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Parkpop - The Hague - 2009

Sunday, I was waking to a beautiful day. A friend dropped by, brought breakfast (!) and we headed to the Zuiderpark in Den Haag for the annual Parkpop . I hadn't gone since 2003, and it has been bad weather each year. This year it was gorgeous, good line-up, great company and a packed park! The Pretenders were great; Milow was wonderful; everything else I forgot! ;)

Update: VPRO has Milow's concert at Pinkpop 2009

Awakenings Festival

Saturday, there was the Techno world-summit of the year. Sold out month in advance, I estimate that 30,000 people gathered near Spaarnwoude@Halfweg for a warm, sticky and sweaty techno party, but nobody seemed to mind. Drinks and food were wonderfully handled, lines were acceptable and supplies plenty. They even had coffee, Coca Cola (vs Pepsi usually!) and a big variety of food to choose from.

I got there early, to by-pass big cues and enjoyed a wonderful set by Joris Voorn to warm up to. (They're adding livesets already here.) After Dubfire & Kevin Saunderson, when friends started to drop in. The day got better and better. Weather got less sticky and after Mistress Barbara, Mauro Picotto and Oscar Mulero we finished the day with King Adam Beyer at the main stage. Really funny but so great was the Billy Jean tribute to Michael Jackson as the final track. Cool! Everybody rocked to it! LOL

Update: VPRO has a report (in Dutch, sorry). Uploaded my photos.

Touch at the Sea 2009

While at Touch at the Sea 2009, last weekend in Vroeger in Bloemendaal, I recorded a live act by Jerry Given and sexy dancers, during the set of DJ San.
I was pleasantly surprised, first that he really could sing and it was a good live act. So I put it up on YouTube.

Update: I've uploaded my photos and found a video by who recorded all the beautiful women at the party! :) Genius, saves the trouble, embarrassment and bad looks ;)

Michael Jackson dead at 50 after cardiac arrest

Was shocked to learn via Twitter that Michael Jackson dead at 50 after cardiac arrest. It all seems authentic enough. And that with Farrah Fawcett also dead recently, one of the Charlie's Angels. So sad.

Bethesda Softworks parent ZeniMax Media buys id Software

I thought some things were sacred but I guess you can't argue over financial stability these days. So although still in shock, I have to admit it seems (on paper) like a good thing that Bethesda Softworks parent ZeniMax Media buys id Software. At least John Carmack seems happy about it.

T3: iPhone 3G S has underclocked CPU

Some people just have to see how things work. And thanks to one iPhone fan we all get to see what's inside Apple's latest smartphone offering. One Californian has demonstrated his love of the latest flagship handset by flying 5,400 miles across the Atlantic and queueing overnight outside the London store to be the one of the first to get the new phone. He then promptly ripped it to pieces to show the world what Apple's new phone is really made of. Check the video on T3 magazine

Creepy fellow: Scutigera coleoptrata

Friend from PGH posted a picture of a scary looking centipede that we used to see a lot in our basement in Pittsburgh (PGH). It's fast, REALLY fast and looks terrible. But it actually eat other nasty insects in the house. :) The Scutigera coleoptrata is slightly toxic but its bite can't penetrate human skin. If it should, it won't be worse than a mosquito bite of bee sting, unless you're allergic. But always sucks anyway. ;)

Update: Funny story of a guy's living experiences with the critter.

Linux On The iPhone from Geek Hero Comic

If you're a geek, we know who you are, you have to check the Linux On The iPhone comic from Geek Hero Comics. Brilliant!

Twitter integration with WordPress: Twitter Tools has a widget for WordPress that integrates your Twitter feeds into the WordPress CMS as well as providing archiving of your tweets. Handy!

Must get around to migrating my Blogger site to WordPress soon. WP is way to cool to ignore and provides way more than Blogger. Sorry Google, no offense. You've served me very well these last 8 or 9 years.

The Pirate Bay fights back with anonymous internet

PirateBay, world's largest Torrent tracker, is fighting back legislation with an anonymous internet service. WTG PB!

The beta VPN services makes users very hard to track by opponents of the Torrent system. 113,000 people have already signed up for IPREDator, 80% from Sweden. 3000 are currently in the beta test program.

Of course, you could also utilize the Tor anonymous proxy system with your browser.

Amazon releases Kindle source code as open source

Amazon lives up to its promise and released the Kindle source code to the world. Basically a 2.6.22 kernel with E Ink drivers and various hardware support. It seems to have a GPL license, but that is as of yet unconfirmed.

Google Chrome Early Access Releases

Found more information on the Chrome Early Access Release Channels. For using and testing early versions of Google Chrome browser on Mac and Linux.

Candid video of parents' anniversary

I was taking pictures during my parents' anniversary but also talking to everyone and presenting them with their present. After taking a few pictures, I thought I'd turned off the camera but actually switched it to video (I'm guessing here). I then proceeded to give a speech and present my parents with their present, not knowing I waa recording the whole thing.

What you get is a candid video of my parents getting their present and me trying to be witty, funny and showing off my language skills. :)


Finally bought myself a new bed. Petra took our other one but left me the mattresses. I've been sleeping on the floor since march, trying to find a decent new bed for some weeks. But everything seems a big square block with legs to stand on. So boring. I've always wanted an Auping bed, but they're a bit too modern for my house. Petra was right there, when she mentioned it. :) So we got a vintage-style bed back then. Now I'm hooked, thank you very much!

Fortunately, Slaapkamergeluk specializes in made-to-order cast-iron "Spijlenbedden", built in the traditional English cast-iron way guaranteed to last 30+ years. Looking forward to the arrival of mine in 4-5 weeks! :D

Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bath Mat

Too bad I have a fixed glass shower booth, otherwise I'd really love to get the Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bath Mat. ROFL!

Sunset in Scheveningen

Sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time with right people. Magic happens...

Mosaic arrived!

Just in time for my parents to see it, the Plexiphoto print of the mosaic was delivered yesterday and maybe even take it with them! If not, Isa or I will take it when we go down to visit this Summer.

PS3 VidZone lands today

VidZone, a London based music video download service, will be arriving on the PlayStation Store sometime very soon and offering 10,000 videos to stream to your console right away. The best part? It’s totally free and features content from Sony BMG, EMI and numerous independent labels, including artists Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, Fatboy Slim, Black Eyed Peas, Glasvegas, Dizzee Rascal, P!nk, Noisettes, Ne-Yo, Armand van Helden, Tori Amos and Akon.

The second best part? This is a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe project, so for once we’ll be getting something first. Eat that, North America. Source: T3 magazine

Live wall display of Apple AppStore downloads

Apple had an awesome geek thing on display at the WWDC. On a giant wall display made up from 20 30" Cinema Displays, powered by 20 Mac Pro towers, they displayed the 20,000 mo popular apps in the Apple AppStore and each time someone downloaded an app, the icon would light up. All apps were color-coordinated and sorted by color. T3 has a Video of the Wall Display. Soooo coool!

First contact: Petra

Yesterday, ironically the date of our would-be 2nd anniversary, Petra and I exchanged some Emails. It concerned the mortgage at first, but after that it became personal. She asked me how I was doing and after I stopped shaking, we actually had a good "talk" and cleared up some things.
She also asked me to remove free access to her photos on smugmug because she values her privacy. So I've limited access to her gallery on smugmug. Should you need to get to it, please ask and we'll see what we can do. I am not, however, going to remove all other pictures of her (ca 400) all over smugmug. She is part of my life and thus my gallery, and IMHO I already have respected her privacy by only naming her first name. Anyone who knows about her and me will be able to put things to together, but those who don't will not easily and not without specific searches. Links to blogs back and forth are too manually intensive to edit.
And if not, I'll be happy to talk about it later …

Pixar sequels

Whether it's godo ro bad, I'll leave up to you to decide, but I always welcome a new computer animated cartoon. Sequel or not. Granted, they are usualyl not as good. But given that these will be made several years after the first part, I give them the benefit of the doubt.
Which sequels? Read so where’s Pixar heading? - Den of Geek

Pictures from 45th wedding anniversary

I've upload the pictures of my parents' 45th Wedding Anniversary.

World's Smallest Microwave lets you nuke at your desk

Sometimes someone makes a gadget that so insanely stupid it's cool again. That's what I think of the World's Smallest Microwave that T3 tipped me to. It's USB-powered, so all you need is a computer and some instant noodles, beans, pasta, soup or quiche and you're done! Brilliant!

Danger: Mac and Linux Chrome builds available

Google has released pre-release or alpha versions of their redesigned web browser for Mac and Linux. While many things won't work (Flash for instance), but I like the Windows version so much (use it at work, where Windows is the law on the desktop :( ), that I'm gonna give it a try and hopefully help report bugs.

Photo Mosaic

Last weekend, my sister Isabelle and I gave a surprise party for my parents' 45th wedding anniversary. We invited all kinds of friends and family with whom they had shared these last 45 years. As a present, we decided to ask everyone for 10 or so digital pictures of themselves, with or without my parents. Something typical or noteworthy by which they are recognizable and can be remembered. Using these pictures, I needed to have at least 750 or so, I created a mosaic for them, showing that you can't live without friends.

The mosaic was created using MozoDojo on my MacMini and printed on Plexiglas by, a young dutch start-up specializing in these high-quality (Lambda) prints. The Plexiglas captures the light and makes the prints very vibrant.

The final photo was created using 880 local images to form a mosaic of 2200 tiles (50x44). The total mosaic was 7874 px wide and 5198 px high. Since it was printed at 200 dpi, the resulting print would measure 100cm horizontal…

ADD / Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD / Attention Deficit Disorder... sounds terrifyingly familiar...

Update: Came across this information thru Twitter and started reading. It was largely a huge "Aha-erlebnis". Similar to one I had when reading symptoms of the ADHD disorder. Turns out, at least according to the sources I've read so far, that both ADD and ADHD are related. As with anything, it's good to know that you may have a known disorder while at the same time having the disorder is a bit disturbing. How did you get it? :) For now, it feels good to read about this and I remain calm until I've setup an appointment with a doctor for further studies. :)
Dopamine seems to play a large role in both disorders. It plays a large role in the brain, acting as a messenger for many signals.

Update2: US info site for ADD

E3: Gran Turismo coming October 1st

W00t T3 reports that Gran Turismo is nearing completion and is expected to be ready for October 1st. 800 (!) cars, 30 tracks and 60 lay-out plus 4 player ad-hoc racing. OMG!

WordPress 2.8 Beta Hands On Review

With the release date estimated for June 10th, preview and review of WordPress 2.8 Bèta are popping up.

Google Wave Preview

Google Wave Preview

Update: To me, this represents the first major innovation in the way we communicate over Internet. Many people only use Email. But some also use chat (IRC), IM (MSN, ICQ), Twitter, Blogs and Wikis. Google Wave lets you integrate all those into one medium, yet split out part from the discussion onto something that is more Email-like, or Twitter-like or on a blog or add it to a wiki-like webpage. I know it sounds confusing, but watch the show and you may get it. For me, this is a holy grail and I've been waiting for something like this because it lets me control everything from one point again without breaking a chat into pieces or copy and paste to blog, tweet and mailing list, and so on. Can't wait!
Actually, with tools popping up that provide small subsets of what Google Wave offers you as an all-in-one, the justification for Wave is already there. Why install and maintain 3, 4, 5 different communication forms or channels so everyone has their favorite, when…

Microsoft's Project Natal: full-body motion sensing

E3 is stirring up major gaming news and hypes. One of the hypes is Microsoft's Xbox 360 future enhancement in the form of full-body motion sensing, facial and voice recognition and controller-less gaming for the entire family (or dorm). BTW, the video is a mock-up. The project is real though, check the Natal home page.

Update: A real video (AFAIK) and background from

E3: Xbox 360 to get Twitter, Facebook and

E3 has led Microsoft to announce that "Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is due to get a social networking overhaul in the console next update, adding, Facebook and Twitter to its list of functions."

wow, that is great news. They're turning the Xbox into... into... into a PC! Cool! Excellent idea!