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Nathan Sawaya: The Art of the Brick | Gallery

T-Mobile G1 handset gets unlocked

Already... the Android phone has just gone on sale in the UK and already the T-Mobile G1 is unlocked.

Fembot comes to iPhone

Just read that Fembot has arrived on the iPhone. WTF? It's a useless but fun application that has dancing female bot on your phone and she moves depending on your *touch screen* input gestures... It's also a bot from Austin Powers. But even youtube doesn't have ay mobile phone videos yet...

Movie: Last Chance Harvey

I am a sucker for a romance movie, especially if it makes you feel good about things. Last Chance Harvey is one of those kinds. Bitter and sweet, but I love the feeling of seeing two people twirl around each other in denial of love and then getting together! :D aaaah, so cuuute, BUT IT'S WRONG! ROFL

Microsoft shows off Windows 7 operating system

T3 has a scoop on Windows 7, the successor to Vista. Check it out.

Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition arrives tomorrow

Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition arrives tomorrow and introduced a load of new features for Ubuntu servers. Virtualization, a complete Java stack including OpenJDK, better mail capabilities including anti-virus and anti-spam measures, default encrypted home directories if you so choose, hardening of packages and easier firewalling. Last but not least: integrated system management using Landscape.

SmugBlog: Load Balancing & Auto-Scaling! in EC2

Don MacAskill wrote on his SmugBlog about Amazon's massive cloud computing platform AWS that they have taken EC2 out of beta and introduced Load Balancing and Auto-Scaling of servers. Cool!

Secrets of Addictive Games

Bejeweled, the game you should never ever, I mean never, show to your girlfriend/wife has been played for an estimated 6 billion hours! That's everyone in the entire world for an hour on end! O_o
The creator, almost ready with a 3rd sequel spills the secrets of addictive games. He's got a point!

Pclix: time-lapse photography made easy

Ran into Pclix LT while watching a gorgeous sunset. Both are amazing! Oh and it fits almost all modern DSLRs, even yours. ;) And you'll need some software to convert all the images into an AVI video to get the full effect. Or print them on 3x4" paper to get a nice flip-book!

Birthday presents!

I had one of the best birthday parties last night! Thanks to everyone who joined me! It was almost as I remember from university... Lots of people were there and not everyone knew each other. But it turned out great and I had a blast! I also got great gift, so that's even better! :)
Tried out my USB keys, to complement my Eee PC 900 and was slightly disappointed to note U3 is a Windows/Mac only thing. Not all is lost though, because Linux comes with a great many tools to do the same anyway. Would've just been easy. I'll use one 8 GB to store boot images, tools and more and brand one as my mobile office with Truecrypt, Email, firefox, Skype, Pidgin IM, FileZilla and more.
My parents and Isa gave me the DVDs to Armin's Imagine tour last April in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht as well as the registration of the Elements of Life tour on Copenhagen! Wonderful! Awesome parties, still sad a missed the party in Copenhagen! Looks awesome!
Thanks also for the liquors, the monetary gifts,…

Crazy Pianos Scheveningen

Got a call from friends from Doen! that there was a club night in Crazy Pianos Scheveningen and if was coming? :) Deborah was teasing me she'd even wear a skirt for the occasion, as she never does, and at midnight it would be my birthday. :) Oh well, Jessica and Petra wanted to celebrate the founding of Evi Leyes and Eager, so to hit multiple birds (pun intended!) with one stonedrink we went there...

Movie: Bolt (2008)

Speaking of dogs, Disney (Pixar?) has a new one coming out soon too: Bolt (2008). It's the adventures of a stunt dog who thinks he has super powers and tries to rescue a befriended cat from the pound. And it has a hilarious cast of characters. Especially the hamster... Check the chase!

Movie: Marley & Me

I'm not one for sentimental, feel-good, tear jerking romantic girly movies... OK, so I am. :) Sue me!
But Marley & Me (2008) is about a dog, a Golden Retriever, and puppies and naughty dog doing things he shouldn't but get away with it and did I mention Jennifer Aniston? Oh well, check the trailer!


My like MiniMe is based on PCLinuxOS, fluxflux is also derived from the minimal PCLinuxOS desktop which is then completely and easily customizable to suit your taste.
Fluxflux is also custom built for the Eee PC, not only the 900 but also the older 2G/4G and the newer 1000H and so on. Highly recommended if you don't want to mess with settings, digging through Linux files and so on, like I did yesterday. I just got MiniMe working, except for the webcam now, but perhaps I'll give it a try later on.
BTW, ubootnetin rules when it comes to creating bootable USB or SD sticks and cards!

Installing Mini-Me to an eeePC 900

Well, I managed to install MiniMi just fine. Updated the madwifi driver and got connected to Internet easily. However, the updated kernel presented some troubles...

I kept getting "mount error 123" upon reboot, after installing the new kernel. It simply wouldn't boot from /dev/sda1. Tried Google and found only problems relating to SATA disks. Then, this morning, I remembered the HOWTO listing a config file that needed a switch removed... Right! RTFM Chris! INITRDOPTS must be empty in /etc/sysconfig/installkernel! Duuh! Reinstalled, the new kernel - again - edited the file and rebooted. Now DKMS is remaking all kinds of modules and it compiles just fine! Woohoo! Thanks!

Installing PCLinuxOS Mini-Me to an eeePC 900

As I am home alone today, I can nerd all I want with the heat turned dow to a comfortable 19&degree; Celsius, Trance & Techno & livesets blasting from the Mac Mini MediaPC and a pot of fresh espresso nearby! w00t

Decided to give the Mini-Me disto a try, as I read good things about it. Abusing Petra's USB Lipstick again as it is the only &$#%@& bootable USB stick in the house, I tried the Live OS and was amazed! It uses KDE but looks very crisp and clear and the OS is just blazing compared to Eeeubuntu I have been using the last week. :) Very pleased! So I am installing it, however MiniMe wouldn't start WiFi. On my netbook, that is a big Must Have so I checked Google and found Installing Mini-Me to an eeePC 900 (2.6.26 kernel - everything WORKING!!). I'll update here as I progress...

Update: Alright, now at my 3rd reinstall of minime. Got the WiFi working with madwifi update. Then enable the testing repo as well to get better support and install remaining …

Blender 2.48: It isn't all about play

The Blender Foundation has released Blender 2.48. This release mainly improves on the game engine of Blender. Blender 2.48's game engine offers improved level design and better games logic editing. Logic components can now be grouped in "logic states" between which the game can switch seamlessly during operation. The physics simulation now uses the Bullet Physics library for modeling soft bodies. The fluid simulation controls and the functionality of the "wind" force field were also enhanced.
Sounds so cool! I wish was able to use it rather than just write about it...

USB Xubuntu 8.04.1

Using Petra's USB stick I was finally able to install Eeebuntu on my Eee PC. All the other USB drives had boot issues in that they simply wouldn't boot! Grrr
Eeebuntu is very nice on my Eee 900, although a bit sluggish. I'm also still unaccustomed to the interface, which I find a bit unintuitive.
That led me to check out other Linux distos for the Eee. I'm very keen to try Xubuntu 8.04.1 on the Eee. Xcfe is much lighter than GNOME and should perform snappier on the Eee. I'm also eager to try PCLinuxOS in the Minime version. That is based on Mandriva Linux, a stable and robust Linux version from France. But first I'll have to wait until, hopefully, I get a couple of decent USB drives for my birthday...

Engadget: T-Mobile G1 review

Engadget reviews the Googlephone, aka the T-Mobile G1.

Spore has 30 million creatures

Besides the announcement for a Spore Add-on kit, I read that the Spore universe now has 30 million different, unique creatures running around. That's roughly 20x the total number of lifeforms on Earth. Well, known lifeforms that is. :)

Canon 5D MkII footage is back up!

If you're quick, you can see the Full-HD movie a US photographer made using a lend Canon EOS 5D Mark II digicam. Because you can use regular Canon lenses and record directly in Full-HD, it makes for an easy workflow. The video is really nice!

Amazon S3 - Busier Than Ever, Now Cheaper

Read on Don MacAskill's blog that Amazon S3 is now cheaper. That's cool because I've envisioned building myself an online-only model for all my computing needs using an Asus Eee 900 as the workstation. All files, photos, mails and music will be online. I had planned on using S3 in some way, perhaps for archiving, and Dropbox for another. SmugVault will be used for photo archiving. will handle all my music, in combination with the widget at home on iTunes, which will handles my library.

Apple updates MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Most important news: NVIDIA 9400M GPU so you finally get some real oompf in the thing. LED display that's brighter and more energy efficient. Multi-touch trackpad much like what the touch screen on the iPhone and iPod Touch do.
Read T3 magazine for the details, check Apple for the source.

Putting (micro) Black Holes to good use

Black holes are terrible. They are the ultimate power and nothing can escape them. They eat everything that gets too close. Why do they exist anyway? What use do they have? Well, here are 15 things you can do with a black hole! LOL

Funeral Salomon Peper

Today, my grandfather Salomon Peper aka Opa Sal aka Sally, was burried on the cemetery "Oud Kralingen" in Rotterdam. After struggling for a week with multiple tumors in lungs and liver and refusing to eat or drink, he passed away with my dad at his side.

Cemetary Oud Kralingen

My grandfather will be buried on Tuesday, 2pm, on the Begraafplaats Oud Kralingen. It is a really old burial site belonging to the former village of Kralingen, originating in 1550. It's now part of the greater Rotterdam area.

DIY Mac & iPod Repair

Apple is relatively closed about its products, how they're made and repair must be done at 'authorized dealers'... Riiight. That would be true if it weren't for the Internet!
Check DIY Mac & iPod Repair from They have every Mac product in the universe dissected, illustrated with clear photos and howtos. So if your iPod is bricked or your iMac won't boot or you just want to replace the hard disk and add more RAM, read their site, get the parts and do it yourself! Genius!

Subversion clients for OS X and Finder

CollabNet Community has an up-to-date subversion client for Apple OSX 10.4+ as a universal binary. Other svn clients for OSX are SmartSVN, RapidSVN, svnX and Xcode. SCplugin is an extension to the Finder, much like TortoiseSVN does with Explorer on Windows.

update: SmartSVN also integrates with the Finder in OS X 10.4+.

Tilt Shift Cameras and Lenses

A posting on Pownce today started this venture into "tilt-shift camera" techniques. A selective blurring of the scene, controlling the depth of field as well as the plane of focus, to guide the eye where you want to go. At the same time, pictures get the sense of being miniature photos. The shift of focus and the plane of focus, mimic what we often see in macro photography. So we think they're miniatures.
Anyway, turns out Nikon invented it for its SLRs in the 60s (!) and Canon followed in 73. O_O It's ancient! Not old, but ancient, antique! So I'm shocked to find this whole wikipedia page on it with a link to Vincent Laforet who did a great piece on this for the New York Times. :) Cool!

PS3 needs a price drop

I agree with T3 when they say that the PS3 needs a price drop. I just saw an add for the Xbox 360 for €149! :shock: The PS3 is still €350. I don't want to pay more than 300, tops! I know my friend Imro is waiting for me to buy one and I could, could I'm afraid it will cost me too much time or that I can't put in the time that I'd want to. In between work, life, wife, partying, Wii and cooking there simply isn't too much left. :(

Maps+Books mash-up: Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Readers can browse sample book pages and click on highlighted locations, which then display satellite images along with relevant info, audio or video. The developer says OnScene is the "bridge" between the novel and digital media. He hopes the convergence can capture a younger demographic of book worms...Or how about walking along the path of the book's prima character in historic novels?!? Da vinci code "walk-throughs" or Carcasonne and so on... genius!

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Opa Peper dying

After 94 years and shortly after their 67th (!) marriage anniversary on Sept 11th, my grandfather is in the hospital of which he won't be released alive. He seems to want to die as they found him on the floor last weekend, severely dehydrated and malnourished. It seemed to refused to eat or drink. After the weekend they took him off of life support, medication and IVs leaving only morphine against the pain. He has tons of tumors all over his body.
Everyone has been to visit him, even my father who was plagued by strikes in Belgium and France. So now he can hopefully accept the idea and let go. My grandmother came in on Sunday one last time. My uncle took this picture of them holding hands one last time...
/me chokes up

Five second boot mod for ASUS Eee PC

Intel engineers have modded the already modded Linux installation of the Eee PC! They managed a Five second boot mod! And that is all the way to an idle CPU and disk... O_o Wow!
It was so fast that the splash screen was removed. You probably couldn't see it anyway. LOL

Earth was destroyed last night

A small asteroid, 3-4 meters in size, hit the sky above Northern Sudan last night around 3am. There was a chance of 99.8% of it hitting Earth and exploding with a force estimated at 1 kiloton TNT (1000kg of dynamite). See CNN too.

Asus S101 Eee PC netbook details leaked

Just bought the Eee 900 when T3 tells me the S101 Eee PC netbook details were leaked. However, there's no confirmation yet.
I'm not too sad. The 900/901 are the perfect form factor. 9" screen is just big enough. Bigger means more more power, means heavier, means less battery life. 1024x600 resolution is fine for browsing. While the S101 looks cooler and is ultra thin, I'm fine with mine. Besides, all those features cost extra money and I'm not paying €500+ for a midget sized laptop. I can get a regular for that money!

WordCamp NYC: Matt Mullenweg on the State of Wordpress

CenterNetworks has a video of Matt Mullenweg on the State of Wordpress taken at WordCamp NYC. He talks about the current state of Wordpress, a walkthrough of the upcoming version 2.7 and the future.

Asus Eee PC 900

While at Correct in Rotterdam, saturday, I bought myself an Eee PC! W00t! Comes with Xandros Linux, uses KDE 3.4.2 for a very Windows-like appearance and boot incredibly fast! I liked the interface they made but hated that I can't change anything easily. So needless to say I'll be experimenting with various Linux distos to see which one suits me the best. :) (Because I can!) That's what I'll use unetbootin for... There even is a torrent out there with the WinXP image, if you like. Heard that is boots very fast too and works just great too, if you prefer Windows over Linux.
Check the Eee PC specs, if your curious. I wanted a 901 series, but they are hard to find here and would be overpriced. The 900 is sweet and small and works fine.


Quickly and easily install any OS on any machine that can boot off of a USB drive. Use UNetbootin to write the boot files to your favorite USB key/stick/drive and reboot. Windows and Linux clients, both worked well for me. Highly Recommended™!

HOWTO build a data center

Google is showing the world how to build a data center using Sustainable Computing. Simple tips can significantly reduce the amount of energy it takes to power and cool a modern data center. Very interesting read!


Tonight: Awakenings! w00t

Today is my first day at, a cozy cooking studio in the Houtrustkerk in Den Haag. It for groups of people who'd like to eat out but get involved too and exists for 8 years already, 3 years of which in the basement of a small community church. You pick a menu, maybe get a wine tasting as well and show up. I'll be one of the head chefs ;) who welcomes you, explains the deal, leads you to the cooking islands where all the necessary ingredients are already waiting for you and then I tell everyone how to start... It's great fun to cook as well as host!

That's Not My Name

Heard this song for the first time months ago on TMF. Forgot about it until this week. Then I heard a similar song on and found it The Ting Tings’s Music Videos – That's Not My Name
/me jumps around the office shouting... :bounce:

Dolphins play "bubble rings"

Checkout these dolphins making air rings in the water and then chasing them... :D WTF How the hell do they make these and why do the rings keep traveling with them?

Earth's Air Divided by Chemical Equator

Scientists have found a temporary "chemical equator" that separates the heavily polluted air of the Northern Hemisphere from the cleaner air of the Southern Hemisphere over the Western Pacific — only it isn't where they expected to find it.

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