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Sabrina Starke | Official website

Sabrina Starke... just a mental note here. She's performing in the Hague and I wanna check her out.

Turing Bomb rebuilt from scratch

A code breaker machine used in WWII was silently rebuilt by a group of volunteers, veterans and skilled technicians. After 14 years, the Turing Bomb was activated recently. It would analyze 158 trillion possible combinations to decrypt Nazi messages and take about 11 minutes to come up with an answer.

Optimized by Evolution, Ants Don't Have Traffic Jams

Optimized by Evolution, Ants Don't Have Traffic Jams: "While observing ants traveling on a trail, scientists observed that, unlike in vehicular traffic, the average velocity of ant traffic remains the same in spite of increasing density."


iPhone OS 3.0 in-depth

Engadget has an iPhone OS 3.0 in-depth report.

Sticking your finger in a table saw

Time warp is a program where a hi-speed cam films actions that are otherwise too fast to watch. Soap bubbles popping, diet coke bottles hit with mentos, explosions and so on.

But by far the best and horrific episode is the one with the SAWSTOP invention.

The invention measure the electric capacity of objects while they're being cut! If there is a change, the saw - spinning at several thousand RPMs - drops instantaneously and is jammed in the process. This destroys the $60 safety mechanism but saves your thumb or finger! In the video - at about 3 minutes - the guy sticks his own finger in the saw... be strong!

T3: Wii upgrade lets games launch from SD card

Check out the latest upgrade for the Wii by T3. It seems with the system upgrade you can run games directly from SD card and Nintendo is adding SDHC (high capacity) support for up to 32 GB!

Luxim Plasma Light Bulb Kicks Some Serious LED Butt

Luxim Plasma Light Bulbs are upto twice as efficient than LED. Only the latest state-of-the-art LEDs burry the 140 lumens/Watt rating of the LiFi bulbs with 300 lumens/Watt!

Read the short article to find out how they do it: plasma rulez!

Update: also checkout a more realistic and currently available GeoBulb and the Philips Master LED. BTW, I have the latter and it's great! It only costs €50 O_o The light is nicer than that of most CFL but they cost more.

Time to leave

Had a great week in val thorens. Weather gave a lot of fresh snow but also bad visibility. But it was alright and better than no snow! Now it's time to pack and clean up and return. I'll have photos later.:)

heavy snow

It's been snowing all day! Went out for a couple of quick turns this morning but had to quit. Ice storm and no sight whatsoever. Too bad. So we stayed indoor after lunch, played board games or took naps, read books and so on. After diner we all watched a dvd. It's still snowing lightly as we're all going to bed now.
I'm okay but i am so lonely and sad. I miss her badly but i also don't want it to spoil everything...


After 2 days of fine plenty snow but kinda hard, today we woke up to a snow storm! About 3 or 4 fresh inches. W00t! Thought we were gonna stay in today but it is too good to let in by unnoticed. So we are heading out to test the waters.:)

val thorens by night


val thorens

Had a bad day yesterday but skiing went well. Went to bed early last night and slept find for the first time in a while. So today i'm feeling better and the place looks fine. This area makes for great skiing but boarding is bit less as there is no powder left. Oh well

Signing divorce papers today

I'm signing the divorce papers today. I don't want to but I am left with no choice. Other option is a long and tedious legal battle that costs thousands, no one wins and I'm still divorced. This way is cleaner but harder. It's so fucking quickly... :(
TeekensKarstens handled it pretty nicely though. Friendly, fixed price. oh well

Tomorrow morning, I'm going snowboarding in Val Thorens with friends. Petra was supposed to come, back in the Fall when we're still together. She was already hesitant, so she must have been busy with the separation already... *sigh* "life's a bitch and then you marry one", never thought it could be so real

Psystar Open(3) with Mac OS X

With the legal suit between Apple and Psystar pending until November, Psystar opened the battle with the Open(3) with Mac OS X for $599. You get a dual core Intel Core2, 1 GB RAM and speedy add-ins. But you can upgrade to a 2.5GHz quad core and 4 GB if desired. niiice!

Apple announces iPhone OS 3.0 update

T3 has a story on Apple's latest OS for the iPhone: iPhone OS 3.0. Check the specs at Apple...

Digital HD photo frame

Want stunning rotating pictures on your mantel piece in HD resolutions? Get the AGFAPHOTO AF 5135MS, which yields 1200x800 px photos on a 13" display and swallows SD, SDHC, CF and XD memory cards. Even mp3 music... No price though yet.

Cubby dances to Beyonce Single Ladies

Radio DJ from US does a great awesome imitation of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. Must see! Complete with black leotard and all the fancy moves...

Canon TS-E 24mm F3.5 L II Lens

Digital Photography Review: "Canon has introduced two new perspective control lenses to its TS-E ('Tilt and Shift for EOS') range, in the shape of the TS-E 24mm F3.5 L II and the TS-E 17mm F4L. But while the latter has quite naturally grabbed the limelight as the widest angle perspective control optic ever made for an SLR system, both feature a notable improvement over existing designs.

What is literally revolutionary about Canon's new lenses is that both allow, for the first time, independent rotation of the tilt and shift axes relative to the camera and to each other. Previously the tilt axis was set as standard at 90&degree; to the shift axis, and the lenses could be modified to set them both in the same axis if the user desired. This restriction has now been discarded, making the lens movements, and therefore creative options, much more flexible. The tilt and shift mechanism rotates +/-90&degree;, allowing shift in any direction, and in addition the tilt me…

Pretec introduces world's first SDXC card

Two months after the SD Association announced the new SDXC (extended capacity) format, Pretec has unveiled the world's first SDXC card with a capacity of 32 GB and read/write speed of 50MB/s. Future generations of these cards promise up to 2 Terabytes (2048 GB) of storage capacity and speeds of up to 300MB/s. Currently there are no products compatible with these memory cards. The company has also announced 666x Compact Flash cards with a read/write speed of 100MB/s. Check Digital Photography Review

ppss - Parallel Processing Shell Script

For work, I was looking for a way to increase parallelism in a shell script that was taking too long. :) Don't ask. :)

Turns out Google Code already has the answer: Parallel Processing Shell Script. Another way is to rewrite my script and use Perl. Perl has a built-in ForkManager. so cool... Must look into Perl really soon now!

Possible data loss in Ext4

heise online: "A bug report posted in the bug tracker for the next version of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) describes a massive data loss problem when using Ext4, the future standard file system for Linux, available as an option when installing Ubuntu 9.04. The report describes a crash occurring shortly after the KDE 4 desktop files had been loaded, resulting in the loss of all of the data that had been created, including many KDE configuration files."

This does not mean a server set-up is at risk too, but it may outline a serious bug in ext4. Read the article for details.

First Descent

First Descent... a DVD about snowboarding pioneers, like my friend Eddie aka Skaterad :P Woohoo! So awesome. Check out teasers and pieces of it on YouTube.

Flip Video Camcorder

I totally missed this! :shame: :blush:
The Flip Video Camcorder are small video recorders the size of a mobile phone and aim towards making it easy to create a video and upload it to the internet. :) genius! Check the specs.
/me wants the bright colored one

Update: Cisco just bought Flip Video O_o And T3 has a hands-on with the MinoHD

wingsuit base jumping video

Sjoerdski alerted me to a video of base jumping guys. But this time they use "wingsuits" and ski off of giant mountains, eject the skis (literally) and fly away! :D
So cool, check out wingsuit base jumping on Vimeo. Recommended!

One day I'll fly away... Leave your love to yesterday... :)

Livesets Trance Energy 2009

Trance Energy 2009 was amazing! Woohoo! I felt a lot better going there than I had all week. It was also good to go and meet some friends again. The line up was very promising and totally lived up to its promise. :)

If you'd like to rise and repeat the feeling :) download the Livesets Trance Energy 2009 from VK Magazine! :D Armin and Paul rule! Wow!

#1 Song on A Date in History

Go to the site #1 Song on This Date in History and find out which song was #1 in the (US) Billboard list on any relevant date you like. For instance, your birthday, wedding date, graduation, etc.

Trance Energy 2009

Today it's time for another Trance Energy with friends. It'll be the first time in 6 years I'll be there as a single again... Interesting... ;)

Imro and Roos

Congratulations to Imro and Roos with the birth of their son Thijne this morning!!!

Home make-over

Well, Petra is gone. She moved out last weekend. The house is really empty even though most of the furniture is still here. It's weird. I guess the soul is gone or something. It feels chilly, lonely and cold. Most of the walls are empty and there is a lot of space suddenly.

It's not all bad though... I lost the Wii but gained a PS3. I lost the Ferguson Hill plexiglass speakers but gained a Logitech Z-5500 THX surround set-up. I lost analogue audio, gained Dolby Digital with fiber optical connections from both the PS3 and Mac Mini! Woohoo! Amazing!

I bought some cool wall art at Blik but sadly they're in back order and won't get here for a while. :( Oh well,can't win them all. I checked the local gardening center and found a ton of beautiful plants that I can use both in the scorching heat in the back window sill or the sunny, cooler front window. Now if I only found some nice pots to use. The window sills aren't very wide...

I also bought 2 great Wüsthoff chef kn…


Still not sure what the ps3mediaserver does. But I am intrigued. I think it is a server that the PS3 can scan for so that any media content you have lying around on your network (i.e. a Linux file server, a Windows desktop for you and your kids, your neighbours' servers, etc.) can be streamed, transcoded if needed and played back on your PS3. Why? I guess because you can and coz... why not?! :D

It connects directly to your iTunes and/or iPhoto collections... No more copying or transfer needed.

Apple Updates Consumer Desktop Line

Apple Updates Consumer Desktop Line with all new and improved, taste great less filling, Apple computers. The Mac Mini finally has some power in it with the new nVidia graphics card. It will also hold upto 4 GB RAM. The Mac Pro and iMacs also get more power and bigger storage. The new video cards will probably be the most welcome.

Metal Gear Online


Been playing this awesome game now for some time and while I always loved the Tom Clany's Rainbow Six genre, the MGS blows that out of the water. I needed a little more training though before I can go online... A LOT more training!