46mm x 35mm, and the Hasselblad H3DII-50's KAF-50100 50MP, 48mm x 36mm sensor sets a new benchmark in medium format camera resolution."

Cross-industry body publishes metadata guidelines

Cross-industry body publishes metadata guidelines: Digital Photography Review: "The Metadata Working Group, an alliance between Adobe, Apple, Canon, Microsoft, Nokia and Sony has published its first guidelines on the use of image metadata. The guidelines suggest methods to increase interoperability and storage of shooting settings and other associated data in digital images. It aims at standardizing the availability of metadata across all applications and devices, making it easier for users to create, organize and share their pictures."

45 Million Year Old Yeast Reborn In Modern Beer

So what do scientists do when they discover a tiny colony of yeast trapped inside a Lebanese weevil covered in ancient Burmese amber for up to 45 million years? Bring it back to life in barrels of beer, of course! Why? Because they can!

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Thrustmaster Lightsaber for the Wii

In light of the recently immensely popular new Star Wars game, Thrustmaster created a lightsaber for the Wii: Glow Saber Duo Pack NW.

Earth maybe flat after all

The is flat round after all. Or is it? Well we can't change much about the pictures from space. But as for the material the universe is made up of, all bets are off! We may undo a belief we have had for 450 years. That is, we may be Overturning Copernicus, eliminating dark energy. It is a bit dry and theoretical, but then bleeding-edge science tends to be that way. The ideas are very interesting, nonetheless!

Apple: official unlocked iPhone 3G

I just read that Apple is officially selling an unlocked iPhone in Asia. It gives complete freedom is choosing an operator. However, once you have done so, that operator then becomes fixed through the use of iTunes.

WarioLand Wii video

MrVanes sent me a great link with a promo of in-game footage of Nintendo's new WarioLandgame for the Wii.
Genius marketing!

Project 10 to the 100th

I submitted an idea for the Project 10 to the 100th. Maybe it'll be something, maybe not... :)

Google 's 10th Birthday

Just found a site for Google's 10th Birthday. It's an historic overview of Google through the years. Kinda cool! :nerd:


RareWares is a site for hard-to-find software. It kinda is. They have hard to find audio processing tools that you wouldn't believe. Multichannel Ogg encoders, FLV encoders, LAME 3.98, FLAC and AAC. Cross-platform too, if possible, and precompiled binaries for the lazy *cough* like me *cough*

Smugmug, Canon and bad press

Read Don MacAskill's blog about what he did for Vincent LaForet and his independent HF film that he made for Canon with their new 5D MkII. The film is amazing. the behind the scenes footage is cool and the camera is truly amazing! I wish I had the extra cash! :)
But then read Don's follow-up posting about Canon pulling the goodwill generated by Smugmug back and how it seems some people over at Canon have their heads screwed on the wrong way. Like Don, I don't understand but I only hope there is a good reason...

Glowing Red Animals

National Geographic reports that scientists has discovered Glowing Red Fish on a reef in the ocean. That's weird because until now, most marine animals use blue or green. Red is absorbed by the sea water much more quickly than blue or green. Why the fish use it, they still don't know. But so far 32 species have been found to use red, most of the deep sea fishmonsters.
I, however, would be much MUCH more scared to see a glowing red cat in the dark...

To dye for: Blondes really do have more fun as study reveals women with lighter hair have more confidence

Research reveals that Blondes really do have more fun. They stand up for themselves, approach someone more easily, ask for raises earlier than non-bleached women. Although this holds for most people who dye their hair, the increase is most noticeable with blondes. There is one down-side: blond women make £4000 per year less than brunettes! ;)

Mega Man 9 Nintendo Wii Review

Digg says MegaMan gets a 8.6 / 10 in a review and elsewhere I read that it sold 60,000 copies in the first day. Best thing about it? It's not a normal Wii game, it's WiiWare. That means someone else wrote it and Nintendo liked it enough to put it in their WiiWare channel... :) Cool! I guess I'm off to input some credits in my WiiWare account. I've been meaning to do so for a long time, but this is it!

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I don't like Soccer, but I think the RoboCup is cool and I love nanotechnology. So 2 years ago, some got the idea put the two together. It worked! Now we have: Nanosoccer!!!

Soccer bots, operated by remote-controlled magnetic fields and electric signals, slide discs around instead of a ball on a field 30x30 mm. Humans view the competition through a microscope!

12-year old improves solar cells 500-fold

A 12-year old from Oregon, US, invented a new 3D design for solar cells that could improve their efficiency 500 fold! William Yuan realized the cells could use UV and visible light, used carbon nanotubes to overcome traditional problems and improved the 3D design. He was rewarded a $25,000 scholarship and is trying to bring his idea to market.
/me bows deep in respect


Belysio reminded me of Bliin... I'd love to play with all these things. Lately, Web2.0 is ablaze with new start-ups, tools, mobile gadgets and services... *Sigh* Wish I was back at R&D... :(

Kodak OLED WiFi photo frame

I've been looking for a nice digital photo frame for some time now. We got a cheap one right after our wedding but it's terrible. Low res, very white LCD, terrible UI. Yuck!
The Kodak OLED Wireless Frame seems a lot more promising: OLED 7.6" 16:9 display with 800x480 resolution. Still not high, but I have a lot more faith in the quality Kodak can make. Now if only the price would be reasonable: £500 Yikes!

Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Full-Frame, Full-HD video

Canon just got official with its EOS 5D Mark II. The full-frame shooter updates the original 5D introduced back in 2005 with a 24 x 36mm 21.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC 4 processor with 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion, and the ability to capture Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 video -- take that Nikon D90 and your paltry 720p. We're talking expanded 50-25,600 ISO range,15-point autofocus with 9 selectable AF points, 3-inch Live View LCD offering 4x the pixels of the original 5D, and a 3.9fps burst for unlimited JPEGs or up to 14 RAW images when using a UDMA CF card. Engadget has all the details, as does DPReview

Hurricane Ike: Stunning Pre and Post Storm Photos

These images show a stretch of Bolivar Peninsula on Sept. 9, before Ike, and on Sept. 15, two days after landfall. The damage is just incredible! Holy Moly!

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'Upside Down Rainbow' Caused by Freak Weather

"Freak atmospheric conditions rarely seen outside the polar regions have been credited with causing the formation of an upside down rainbow..."Actually it's not that freaky but it is rare to see it this clear. Ice crystals high up in the atmosphere act like prismas and create a rainbow halo. So it's supposed to be a full circle, even. Nonetheless still gorgeous!

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VGA Charts 2008

Tom's Hardware, our friendly German neighborhood geek, released VGA Charts 2008. A test of 101 video cards spanning 5 generations at three resolutions (1280x1024, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 pixels) both with and without anisotropic filtering (AF) and anti-aliasing (AA).
All you were really wondering about but were afraid to ask. :) Even if you are not looking for the latest greatest card for gaming, it could be useful to browse the test and see what killer cards are up to these days.

Swype: Blindingly Fast Touchscreen Text Entry from T9 inventor

You know T9, right? The system by which you enter text msgs on your phone. The same guy who invented that now has a cool new system for touch interfaces when you need to enter text. By swiping across the on-screen keyboard, keeping your finger on the screen and going over the letters you want, it guesses the word you want... Hard to believe? Check out the videos on Gizmodo!
Coming to an iPhone or Android soon...

Dropbox: online storage for all your UMPCs and netbooks

As we move more and more files, pictures, content and so on online, having a netbook (Eee PC, Aspire one, Wind, etc.) becomes very handy. And USB disks are cheap and big. However, the worst thing for a hard disk is moving it. the 2nd worst thing is turning it off and on frequently. Yet that's what we do all the time when on the move.So enter DropBox: a 2 GB online folder that connects cross-platform to Apple OSX, Windows and Linux. And for $10/month you get 50 GB. Of course, Amazon S3 also does this but without the nice GUI. Read 'em and weep.

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Image lets you record the songs you play, when you play them and share your musical taste with friends. based on similarities, you'll get recommendations about music you may like. Artist info is sort of a wiki format and fans upload photos, videos and info. then adds personal web radio stations for artists "like this one" or for "music like blues", and so on. Very decent and works very well. No need to take music with you. :) only does the latter part. You create a station and insert music to play for you and your friends. It also ties in with So I'm a bit confused as to what it exactly adds, but it is nice to have a fixed set of playlists online somewhere (in case crashes).

Lego Wall-E

I'm am in awe of the skillz of this guy who built a Lego Wall-E. Now let's see Eve!
/me whistles

The Psychology Behind Twitter

The root at what has made Twitter an internet craze is not just micro-blogging. Twitter is big because it is instant. Twitter is hot because it allows us to be voyeurs. Twitter is changing the world because it is a platform of social equality. Most importantly, it is HUGE because it has created Micro Fame. What's that...? Well, read on.

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What's the latest CSS support in email clients?

Campaign Monitor posted results of their 2008 testing of CSS support in email clients. There's now 21 different sets of test results, covering both desktop and web based email clients. This information will definitely come in handy when deciding how to construct your templates. The article has a downloadable PDF as well as a web version.

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Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Designers

Six Revisions has a really useful collection of Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Designers. I knew a couple of them already. I don't really need all the CS3 sheets, but the fonts sheets are really useful!

Apple News Day

Apple had major announcements yesterday. It was hyped all over the Net, but I didn't think it was that shocking. New iPod Nanos, thinner iPod Touch. Apple also introduced iTunes 8. Most striking news for me was HDTV downloads for $3 (vs $2 for regular format), which makes it useful as a media center setup. If you don't want to wait for torrents to download, you pay up and get high-res TV shows and episodes. Cool.

Inhabitat: Solar Tree

Check out this stunning gadget that charges your various devices too: SOLAR TREE by Vivien Muller

Canon EOS 50D Hands-on Preview

DPreview has a preview of the Canon EOS 50D. I was gonna try to actually make it to the Photokina in Cologne this year. I've always wanted to go and with Petra serious and all (she's got a Press card!) I thought it would be the right occasion. But I think she'll be out of town then, business trip or so. So we'll see. Would be cool though! :drool: :D

Kung Fu Panda - web game

Be the panda, be the panda, BE... the panda!
Kung Fu Panda TDV

Top 10 Apps Worth Jailbreaking Your iPhone to Get

The iTunes App Store is becoming a trendsetter for other companies in the mobile market. With a thousands of apps to choose from and over 60 million downloads total, what more could you ask for? Apparently a lot. Users still aren't satisfied with the offerings nor the apps that Apple is choosing to not let into the App Store. Here are 10 apps worth breaking the iPhone for...

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Intelligently designed? Ars reviews Spore

With Spore, Will Wright intends to make you an Intergalactic Galactic ruler who begins life as a bottom-feeding primordial soup dweller. When I first saw the game back in early 2006 I wondered, would Wright and his team over at Maxis be able to pull this off?

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World to end Wednesday

If you have something important to do, please hurry up and do it quickly, because the World is to end Wednesday.

Well actually, the CERN in Switzerland will start a new super collider that day and might create a mini black hole, which - potentially - could suck up and destroy the world. :) well at least now we know what happened to the poor dinosaurs 65 million years ago: nuclear power! ROFL

bliin: Always There

Just checked out bliin... really cool and kinda scary too!

Google Chrome - comic book

Read about this while on vacation. Didn't know what it was about and no time to check into it. But Google Chrome is a new type of web browser, based on today's needs with no legacy burden. What if you could design it from scratch, not bothered with old stuff from 1997 and such. Check out the Google Chrome - comic book story that clearly illustrates the ideas the designers had and why. Recommended!