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T3: LG set to unveil 15-inch OLED HDTV

The fight for OLED TVs is on with LG announcing an 15-inch OLED HDTV, 4" wider than Sony's biggest to date.

OLED is different from current LCD TVs in that they are significantly more efficient, much brighter and last much longer. However, they are more difficult to manufacture (in larger sizes) so far. Usable 30" screen is expected by 2012 from LG, Sony, Kodak and others in this race. Oh and when you think this upgrade is not for you coz you just bought a new TV, believe me: when you see this you *will* want one! They are absolutely stunningly gorgeous. I'd trade my wife for one, oops, got no wife. Heck, would have made a good trade. ;)

designspray - sonic chair for iPod

Everyone has an iPod these days. Nano, shuffle, Touch, Phone. So what do you do to distinguish yourself from others? You get different headphones. Sennheiser, retro Sony or Philips big black head sets or... you get the designspray - sonic chair!

Thanks to Mirel for the tip!

Purdue makes green rocket fuel

OK it's getting a little weird with green computing, green cars, green data centers but now NASA has joined the green rocket business...

Purdue University and Penn State have produced a solid rocket fuel called ALICE. "Aside from its environmental benefits, ALICE has the advantage that it could be manufactured in far-away places, such as the moon or Mars, instead of being transported to distant horizons at great cost."

I love rockets and this type of fuel seems só much easier to manufacture yourself in your backyard that liquid hydrogen and oxigen! ;)

Online Makeover to test make-up

A cool example of 21st century thinking is Daily Makeover. A website that works together with 60 beauty brands to enable users to try make-up on their own face. Upload a photo and try out different brands, types and colors. Cool, I predicted this back in 1999 while at KPN Research.

Twitter - songsincode

Time for a little nerd humor. Who says nerds don't have fun?! :) There is a thing going on Twitter where people tweet a song in the form of programming code. some are really genius! Check out the thread Twitter / Search - songsincode

Culinary Antwerp

Went to Antwerp yesterday with friends and visited Culinair Antwerpen, also known as the "Bollekesfeest" after the shape of the official glas for De Koninck beer that is made here. Was a beautiful day with Michel, Marleen and Marianne. Thanks guys! My favorites were the mussels with a Ricard&cream sauce and the Poll Fabaire crémant from Luxembourg. Yummie!

Uploaded a few early photos to my smug. More to follow.

Scenic aquarium photos

Made some scenic photos from my aquarium and I wish to thank my grand-father, who passed away last year, for infecting me with this virus when I was 4 or 5. He have a small tropical tank with 5 fish or so. And for the coïncidence that his inheritance paid for this entire new, large set-up! Posthumous, he is still helping me with it.


At the "Bollekesfeest" in Antwerp, aka "Culinair Antwerpen", yesterday with Marleen, Michel and Marianne, we got a delicious bottle of bubbles: Crémants de POLL-FABAIRE from Luxemburg! Yummie! And you can buy them online. I recommend the Brut! Made from Pinot Blanc grapes, just like my favorite champagne: Dampierre! But that costs as much per bottle as a whole case of the Crémant!!!

QUAKE LIVE - Linux and OS X

Ladies en gentlemen: they got 'em! :)
QUAKE LIVE is now out for Linux and Mac OS X (Safari only so far, due to bug in Mozilla 3.5). w00t

Today is a good day to die! Too bad I gotta cook now :(

Super Mario Sound Wall

If you combine WhatisBlik decals with a computer and a couple of sound bites, you get an interesting weekend project! :) Check out and pay respect to Super Mario Sound Wall by Ryan. :respect:

T3: Sony PS3 Slim official pics and details

T3 has the first official pics and details for the Sony PS3 Slim.

It's smaller (duuh) and consumes less energy (-34%). However, the inside has completely changed to fit in the smaller casing. Sadly, still no PS2 compatibility. Also the "install alternative OS" option has gone, so now it'll be a little harder to get Linux on the PS3. But at €300 (approx) it could prove a big seller starting September 1st.

Update: T3 mentions the Cell CPU has been upgraded too.
Update2: Tom's hardware has disassembled the PS3 slim!

when is it enough

Sometimes you just can't do enough, no matter how hard you try or what you do. Even doing the right thing is not enough for someone.

Gravity Defying Car (Almost)

Here is a video, not doctored!, of a car that defies gravity. Well, almost! It's on youtube too.

Of course, it's not a real car but an RC model car (radio controlled). But is does stick to walls and ceilings and drives around there! That'll teach your mom when she tries to clean your room! LOL

Dead fish: sushi!

I got my first dead fish in the aquarium today: a Gyrinocheilus aka "algae eater" has died. It seemed to have swollen belly, so I'm guessing it was a she and had pregnancy complications. She is being eaten right now by others. :) Life is making a full cycle.

Hootsuite: "What’s Think of it as your social network glue.
A account lets you send a single update to multiple networks simultaneously: Facebook, Wordpress, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more. And now you’re able to send those updates through HootSuite to take advantage of scheduling, clickthrough stats, and all the sweet goodness HootSuite has to offer."

I knew it was coming and now I think it's here :) I'll be testing it soon.

About Twitter

Just to put the Twitter hype in perspective (even my privacy-phobe ex is on twitter now!), read this: If only 100 people were on Twitter.
It still roughly seems to follow early Internet rules-of-thumb:
in every community, there are 100 lurkers to every active member, and 100 active members for each wizard.

Slashdot: Amazon EC2/S3 Not PCI Level 1 Compliant

It's on Slashdot so it's been scrutinized by 100000 geeks already: Amazon Confirms its EC2/S3 is Not PCI Level 1 Compliant.

Not a big deal for many, but it means your (credit card) data is safe during processing or after, in storage. There goes my plan to backup all my data onto the cheap cloud computing platform. I'll have to search for a more secure alternative.

Open Source GSM Network At HAR2009

At a hacker convention held in the Netherlands very recently, HAR2009 (@har2009), hackers have demonstrated it is very possible to run an open source GSM network for current mobile phones! See Slashdot for brief details or the HAR2009 GSM wiki for details. At the convention, 391 mobile users were able to talk to each other just like on any other GSM network. So cool!

OS X Optimizations

A thread over at Matt Mullenweg started discussions on optimizing OS X. I already knew about AppCleaner thru my ex's OS X experiences, but a few others are great too:
XSlimmer checks your system for various stuff you don't need by extracting them from Universal Binaries. They contain all kinds of languages and region-specific things, but you only need one (or two).
And a similar tool but one that only focuses on multi-languages built into a tool is Monolingual.

Final stage of the auqarium

well, the aquarium had me worried a little. I have a lot of snails. got them from the fish store. :( But they grew well. so it must mean the tank is in good shape. Then I spotted a lot of algae on the front window. Got me worried about NO2 and NO3 concentrations, until I realized that I get home quite late and there is no clock on the lights. So the tank receives 13+ hours of light. :) Enough for even the most stubborn extremophile to grow! and yes, as soon as I turned down lights more often, the window cleaned up.

So yesterday and today, I checked out various concentrations of Cl, K, NO2, NO3, water hardness and pH and all was fine. I planted the plants in their final spots, added rocks and some more plants in the right corner and added 20 neon tetras, 5 Diamant Gouramis ( Trichogaster leeri) and 5 Labia Fabiosas others who's name I've forgotten. Only added 3 algae eaters for maintenance. Others will follow later, but those are picky and I want to see how the tank holds up un…

Dexters Laboratory on DVD


Don't know if this has been around long already. I used to search for this regularly and then gave up. but now it is finally here! Dexters Laboratory on DVD. Seasons 1-4, all 220 episodes! Woohoo! Gonna try TPB first and if I like it, buy it!

Nokia 'Rover' N900 tablet phone

Apple iTablet, Nokia N-tablet, smartphone, tabletphone, smarttablet... whatever. I've been drooling over the tablet series of Nokia (n770, n800, n810) for as long as they're been around. The latest Nokia 'Rover' N900 is no exception.

Update: Photos of N900 running Maemo Linux

Sync Google Contacts with your Nokia N-Series

Forgot to blog about this earlier, but I don't backup my mobile phone's address book anymore. Instead, I sync it with Google Contacts. That way I always have a backup handy. And I get to edit the addresses, names and numbers on the web where I can also add an Email address easily (vs on the phone). Now I have everyone's phone number on the web and their email address on my phone. Cool!

Oh and Google has support for *way* more devices! Check for yours...

Petra's new photo outlets

I don't think these should be public yet, but on a random search for news on Petra (she's still in total radio silence), I found she and PlexiPhoto have been busy with two new cool ideas: PlexiFlex and PlexiSquare.

Good ideas, I think - inline with her previous coop with IUTY - and the pics are great. :) Place for photographers to showcase their work and fans or collectors to easily by jaw-dropping gorgeous prints on Plexiglas.

Sadly, the site doesn't work yet. You can't buy anything because the code is broken and the site has that horrible '98 Dreamweaver look-n-feel, but an overhaul would be easy.

Update: actually can *can* buy this or this one. ;) The latter is only €12 a piece! It's a steal...
Update2: I ordered 2 prints and got a polite msg back saying I stumbled upon a test site that's not yet public and they couldn't sell me the prints at the price mentioned. Duuh! It's still public though...

Google Caffeine to make searching even faster

Google has been working an overhaul of there search engine, code named Google Caffeine. Not sure what it'll do but you can test drive it yourself.

Culinairy trips

On August 22nd, I am going with Michel to Antwerp to enjoy Antwerpen Proeft. And I just discovered through SpecialBite@twitter that a week later, there is something similar in Rotterdam: Heerlijk Rotterdam!

Dance Parade 2009

Saturday marked another Dance Parade 2009. Different from other years, this year almost all friends had recently had babies or so. So our number was small: only 5 people including me. Luckily I've been going out in Rotterdam this year, so I ran into 5 6 (!) friends at the dance parade as well. Thanks Li, Björn, Jermaine, Therese, Ingrid and Saskia! Always fun when a pretty woman is suddenly around your neck and you also know her. ;) hehe

The Dance Parade was different than others years also because a lot of care and planning had gone into it by the city of Rotterdam, in an effort to try to discourage drinking along the route and demote gangs of drunk people making a mess along the way. I think it worked: we only drank 5 liters of Bacardi&Cola and Vodka&Orange juice with the 5 of us, so it was definitely very effective! *hick*

Sjoerd's wedding pictures

Got busy last weekend and uploaded the pictures of Sjoerd's wedding last Juli. Now I only have to make the wedding book from them...

Cooking again!

Last week of Juli, Dee called me saying her brother - the chef - at Square had been getting rid of some people and was looking for good and dependable people again. So I went and talked, got €12/hr and started working on Thursday and Friday again! :)

Thankfully, the vacation makes a bit better to get "broken in" because it can get really busy there. So far, I've had a nice couple of evenings and am already starting to get the hang of it. Amazing, how much I've actually learned already over the past 2 years. :)

I also kinda decided that I'll seriously look into opening my own lunchroom somewhere. In Utrecht, there is a perfect spot appearing. Might be good, might not. I could even sublet my house, rent a small place somewhere else and just try it. I love cooking so much, having the lunchroom seems inevitable.

Apple iTablet hype picking up

It just got a little more real, all the fuzz about the Apple iTablet. T3 reposts that an Apple iTablet [was] seen by veteran tech analyst.

:yawn: I'm starting to get tired already. I'm just curious what they packaged into the deal, not how they packaged it. Apple is genius in making common things really usable by everyone and adding in "high-tech" features that you never even thought you needed until you find you can't live without them! :S iTunes, iPod, touch screens, wheel interfaces, and so on.

My new bed!

Yay! Saturday I got my new bed from! Made to order, by hand, and customizable if needed. All solid cast-iron. It'll last 50 years easily, they said.
I got a standard "Brighton" model.
Now if I only were good at math... ;)

Update: I could have sworn we had two 90cm mattresses. Sadly they're only 80cm but the bed I bought is 2x90cm wide. Doh! Off to buy new mattresses I guess.

T3: Spotify Apple iPhone app

Streaming music is coming to a device near you soon. Sites like Youtube, and spotify are quickly becoming the de facto platform choice for many people, mostly the young. Granted. But with Apple launching an iPhone app for Spotify where this is the touted iTunes killer, and Microsoft adding Spotify and support on the Xbox 360 Live OS, streaming music is here to stay and may rescue the dreaded music business after all.
At the same time, it will allow musicians to manage their own music (by uploading it to MySpace, or Spotify) or just to see who exactly has listened to what and when. Add facebook and twitter to this pictures and suddenly it's a totally new and direct way to stay in touch with fans. :) Cool!