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12 Windows mocking wallpapers

Some funny and cool wallpapers in which windows is mocked by Linux! LOL

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Google Android for netbooks - FAQ

Martin pointed me a while ago to people who've been getting netbooks (i.e. EEE PC, InspireOne, Wind, etc) running on Google's Android OS. It's a Linux core, so being able to run on the hardware Linux already runs on is not that big a deal.

However, their work indicated Google seems (it might) target netbooks actively, instead of just mobile phones. That is very interesting, especially seen in the light of recent developments in Server Based Computing (SBC), cloud computing, online storage and backup, Software as a Service, Google Chrome, Google Apps and so on. It suddenly really makes sense to have a versatile OS ready for as many platforms as you can fit!

Check out the FAQ about those Android netbooks.

Getting Being old

Today I realized I am not getting older, I am old. :)
I read the newsletter of the Pitt Alumni and glanced upon the Athletics news. That reminded me of my Diving coach Julian Krug and I wondered how he'd be. I searched Google and found some news regarding the Olympics from last Summer in Beijing. "Cool!" I thought and read it...
It shocked me to read about Cassidy Krug, who tried to make the selection.. O_o She was 3 when I met her. Julian and his wife Dorothy often brought her to practise or diving meets where I'd help with the scoring. She would bounce all over the trampoline and make me jealous with her dare devil attitude! :) LOL Now... she graduated from Stanford (where was in the Diving team), wanted to make the Olympic team and is writing Diving history just like her father! Oh and she'll 22 years old and beautiful! ;)

World Divorce Statistics

Today, Petra gave me the worst possible news: she does not see how we can continue our relationship despite our efforts. She does not believe common counseling will do any good except prolong the process. She no longer thinks she wants to grow old with me. :( A divorce is the only option.

I'm officially heart broken and numb. Being part of 34% (2007) of all divorces in the Netherlands is not a good feeling and something I least expected.

Obama's new robots.txt file

On a deep nerd level, this was very cool to me. :)
They've changed the robots.txt file on the whitehouse's webservers. The file tells search engines what to ignore and what to include. Checkout the US's new robots.txt file and compare it to the one under Bush. O_o

Why Google Employees Quit

In 2008 Google HR set up a private Google Group to ask former employees why they left the company. We’ve been forwarded what appears to be authentic posts to the thread by a number of ex-Googlers, which we reprint below minus identifying information other than their first names...Interesting read! But loooooooong.

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NovelQuest - Emperor Specifications

Women can't have enough shoes or handbags or earrings or so. Useless accessories, if you ask me.

Men can't have a big enough TV screen, CPU power, GPU power or PCs. However, this may be the ultimate thing: NovelQuest - Emperor. If we have that, we need no more and can be satisfied we're done. We're King of the Hill, Top Dog, Head Honcho, Master Control Program. :) w00t I for one want one! LOL

Metal That Remembers Its Shape

Nitinol is a metal alloy sometimes called Shape Memory Alloy (SMA). You can shape it when hot, for instance, and then let cool. When cold, warp the metal, and hot water et voila! So cool to see!

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If there IS life on Mars, this is where it lives

If there is life on Mars as NASA scientists claim, this is where it lives. This extraordinarily detailed picture shows exactly where the most methane, taken as an indication of life, can be found. Appropriately enough for the sphere dubbed the Red Planet, the scarlet areas are the places where scientists have detected the most of the gas.

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Integrating Twitter and Hyves

Hyves is the Dutch Facebook. Although there are a bunch of Dutch on Facebook, there are 5 million on Hyves! So integration with Hyves is a big pro!

Hence my interest in Twwwitter: Tweets op je Hyves. I've been long loathing some things on Hyves. WieWatWaar is one of them. It's waaay to hard to tweet on Hyves. but moving to Twitter made no sense (except for Facebook integration). Now that Twitter has a million users too, as of this week, I may make the switch. Twitter has a gazillion times better tweet platform than Hyves. Sorry Hyvers!

Seam Carving aka Content-Aware image resizing

After research showed a prototype (PDF) years ago and the open source community jumping on it, giving the GIMP the first public filter that does content-aware image resizingaka "seam caring", photoshop and the iPhone now also get it.

iTunes Plus: Everything you need to know

Apple's iTunes Store is almost completely DRM-free, and will be entirely DRM-free from spring. This means files downloaded from iTunes work on heaps of devices that aren't from Apple. What better way to celebrate the final bullet to the living corpse of copy protection than by reading everything you need to know about iTunes Plus?

iPhone AppStore has 4 browser alternatives

It seems Apple is reevaluating their AppStore policy and has allowed 4 alternative 3rd Party Browsers for Safari. Sadly Opera and Mobile Firefox still lack approval. Hopefully soon!

Google Blog Converters 1.0 Released

I've been meaning to change my Blogger account(s) over to WordPress, but Google didn't have export features. Only import. Well, that 's changed!

Now that Google allows exports, their angle on it being "your blog, your data", they've also made a converter script. Check the Google Open Source Blog for details. From what I gather, the export yields an XML file that the script can convert to other formats (currently LiveJournal, MoveableType and WordPress).


Back from a 3 week vacation to Cuba with Petra and her dad. It was great, wonderful weather, great country, terrible but nutritious food (no spices whatsoever!) and beautiful sights. Only bad thing was my allergies and the hotel beds. That became cumulatively worse and resulted in an infection in both eyes and a terrible snot head with headaches. My eyes are still bad but it should dissipate this week. Pfff, so glad it is nice and chilly here. :)

Petra should have uploaded the photo book to blurb by now, so we may have it this weekend already, otherwise next week. I'll upload my pics this week to Smugmug, so you can all be jealous. Oh and smugmug made me a Power User for free for life because I was among the first 200 customers and have been with them for so long! :) Cool eh?! SO now I can adapt my lay-out with CSS and upload videos too. Coool!

update: Petra has photos!
update2: My photos online too