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First Early Teaser Trailer for Toy Story 3!

W00t! Toy Story 3 is coming in 2010! Thnx, MrVanes for the link!

Jonathan schipper Slow motion car crash

Take two US old timers, weld them to solid rigs and slowly crash the two head-on into each other. That's what Jonathan Schipper did for his Slow motion car crash.
It took a few days to the sculpture to complete. Very cool to see the time lapse too.

Complete Line-up Mystery Land 2009

They just released the complete line-up for Mystery Land 2009. :) Tickets are already in!

Twitter to Launch Business Tools

Plakkies: flipflops South African style

Plakkies are a new hip kinda flipflop, invented by TU Delft University NGO and a 3rd world initiative company Kids Rights. Very hip, too trendy and totally cool! They're made from recycled car tires BTW.

Mascarada promo CD track listing

I received a promo CD with a mix as a teaser for the Mascarada party in Rotterdam on May 20th (next week). I really liked the mix and contacted one of the DJs Marc MacRowland for a track listing:

01 Energy 52 - Café Del Mar
02 Delerium - Silence (Deadmau5 rmx)
03 Tom Novy - Run Away (Tapesh)
04 Roland Clark - Music Talking
05 Hoxton Whores - Devil Toy
06 Harry Choo Choo - Deep inside
07 DCA Project - Sandcastles (john Dahlback rmx)
08 Robert Gaez - Our Darkness
09 2000 and 1 - Spanish Fly
10 Gregor Salto - Masque Nada (Robbie Taylor& Marc MacRowland rmx)
11 Mastiksoul - Bofe de Elite
12 Giorgio Giordani - Ammazonia
13 David Tort - Acid
14 Soulsearcher - Enough (Hendrik B)

YouTube - Oktapodi In Love

For some reason I can't find my blog about a young French 3D artist, who made a wonderful Masters Thesis in 3D animation about an Octopus In Love: Oktapodi. So , reblog.

Sea Ice

NASA Earth Observatory, a gorgeous site with tons of information, photos and scientific material, has a story about Sea Ice and why it is so important to Earth and - in turn - to us. You'll be astonished to find out how much influence either the forming of sea ice or the melting of sea ice has on the local environment, but also on the global weather of our planet. Fascinating!

Samsung Spica and BigFoot Android 2.0 phones

T3 reports about the releases of information on the Samsung Spica and BigFoot Android phones that will run Android 2.0 (aka Donut), the spik spanking new OS release details of which are largely unknown.

Opscode: Chef

Opscode let's me be a chef. Finally! No exams, no hassle, no heat, no ovens, no troubles. Just be a chef! Cool! introduces the Visual Media Player

I had just noticed it myself this morning, but T3 did the post for me: introduces the Visual Media Player.

They built-in webplayer became HD sized (i.e. wider than high vs the old square block). On the background of the player, they cycle images from the artist or their albums. The Player page has also been revamped and is more pleasing to the eyes. Nice, I like it! BTW, anyone using the iPhone or Android player yet?

10 Animation classics on Blu-Ray

I just bought 8 10 of my favorite computer animation classics on Blu-Ray. is very competitive in the EU with free delivery and all. I got WALL-E, Cars, Bolt (pre-order), Ice Age 1&2, Kung Fu Panda, Happy Feet, Ratatouille, Surf's Up and the Pixar Shorts Collection. :) CAN'T WAIT! W00t!

I'm so glad I got the fiberglass hook up of my PS3 to my amp! ;)

Amazon Kindle DX

I think this is only a hype in the US and UK. Here in the Netherlands mentioning the word "Kindle" resembles the Dutch word "kinder" too much and people think your drunk and talking about children ("kinderen").

I for one am excited about the Amazon Kindle DX. I think it is long overdue that we have a good, solid usable eBook reader that everyone can use. And loads of content for it. So my only gripe to Amazon is not enabling PDF on them? Thankfully, the DX solves this! :) Finally.

The Kindle is a bit larger than the Kindle 2, which was larger than the first one. (Eee PCs have the same things happening, spot a trend?) It has a comfy 9.7" screen at 1200x824 pixels, weighs 535 gr (just over a pound@454 gr) and can hold 3500 eBooks internally. Read T3 for more details.

Update: Video and the price $489 O_o

Google Android 1.5 update available

T3 showed me that Android 1.5 was released yesterday. Most G1 users will get the update automatically, but in case you don't or disabled it, now you know.

The updates enables video filming, video playback in MPEG-3 and 3GP formats and a little button to share the video on GMail or Youtube. Cool! Google also threw in Picasa for your mobile and the GMail client got a useful overhaul.

Cute Things Falling Asleep

CUTE THINGS FALLING ASLEEP is a blog with photos and videos of kids, animals and other living beings falling asleep and they can't help themselves. soooo cute!

WordPress and the P2 Theme: Blogging in Realtime

When people don't know why to use Twitter but they do understand IRC, IM or SMS, tell them to watch this video of the WordPress P2 Theme on

Basically, you can build your own *internal* "Twitter-like" website aka blog for your group of friends, colleagues, family or club, whenever you like, wherever you like. No need to go public. No need to risk your security on IRC channels. All you need is a {LAMP,WAMP} server, WordPress and the P2 theme.

And if you don't know why (except not counting "because you can"), read Matt's blog about how P2 changed the way they worked at Automattic.

Update: forgot link to Matt's story
Update2: My friends MrVanes is thinking of a similar thing using Jabber, IM clients, Twitter and TwitterSpy. More when he's ready :)

Lego Tableaus Re-Create Classic Photos

Lego Tableaus Re-Create Classic Photos, says Wired. It's the work of a Lego enthusiast and an amateur photographer. They take historic photographic images and recreate the image in Lego. It all looks very good in the end, but sometimes the Lego smileys are a bit disturbing. LOL

MediaWiki Appliance from Turnkey Linux

At work I run a few wikis and while I could install/config the thing myself, I was using an old Linux version, did not have the time to tweak the OS and needed a wiki badly. I had been using an external wiki but security objected and I needed to move it. So I used the rPath mediawiki. But rPath is a bit custom if not proprietary. It's seldomly updated and perhaps even not maintained anymore.
So I found a new MediaWiki Appliance. This one's from Turnkey Linux, based on Ubuntu (Hardy), updated in the main stream and only 180 MB large. :)

Going to investigate it but it seems to solve all my previous gripes...

YouTube's Social Network

According to the YouTube Blog, YouTube is now also becoming web2.0 and adds a social network. Using the youtube bar, you can see in real-time what your friends (on friends) are up to, what they're looking at and so on.

Twittering too

I am on Twitter now too.

I've been contemplating about it for a few months and just decided to go ahead with it. Twitter is becoming a nice platform, not just a tool. There is a whole "ecology" growing around the idea of "microblogging". But when sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Hyves and others start to incorporate similar things and API open up to link things together, there is something to be had.

I'd like to tweet and be able to specify the 'channel' the update belongs to. Not all my channels are equal, some are more equal than others. Some private thoughts should not be visible for professionals on LinkedIn, for instance. Likewise, having recently become divorced and spitting out harsh feelings for the world to see has proven that not all my friends are equally interested in raw feelings or don't know what to say when presented with them. If I can group my friends into channels and permit certain friends to watch some channels but not others, t…

Canon unveils EOS 500D

I've been drooling over the EOS 5D with full-HD (1080p) video recording for as long as it has been available. The €3000 price tag kinda killed the mood each time. So it must not come as a surprise that the news of the arrival of Canon's latest prosumer digicam has me excited: the EOS 500D.

It offers 1080p shooting at 20 fps. If you turn it down to 720p, it'll reach 30 fps, though. It has the new DIGIC4, higher ISOs (upto 12800) and bursts of up to 170 JPEGs in one go. :) Can do my own TimeWarp episodes with that. ;) Best of all, the digicam has a real HDMI connector for viewing pleasures without the need to remove the storage cards.

Fastest ever camera imaging system demonstrated

T3 reports on the fastest imaging system ever: it captures images with a shutter speed of a billionth of a second! That's 0.000000001 sec!

"The process, known as Serial Time-Encoded Amplified (Steam) imaging, involves streching ‘supercontinuum’ laser pulses over time and space instead of a conventional flashbulb, and will be used initially for photographing events that happen at extremely high speeds such as communication between neurons."

Wired has details, videos and other cool info.

Your very own Social Network

BuddyPress, based on the popular CMS for sites and blogs WordPress, has been released as GPL. Now you can create your own Social Network a la Facebook with just your friends.

"The idea behind it was to see what would happen to the web if it was as easy for anyone to create a social network as it is to create a blog today. There’s been an explosion of social activity on the web, it’s probably the most important trend of the past few years, but there’s been a dearth of Open Source tools that enable the social web."