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FiveFingers: shoes but different

FiveFingers are glowves for your feet. Shoes with fingers. Or whatever. They look weird but seem uber comfortable. Especially for outdoor sports. I'm looking into the Vibram FiveFingers: Classic - Male for now...

Australia has its own alphabet

Rhett Dashwood took months to painstakingly search his own area in Google Earth to try and locate the entire Roman alphabet. And he succeeded!

Yubikey One-Time Password Authentication

Linux Journal: "A number of factors inspired me to take a closer look at the Yubikey. For starters, it is such a simple and elegant solution to two of the major problems the security industry is facing these days: authentication and identity management. Furthermore, I really like how Yubico, the manufacturer of Yubikey, is trying to integrate the Open Source movement into its business strategy. In this article, I cover three topics related to this little device. First, I explain what the Yubikey does and how to use it. Second, I examine how it works. Third, I show how to integrate the Yubikey authentication service into your own infrastructure without too much trouble."

It got my full attention! :nerd:
Update: an alternative to yubikey is swekey, which supports any OpenID service. Also good.

amazing change

5 months ago i had no idea my life was gonna change so drastically. Dec 6th petra told me she had been in love for a week with a guy from a plane and a 2 hour talk. A week or 2 later she cheated on me. I was stunned but saw the problems, for the first time. I was shocked about those too, more than the cheating. I wanted to save our marriage and try and set a few things right. A week later we went to Cuba. Weird. But we calmed down and talked some good talks. Jan 11th we came back. I was ready to start over and make changes. Petra was distant. She was gone a few days to help a sick friend. Jan 23rd she said she was no longer in love with me and wanted a divorce... She moved into the spare room. 4 weeks later she had found a place. Feb 28th she moved out. Mar 20th we signed the papers at lawyer. April 19th i had a good weekend and seemed to start to accept things. I wanted to talk to petra and end things a little positively... April 24th we met one last time at lawyer for some stupid si…

Fais Moi Une Place

Fais-moi une place
Au fond d' ta bulle
Et si j' t'agace
Si j'suis trop nul
Je deviendrai
Tout pâle, tout muet, tout p'tit
Pour que tu m'oublies

Fais-moi une place
Au fond d' ton cœur
Pour que j' t'embrasse
Lorsque tu pleures
Je deviendrai
Tout fou, tout clown, gentil
Pour qu' tu souries

J' veux q' t'aies jamais mal
Q' t'aies jamais froid
Et tout m'est égal
Tout, à part toi
Je t'aime

Fais-moi une place
Dans ton av'nir
Pour que j'ressasse
Moins mes souvenirs
Je s'rais jamais
Eteint hautain lointain
Pour qu'tu sois bien

Fais-moi une place
Dans tes urgences
Dans tes audaces
Dans ta confiance
Je s'rai jamais
Distant, distrait, cruel
Pour q' tu sois belle

J' veux pas q' tu t'ennuies
J' veux pas q' t'aies peur
J' voudrais q' tu oublies
L' goût du malheur
Je t'aime

Une petite place
Ici, maintenant
Car le temps passe
À pas d' géant
Je me ferai
Tout neuf, tout beau, tout ça...
Pour être à toi

Give me a pl…

Spreadtweet Makes Twitter Look Like Excel

You know you're taking the Web 2.0 thingy a bit too far when you Spreadtweet To make Twitter Look Like Excel. :) LOL However, the text-only interface does make for a handy overview that you can have ready at a glance...

TED: Ueli Gegenschatz on wingsuits

Found a great talk from TED on wingsuits again. Here is the videotalk from a pioneer in this field: Ueli Gegenschatz soars in a wingsuit. Man do I wish I could just go out and do this!!!

The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict - Guilty

The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict - Guilty from TorrentFreak. 1 Year prison and $900,000 in fines. They're appealing of course.

NYU Student Conducts Most Adorable Robot Experiment Ever

NYU Student Conducts Most Adorable Robot Experiment Ever... Ever! Would people help out something odd but friendly looking and enable it to complete its journey? A small smiley robot was created that cold only move forward and its flag would list its destination. Results: people in NYC (!) helped the little Tweenbot to reach its destination safely on ALL occasions!

Vacation photos

I finally uploaded photos from my vacation in Cuba as well as Val Thorens. Please check SmugMug, if interested. Photos from Cuba have been split in 13 galleries separated by city or place. Otherwise there would simply be too many. Petra and Jans have more, but protected.

Update: Ironically, this was the day when the divorce was granted by the judges.

Object-based media: an iPhone and RFID together

Given that everyone has a smartphone these days, OK everyone in the Western world i.e. roughly 1/5th of the world population ;), there are some pretty cool things you could do if objects would have an RFID chip in them.

Researchers have made a proof-of-concept with an iPhone and RFID in a object-based media project. The phone will show particular video clips depending on which is the nearest you. Commercial, sure, but it could also be a tour guide video, a music video, a health hazard warning or directions...

iPhone RFID: object-based media from timo on Vimeo.

Google Android 1.5

Google has released the Android 1.5 SDK to developers early. I'm psyched coz it means people will be able to make cool stuff for Android phones, as well as a whole slew of netbooks and other devices that will run the OS. Since I read that both LG and Samsung will be releasing new Android smartphone this year, I can't wait until there is a cool one with my name on it!

Update: someone spotted a Samsung phone with Android (S8000 Cubic) in a Russian webshop. :) Close, so close! :)

TED: Military robots and the future of war

You'll think the same way about war again after you've watched this TEDtalk by P.W. Singer about Military robots and the future of war. It really is scary, more scary than cool. And that's from a guy like me!

Flutter: the next Twitter

Slate V has the video on the latest web 13.0 start-up If twittering is too much work, try fluttering!

When a video says it all

Wall•E PC Case Mod

The Wall•E PC Case Mod is Simply Awesome! There really is nothing more to be said. It's genius, brilliance and love for design thrown in with cartoons, pixar and computers!

TED: how bacteria communicate

Image has a great, astounding discovery by Bonnie Bassler that bacteria communicate! Checkout the 18 minute presentation that will change the way you think about yourself, bugs and diseases. Thanks MrVanes for the link!

Update: the form of communication is called "Quorum sensing".

Build Your Own Multi-touch Surface Computer

Tom's Hardware shows Build Your Own Multi-touch Surface Computer: "Maximum PC didn't feel like shelling out $12,000 for Microsoft's Surface technology, so the staff made its own multi-touch table PC for only $350."

Great read!

Champagne Dampierre

If you ever happen to stumble across a (couple of) bottles of Champagne Dampierre, do yourself a BIG favor and buy them! I was lucky enough to taste a bottle yesterday and it could very well be the best champagne I've ever tasted! It won't be cheap but it'll truly be worth it!

Update: Luckily Internet comes to the rescue and contrary to my informant, they are available on the web.

ibm aptiva

I was fixing the pc of my neighbor the other day and ran into this: an ancient amd k6 at 450 MHz with 64 mb of ram! Shared with the video card even! Lol

Google uncloaks once-secret server

Google uncloaks once-secret server has much details about the modular hyper-efficient design of Google servers. One astonishing fact: each server has its own 12 V battery pack (aka UPS) for when power fails...

Image lets you build a personality profile. Interesting.

I've been a bit under the weather these days. It's all falling apart, so I'm desperately trying to find things to help me hold on. Alcohol and drugs just numb and don't solve anything (but it does feel good at times to be temporarily "free" ;) ) Tests help too, music liberates, friends comfort, food nourishes and dance parties... well they're like a little tropical getaway to escape life a little while. :) :bounce:

Update: took the two simple tests and added badge shown

Internet wisdom

While on, I read a couple a quotes that are simply too appropriate for me to ignore. There is no such things as coïncidence, they say. (Another one of those wisdom things!)...

"Always look at what you have; never look at what you have lost"

"The only reason people hold on to memories so tightly is because they are the only things that don't chance when everything and everyone around you does."

And the show stopper that made my mouth drop:
"Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same"