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USB Lego™ Memory Brick

Speaking of geeks, you gotta love the Lego-style USB Memory Brick that hold 4 GB!

iGala WiFi Picture Frame

iGala Wireless Digital Picture Frame runs on Linux. w00t! n163!

The Labradoodle

Femke sent me information on the weirdest sounding dog I've come across so far: The Labradoodle. It's a cross between a Lab(rador) and a Poodle in order to try to get a dog race that is available to allergic people. These don't shed, for instance... thanks Femke! I'll look into it!

iPhone Antenna Boost tricks

I read more and more reports on signal strengths issues with the iPhone. I even notice them myself with my Nokia SmartPhone, so some of these tricks may work in general. As phones become smaller and smaller, our hands cover many places that the phone uses for signal reception. These tricks try either improve the reception in a alternative area, or boost the signal in a specific area. :) Easy
Check out C|Net's iPhone Atlas, Griffin's ClearBoost sleeve or external antenna's from the iPhoneAntenna guy. The latter can even be used with a general external signal booster. :) Fugly but will work for sure!

Note that these solutions will enhance your voice calls in case you're in an area with bad reception, for instance office buildings with heat shielded windows, many other signals interfering with your voice call or rural areas where the signal simply isn't that strong. But they also can strengthen your WiFi signal.

Hubble circles 100,000th Orbits

The Hubble telescope has completed 100,000 orbits! WOW That's amazing, even without figuring out how many km that is!
In honor of the event it snapped a new picture of Large Magellanic Cloud that still is amazing, even after seeing it already in 1995...

YouTube - Fast and Furious Cars: Pixar Drift

Seems Pixar is coming with sequel to Cars: Fast and Furious Cars: Pixar Drift. Looks a funny spoof on "Too Fast and Too Furious" and although I don't expect a lot of new stuff, I'm eager to watch it

Simplify Media - stream your music to your iPhone

A colleague mentioned this really easy utility that lets you stream your music collection to your iPod or iPhone. Simplify Media installs as a server on your existing mp3 collection and stream music to you and any friends that you authorize! But it also streams it to your iPod, as the Touch model has WiFi access, as well as your iPhone. Whether on the road over 3G (!) of at home over WiFi.
It probably uses the DAAP protocol, which is already in iTunes and other players. So this is not really something brand new. It exists. But SimplifyMedia makes it really easy and... cross-platform for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux! Works with Ubuntu and Rythmbox. W00t! It can hook your entire iTunes, WinAMP or mp3 folder up to your friends, no wires necessary...

Petra's Inspirational Cards

Yesterday, Petra's Inspirational Cards were delivered and we now have boxes full of them here, stacked high out of the way as much as possible. :) She already sold 150 200 as a gift for business relations. A few people have also asked for them. :)
If you'd like an Eyeopener set of 55 beautifully photographed cards with a little oneliner to make to you think and reflect, check out FeelGoodies, who are her "Authorized Reseller". :D Hihi sounds so cool!

Update: added deeplink to cards


Woow, so many new animation films coming out! Bolt being one of favorite, but astroboy also looks to be interesting. The cast is very promising, at least. Not much to see yet though. Keep checking Dave's Trailer Page! ;)

Monsters vs Aliens

Woohoo! Dreamworks is also working Monsters vs. Aliens, a wacky funny animation picture about Aliens that invade Earth and they call for captured Monsters - caught through the years - to fight for them and free from the Aliens. ROFLMAO
Calls for some great characters again! It reminded a bit of Monsters Inc, but also Men in Black and Incredibles. :) You'll see, just watch the featurette!

Ice Age 3 trailer

Saw a very funny little teaser for Ice Age 3 on Dave's Trailer Page. ROFL
Really funny! Very curious to see what they come up with next... ETA for the Netherlands, July 1st 2009! booohoo

Steam Linux on the way?

ArsTechnica also reports that someone has detected Linux binaries inside the Windows client of Valve. While the use of DRM may be frowned upon, there is no arguing that Valve has created a nice compromise between Publishers and Gamers. You pay for what you play, can change or stop anytime, and get nicely packaged games at the push of a button. Interesting...

Linux on the iPhone

ArsTechnica: "An iPhone hacker has successfully ported the open source Linux kernel to Apple's popular mobile device. Although the port is still at a very early stage of development and currently only supports a slim subset of the iPhone's capabilities, it demonstrates the versatility of the Linux kernel and the ingenuity of iPhone modding enthusiasts."

Six Apart - Pownce

Six Apart has bought Pownce. Pownce is now dead. As of December 15th, it will no longer be accessible. So use the export function to get a hold of your stuff on Pownce, if you like.